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Q46. Which of the following roles in Service Design is responsible for delivering a particular service within the agreed service levels and also acts as the counterpart of the Service Level Manager when negotiating OLAs? 

A. The Service Design Manager 

B. The Service Level Manager 

C. The Service Owner 

D. The Service Catalogue Manager 


Q47. Which of the following statements explains the difference between the IT strategy committee and the IT steering committee? 

A. The IT strategy committee assists the executive in the delivery of the IT strategy, whereas the IT steering committee advises the board and management on IT strategy. 

B. The IT strategy committee focuses on implementation, whereas the IT steering committee focuses on the current and future strategic IT issues. 

C. The IT strategy committee aligns and approves the IT architecture, whereas the IT steering committee monitors the resource and priority conflicts. 

D. The IT strategy committee provides direction to management relative to IT strategy, whereas the IT steering committee monitors the resource and priority conflicts. 


Q48. Which of the following functions of HR department is liable for policy creation, policy communication, record creation, and HR information systems? 

A. Compensation and benefit 

B. Personnel policy 

C. Analysis and design for work 

D. Support for strategy 


Q49. Which of the following are the main benefits of using Information Services Procurement Library (ISPL)? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply. 

A. The contract can be used as a control instrument. 

B. The customer can take advantage of the competitive market. 

C. The proposals of consumers become comparable. 

D. The use of a strategy that really fits the situation. 

Answer: ABD 

Q50. Mark is the project manager of the BFL project for his organization. He and the project team are creating a probability and impact matrix using RAG rating. There is some confusion and impact? 

A. Risk response plan 

B. Look-up table 

C. Project sponsor 

D. Risk management plan 


Q51. IT Governance is used by the management to regulate the Information Systems, to accomplish its objectives. IT governance forms an integral part of corporate governance. 

Which of the following elements are required to implement a good IT governance framework? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply. 

A. Communication 

B. Structure 

C. Project 

D. Process 

Answer: ABD 

Q52. You are the project manager of the NNN project for your company. You and the project team are working together to plan the risk responses for the project. You feel that the team has successfully completed the risk response planning and now you must initiate what risk process it is. Which of 

the following risk processes is repeated after the plan risk responses to determine if the overall project risk has been satisfactorily decreased? 

A. Risk response implementation 

B. Quantitative risk analysis 

C. Risk identification 

D. Qualitative risk analysis 


Q53. You are the project manager of a large construction project. You are evaluating the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats involved in a project. In which of the following processes are you on? 

A. Define Scope 

B. Identify Risks 

C. Plan Risk Responses 

D. Plan Risk Management 


Q54. Which of the following techniques builds various plausible views of possible futures for a business? 

A. PEST analysis 

B. Scenario Planning 

C. SWOT Analysis 

D. Market Segmentation 


Q55. Which of the following individuals ensures that IT complies with policy, laws and regulations? 

A. Project sponsor 

B. Compliance officer 

C. Supplier 

D. Business partner 


Q56. Which of the following project management plans defines the risk identification, analysis, response, and monitoring strategies? 

A. Communications Management Plan 

B. Resource Management Plan 

C. Risk Management Plan 

D. Stakeholder management strategy 


Q57. Which of the following essential elements of IT Portfolio Investment Management enables portfolio managers to include or exclude investments, change start and end dates, adjust budgets and reevaluate priorities? 

A. Integrated Capability 

B. Portfolio Planning Analysis 

C. Portfolio What-If Planning 

D. Portfolio Management 


Q58. You work as a project manager for TYU project. You are planning for risk mitigation. You need to identify the risks that will need a more in-depth analysis. Which of the following activities will help you in this? 

A. Estimate activity duration 

B. Quantitative analysis 

C. Qualitative analysis 

D. Risk identification 


Q59. Which of the following phases in SDLC provides the basis for acquiring the resources needed to achieve a solution? 

A. Design 

B. Planning 

C. Development 

D. Initiation 


Q60. Which of the following techniques seeks to identify the similarities and differences between the groups of customers or users? 

A. Market Segmentation 

B. PEST Analysis 

C. SWOT Analysis 

D. Scenario Planning