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Q31. Which of the following is NOT a principle of training? 

A. Overload 

B. Specificity 

C. Reversibility 

D. Concentration 

Answer: D

Q32. What are three non-modifiable conditions that place someone at increased risk for the development of coronary artery disease? 

A. Gender, family history, dyslipidemia 

B. Family history, obesity, diabetes mellitus 

C. Advanced age, gender, family history 

D. Post-menopausal status, excessive alcohol consumption, advanced age 

Answer: C

Q33. Which of the following practices are NOT recommended for persons with asthma who desire to participate in a strenuous aerobic exercise program? 

A. Exercise in an environment with warm, moist air. 

B. Self-administer prescribed medication as directed prior to or during the exercise session. 

C. Use a short, intense warm-up. 

D. Use a scarf or surgical mask in front of the mouth if exercising in cold weather. 

Answer: C

Q34. What is the correct spotting technique of the seated barbell shoulder press? 

A. Keep hands in an alternate grip position on the bar. 

B. Wrap your arms around and underneath your client's arms. 

C. Keep hands underneath your client's elbows and assist only when necessary. 

D. Keep hands in an alternate grip position close to the bar, and assist only when necessary. 

Answer: D

Q35. What is the primary muscle group involved in trunk flexion while standing during the eccentric phase of the movement? 

A. Iliopsoas 

B. Rectus Abdominis 

C. Erector Spinae 

D. Biceps Femoris 

Answer: C

Q36. What muscle extends the forearm? 

A. Supinator teres 

B. Pronator teres 

C. Biceps brachii 

D. Triceps brachii 

Answer: D

Q37. Case Study: A female client expresses an interest in joining a recreational crew team. She hires you to train her to withstand the demands of the sport. You design a resistance training program that includes low reps, 4-6 sets of high intensity squats and seated row within a comprehensive resistance training program. You gradually increase her sets and load/intensity. In addition, you have included sprints and long distance swimming in her overall program plan. Which of the following training principles have you incorporated? 

A. specificity, reversibility and variation 

B. overload, adaptability and strength 

C. specificity, overload and variation 

D. overload, strength and specificity 

Answer: C

Q38. What action is involved in the concentric phase of the biceps curl? 

A. Flexion at the elbow. 

B. Extension at the elbow. 

C. Pronation of the forearm. 

D. Supination of the forearm. 

Answer: A

Q39. What change may occur between heart rate and blood pressure as a result of chronic exercise? 

A. Resting heart rate and resting blood pressure are reduced. 

B. Resting heart rate reduces, but resting blood pressure stays the same. 

C. Maximal heart rate increases but maximal blood pressure stays the same. 

D. Resting heart rate and resting blood pressure stay the same, but maximal heart rate and maximal blood pressure are reduced. 

Answer: A

Q40. Individuals participating in a non-medically based supervised weight loss program should reduce their caloric intake by _____ kilocalories per day, and reduce their dietary fat intake to less than _____ percent of their total caloric intake. 

A. 500 to 1000 kilocalories; 30% 

B. 1250 to 1500 kilocalories; 35% 

C. 1500 to 1750 kilocalories; 30% 

D. 2000 to 2200 kilocalories; 40% 

Answer: A

Q41. What is the correct spotting technique for the barbell flat bench press? 

A. Keep your hands on the client's elbows. 

B. Keep both hands on the bar at all times. 

C. Keep your hands close to the bar without touching it. 

D. Hands held at your sides in a ready position, with your elbows flexed at a 45-degree angle. 

Answer: C

Q42. Of the nine possible skinfold sites, which three sites are measured on a diagonal fold? 

A. Chest, subscapular, medial calf 

B. Midaxillary, suprailiac, chest 

C. Chest, subscapular, suprailiac 

D. Midaxillary, subscapular, suprailiac 

Answer: C

Q43. What factors should be taken into account when determining appropriate exercise test and mode? 

A. Age, health history, lifestyle 

B. Age, health history, gender 

C. Health history, lifestyle, occupation 

D. Health history, gender, lifestyle 

Answer: A

Q44. Your client is 5' 3" tall and weighs 130 pounds. After calculating her BMI, you have determined that she falls in which of the following weight status categories? 

A. Underweight 

B. Normal 

C. Overweight 

D. Obese 

Answer: B

Q45. Who should obtain a physician's clearance before starting an exercise program? 

A. Every individual who is beginning an exercise program. 

B. Sedentary individuals who are going to perform vigorous exercise. 

C. Those who are considered low risk and perform only moderate exercise. 

D. Men who are younger than 45 years of age and women who are younger than 55 years of age. 

Answer: B