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Q91. Which field is available as part of the translation workbench for a validation rule? 

A. Formula 

B. Description 

C. Error Message 

D. Rule Criteria 


Q92. Object X has a lookup field to Object Y. X needs to display a text value from a Text field on 

Y. To ensure data Integrity, how would a developer implement this? 

A. Create a roll-up summary field on Object X that retrieves the value from Y. 

B. Create a text field on Object X and use a workflow rule to fill in the value upon the creation of X 

C. Create a cross-object formula field on Object X that retrieves the value from Y. 

D. Create a text field on Object X and use Apex to populate the value. 


Q93. For example, if you use the standard Accounts controller, clicking a Save button in a Visualforce page results in the same behavior as clicking Save on a standard Account edit page. The same behavior holds true for Custom objects. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q94. This integration resource provides generic access to any organization, and exposes standard objects and fields through the SOAP interface. 

A. System WSDL 

B. Partner WSDL 

C. Custom WSDL 

D. Enterprise WSDL 

E. Portal WSDL 

F. None of the above 


Q95. Which trigger context variable cannot be deleted? 

A. addError 

B. System 

C. @ReadOnly 

D. Trigger.new 


Q96. A component that inserts a second Visualforce page into the current page. The entire page subtree is injected into the Visualforce DOM at the point of reference and the scope of the included page is maintained. 

If content should be stripped from the included page, use the <apex:composition> component instead. 

A. apex:iframe 

B. apex:include 

C. apex:inputFile 

D. apex:inputField 


Q97. A component that adds AJAX support to another component, allowing the component to be refreshed asynchronously by the server when a particular event occurs, such as a button click or mouseover. 

See also: <apex:actionFunction>. 

A. apex:form 

B. apex:attribute 

C. apex:page 

D. apex:actionSupport 


Q98. Which fields are returned by sosl by default? 

A. Ids 

B. 200 

C. 6 

D. 1 


Q99. Like other Apex classes, custom controllers execute entirely in ____________, in which the object and field-level permissions of the current user are ignored. 

A. User Mode 

B. System Mode 

C. OWD Mode 

D. With-Sharing Mode 

E. Anonymous Mode 

F. None of the above 


Q100. What are the five types of Apex procedural loops? (No Answer) 

A. Do-while loop, traditional for loop, list or set iteration loops, and soql for loops 

B. Develop, integrate, stage, production/training 

C. Create complex functionality declarative features cannot provide. 

D. In, like, and, or, not, group by, order by, all rows, limit 


Q101. This tag acts as a placeholder for your dynamic Apex components. It has one required parameter—component Value—which accepts the name of an Apex method that returns a dynamic component. 

The following Visualforce components do not have dynamic Apex representations: 

<apex:actionRegion> <apex:attribute> <apex:component> <apex:componentBody> <apex:composition> <apex:define> <apex:dynamicComponent> <apex:flash> <apex:inputFile> <apex:include> <apex:insert> <apex:pageMessage> <apex:pageMessages> <apex:variable> <apex:vote> 

Any non-<apex:> tag, like <chatter:>, <flow:>, <ideas:>, <knowledge:>, <messaging:>, or <site:> 

A. apex:dynamicComponent 

B. apex:dataList 

C. apex:actionSupport 

D. apex:insert 


Q102. A developer has added a custom object tab to an application. Which additional feature will become available by default for the object in the application? Choose 3 answers 

A. Create New sidebar component 

B. Custom reporting 

C. Recent items 

D. Quick create 

E. Search 

Answer: C,D,E 

Q103. The email publisher lets support agents who use Case Feed compose and send email messages to customers. You can customize this publisher to support email templates and attachments. This component can only be used in organizations that have Case Feed and Email-to-Case enabled. Ext JS versions less than 3 should not be included on pages that 

use this component. 

A. apex:pageBlock 

B. apex:define 

C. apex:component 

D. apex:emailPublisher 


Q104. The method used to create an object out of a class definition is called a: 

A. constructor 

B. For loops 

C. Webservice 



Q105. Each setSavepoint() and rollback statement counts against the total number of DML statements. 

A. 6 

B. 200 

C. Ids