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Q16. Appropriate measures means that measurements are   . 

A. Representative 

B. Sufficient 

C. Contextual 

D. Relevant 

E. All of these answers are correct 


Q17. The English words used for the 5S’s are Sorting, Straightening, , and Sustaining. (Note: There are 2 correct answers). 

A. Shaping 

B. Shining 

C. Standardizing 

D. Signing 

Answer: B, C 

Q18. The is the most frequently occurring value in a distribution of data. 

A. Median 

B. Mean 

C. Center Point 

D. Mode 


Q19. SPC Charts are used extensively in different business and decision-making environments. In this example a vendor is being selected based on speed of delivery. Which of the conclusions would help you pick a vendor for your needs regarding lead-time of delivery from your vendors? (Note:  There are 4 correct answers). 

A. Vendor A with a much shorter lead time in delivery 

B. Vendor B as it has a better consistency (lower variance) on lead time 

C. Vendor B as Vendor A shows a situation out of control as shown in red 

D. Vendor B as the Control Limits are much narrower than Vendor A 

E. Vendor B with higher lead time, but a process with much narrower Control Limits 

Answer: B, C, D, E 

Q20. Review the analysis shown here. Which statements are true about the process? 

(Note: There are 3 correct answers). 

A. The initial focus for this project would be to determine why the thicknesses are so frequently too low 

B. The majority of the process is closer to the lower specification limit 

C. This process is described with the Weibull Distribution 

D. The process has more problems with Variation than Centering 

E. The process follows a non-normal distribution with the given data 

Answer: B, D, E 

Q21. If a process has subgroups for Variable data and the process runs for a long period of time, then the best pair of SPC Charts to use would be an Xbar and   . 

A. NP Chart 

B. Individuals Chart 

C. R Chart 

D. C Chart 


Q22. The two types of data that can be used in Statistical Analysis are Attribute and Variable. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q23. Which statements are correct about the advanced Capability Analysis shown here? 

(Note: There are 3 correct answers). 

A. This is a Poisson Capability Analysis 

B. The average DPU with 95% confidence is between 0.024 and 0.0295 

C. The DPU does not seem to vary depending on sample size 

D. The process shows only one instance of being out of control statistically so we have confidence in the estimated DPU of this process 

E. The maximum DPU in one observation was nearly 0.0753 

Answer: B, C, E 

Q24. For Attribute Data, Process Capability is defined as the average proportion of nonconforming products. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q25. A valid Multiple Linear Regression (MLR) is characterized by all of these except? 

A. It is an assumption that the X’s (inputs) are not correlated to each other 

B. The X’s (inputs) are assumed to be independent of each other 

C. The Residuals from MLR analysis have to be Normally Distributed 

D. MLR is conducted based on a deliberate form of experimentation 

E. It is not possible to evaluate interactions in a MLR analysis 


Q26. What conclusion is most correct about the Experimental Design shown here with the response in the far right column? 

A. No factor has enough statistical confidence greater than 95% to have an impact on the response rate 

B. Constant, Adv and Bev are the only factors statistically affecting the response rate with 95% confidence or more 

C. If the Adv is increased from the low level to the high level, the response rate increases 

D. The response level is statistically concluded to only need the Adv and Bev factors set at the low level to get the largest response rate 

E. This design does not have enough experimental runs to conclude anything as evidenced by the lack of P-values in the MINITABTM output 


Q27. Situations where standardized work needs to be incorporated include all of these except . 

A. Changeover instructions incomplete 

B. Lack of a system to assure proper inventory levels at repair stations 

C. Machines continually operating to reduce the labor cost per piece 

D. Process flow for the same product assembly taking various cycle time for completion 


Q28. Calculate the Rolled Throughput Yield of this process using this data. DatA. unit input: 1450, unit output: 1390, defects repaireD. 320, scrap: 60 

A. 71.33% 

B. 72.66% 

C. 73.79% 

D. 77.93% 


Q29. The two types of data that are to be used in Statistical Analysis are Attribute and Variance. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q30. A Belt rearranged the location of the parts inventory for a rework station locating the most often used parts to be within hand reach of the repair person. This rearrangement resulted in quicker repair times by eliminating one of seven major elements of waste which is the Waste of ___. 

A. Motion 

B. Conveyance 

C. Inventory 

D. Waiting