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Q76. Which statements about the Salesforce Classic Mobile application are true? (Select all that apply)

A. It is a server application

B. It provides mobile access to data, tasks, and calendar

C. It works only when a smartphone is connected to a wireless network

D. It downloadsrelevant data for standard Salesforce objects and custom objects

Answer: BD


Put the following steps in order to set up Google AdWords to work seamlessly with Salesforce.

A .Convert leads into new customers 

B.Advertise your business on Google 

C.Capture leads on your website

Answer: BCA


In Salesforce for Outlook, which related records are recommendedwhen assigning unresolved events, emails and tasks?

Answer: 1. Opportunities

2. Cases

3. Accounts

Q79. What is the benefit of a sandbox?

A. It allows for development, testing, and training

B. It extends Salesforce functionality

C. It builds new application functionality

D. It allows to createor change buttons, and dynamically route approvals

Answer: A


What is Salesforce to Salesforce?

Answer: Salesforce to Salesforce is a mechanism for connecting two separate orgs (same or different companies) and enabling the sharing of leads, opportunities, contact, task, product, case attachments or datastored in custom objects with partners that use Salesforce in real time.


If you work with the same account team regularly, can you set updefaults to manage reusable settings?

Answer: Yes. You can set up a default account team. Your default account team will include the users that you normally work with on your accounts. You then have the option to automatically add your default account team to all of your accounts.

Q82. Which option best identifies with the Chatter Home Page?

A. Everyone can see what you post here. Displays posts from everyone you're following.

B. Everyone can see what you post here. Only displays posts directed to you.

C. Only users with access rights can view or post here.

Answer: A

Q83. Match this tip with its design consideration. "Users should not do things more than once because it takes time and may create dirty data"

A. Tab and field naming

B. Reduced clicks

C. Search

D. Record types and page layouts

E. Workflow rules and approvals

F. Minimizedredundant data entry

Answer: F

Q84. Which of the following stage should be matched with the Forecast Category "Pipeline"?

A. Early pipeline stages

B. Mid pipeline

C. Late pipeline stages

D. Closed and Won

E. Closed and Lost

Answer: A


As a manager, how will currencies be reported in your forecast?

Answer: Your team's forecast amounts are converted and rolled up to the managers personal currency

Q86. Which of the following is good ChatterEtiquette? (Select all that apply)

A. Connect with co-workers by letting them know about your weekend

B. Direct users to a subject matter experts

C. Ask questions to gain vertical expertise

D. Ask questions about bonus schedules

Answer: BC

Q87. What should you consider when migrating inactive campaigns?

A. Nothing. You should not migrate inactive campaign data

B. Determine which data is important based on ROI

C. Determine which data isimportant based on data amount

D. Consider how long they have been inactive

Answer: B

Q88. How many additions do you use to clean a record with

A. 5

B. 12

C. 1

D. 0

Answer: D


What are forecast categories?

Answer: Best Case includes amounts you are likely to close, closed/won opportunity amounts, and amounts in the Commit category Closed includes amounts for closed/won opportunities

Commit includes amounts you are confident about closing and closed/won opportunityamounts

Omitted means the amount does not contribute to your forecast Pipeline includes amounts from all open opportunities

Q90. Who can benefit from the Quotes feature? (Select all that apply)

A. A customer who wants to get a quote from Salesforce

B. A sales rep who wants to create and email a PDF quote from Salesforce

C. AnAdministrator who wants to manage quoting in Salesforce

Answer: ABC