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Q136.  (Topic 2) 

All of the following are true about Opportunity Pipeline and Forecast reporting EXCEPT: 

A. Pipeline reports may include omitted opportunities from the forecast 

B. Forecasts may be overridden 

C. Pipeline reports may be overridden 

D. Opportunity stages may be used to determine the forecast category of an opportunity 


Q137.  (Topic 2) 

What do you need to specify when you schedule a report? 

A. You need user with Marketing Profile to “Schedule Reports” 

B. You need user permission to “Schedule Reports” 

C. You need user to have a Manager Role 

D. Click Run Report and choose Schedule Future Runs... from the drop-down button. 


Q138.  (Topic 3) 

Which can be accessed by a Chatter Free user? 

A. People 

B. Content 

C. Profiles 

D. Groups 

E. Files 

F. Leads 

Answer: A,C,D,E 

Q139.  (Topic 1) 

Queues can be made up of the following 

A. Users 

B. Public Groups 

C. Roles 

D. Profiles 

E. External Chatter Users 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q140.  (Topic 1) 

When a Lead is converted, an Account, Contact and _______ record are created. 

A. Lead 

B. Case 

C. Campaign 

D. Opportunity 


Q141.  (Topic 1) 

User interface settings are global settings and apply to all users of an org. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q142.  (Topic 1) 

Which objects support business processes? 

A. Opportunities 

B. Leads 

C. Campaigns 

D. Accounts 

E. Solutions 

F. Cases 

G. Contacts 

Answer: A,B,E,F 

Q143.  (Topic 4) 

What can an agent do when resolving a case? Choose 2 answers 

A. Email articles to a customer 

B. Create an article upon closing a case 

C. Assign data categories to a case 

D. Attach only one article to a case 

Answer: A,B 

Q144.  (Topic 2) 


 You can set the Tab as a Landing Tab while creating the Tab for the Object? 






Q145.  (Topic 3) 

Which data can be synched using the new Salesforce for Outlook? 

A. Custom objects 

B. Events 

C. Leads 

D. Contacts 

Answer: B,D 

Q146.  (Topic 1) 

Page layouts are assigned to _____________. 

A. Users 

B. Profiles 

C. Roles 

D. Roles & subordinates 


Q147.  (Topic 4) 

Which is a capability of the Cloud Scheduler? Choose 2 answers: 

A. Allow a user to propose multiple meeting times 

B. Automatic propose meeting times based on Salesforce user calendars 

C. Sync a Salesforce calendar with an Outlook Calendar 

D. Custom brand different invitations per customer 

Answer: A,B 

Q148.  (Topic 3) 

Which is a consideration when creating a drill-to-detail dashboard component? 

A. The dashboard component type must be a gauge. 

B. Drill-to-detail must be enabled on the custom report type. 

C. The source report must be stored in the drill-to-detail folder. 

D. The source report must be grouped by record name, record owner, or feed post. 


Q149.  (Topic 2) 

Recent Items use the? 

A. Edit Pagelayout 

B. Detail Pagelayout 

C. Sidebar 

D. Related List 


Q150.  (Topic 3) 

What is one advantage of Salesforce CRM? 

A. Companies can seamlessly integrate their servers to Salesforce database for faster performance. 

B. Companies only need to maintain a compatible browser and a reliable internet connection. 

C. In house Servers can be acquired cheaper than normal 

D. None of the above 

E. All of the above