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New Avaya 7003 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 4 - Question 13)

Q4. A customer with a Communication Server (CS) 1000Rls. 6.0 SA is upgrading to Release

7.0. They have decided to replace the existing CPPM Call server CPPM Signaling Server with a CPPM Co-Resident Call Server, Signaling Server and Gateway Controller to free up a two card slots. A technician has decided to use the ELAN IP of the Call Server from the original system as the ELAN IP address of the Co-Resident server.

Which action must be taken to consolidate the servers?

A. Re-configure the Call Server IP address field in each Media gateway Controller

B. Re-configure the Telephony Node Information to reflect the Call Server ELAN IP

C. Re-configure the DSP Daughterbaords to reflect Call Server ELAN IP.

D. Re-configure the network Routing Service to reflect the Call Server ELAN IP address.

Answer: A

Q5. A customer is commissioning a Communication Server (CS) 1000E 7x system with package 403 (soft switch) and 402 (IPMG). The CPDC Call Server software has been installed successfully, and now the customer is provisioning the Media Gateway Tone and conference loops for the Media Gateway Controller.

Which switch overlay and prompt should the customer use to configure the Media gateway TDS loop?

A. LD 17, XCT

B. LD 17, VXCT

C. LD 17, SUPT


Answer: D

Q6. A customer has a several analog telephones running of a Flexible Analog Line Card (FALC) in an IPMG. Users are able to receive calls on the telephone and have a conversation, however they cannot initiate a call as there is no dial tone.

What should be checked first?

A. Tone and digital loops (TDS), extended tone detector (XTD)

B. Physical connections, dsp resource availability, and tone loops

C. All tone and digit switch loops (TDS), IPMG registration status

D. All XTD and conference loops

Answer: C

Q7. Click the exhibit button.

A technician is provisioning a new Communication Server (CS) 1000 Rls. 7x system for a customer, and is adding an SIP virtual route using Element Manager Routes and Trunnks.

What is the Trunk Type (TKTP)?

A. Integrated Service Access route (ISA)

B. TIE Trunk data block (TIE)

C. Automatic (TIE AUTO)

D. Direct inward Dialing trunk (DID)

Answer: B

Q8. A customer has completed the security configuration for the security servers in the Avaya Aura integrated system. The System is using Avaya Aura System Manager as the Primary Security Server. The Customer is accessing the Base manager of each Server from the Element list to perform base configuration changes. Aaa Base Managers are accessible except the primary server; When Clicking on the Primary Server, the customer is taken to the System Manager Dashboard page.

What is the recommended course of action for the customer?

A. Log into the System Manager command to access Base Manager.

B. On the system Manager Console, access UCM Roles to change access Privileges.

C. No action is required; System Manager does not have an associated base Manager.

D. Log into Base Manager of the Primary Security server using local-login to access the Base Manager.

Answer: C

Q9. A customer with a Communication Server (CS) 1000E 5.5 HA system with IPMG systems and dual ISP 1100 signaling Servers is upgrading their system to release 7x. The ISP 100 Signaling Servers are being replaced with CPDC servers. The contents of the upgrade kit have been installed and the maintenance terminal connection has been established.

What are three other upgrades tasks to be completed? (Choose three)

A. Insert a large system security device.

B. Insert the bootable media into the faceplate.

C. Connect the card to the TLAN/ELAN subnets.

D. Place the CPDC card into an empty card slot.

Answer: A,B,C

Q10. A customer wants to deploy an Avaya Server (CS) 1000 Rls. 7x system in Avaya Aura solution. They plan to have the system support 50,000 users.

Which system type will meet the customeru2019s needs?

A. CS 1000E Co-Resident Call Server and Signaling Server

B. CS 1000E Standard Availability (SA)

C. CS 1000E High Availability (HA)

D. CS 1000E High Scalability (HS)

Answer: D

Q11. A customer that has an existing option 11C chassis system with an SCC card is planning t o upgrade to a Communication Server (Rls.) 1000E Rls. 7x system. A CPMG Co-Resident server card will be installed.

Which action must be completed manually?

A. The digital Trunk Numbers must be reprogrammed with a new format

B. The IP Phones Terminal Numbers must be entered with a new format

C. The IP address for each Ip media Gateway must be entered in LD 97

D. The tone Receiver Terminal Numbers must be re-Programmed with new format

Answer: C

Q12. A customer with a Communication Server (CS) 1000E Rls..5.5 with two IPMGs is upgrading their system to release 7 x. The Upgrade system will have two IP media Gateways.

Which two statements are true regarding DSP resources for the IP Media gateways in the Upgrade System? (Choose two)

A. DSP resources are no longer required for inter-IOMG calls.

B. DSP resources are localized to particular IPMG where the DSP resource is locted.

C. DSP resources are considered system resources and are not localized.

D. DSP resources are required for TDM to local calls

Answer: B,C

Q13. A technician is planning on upgrade of an option 11C 5 x system to a Communication Server (CS) 1000E Rls. 7 x System with CPMG Co-resident Call server and Media Gateway Controller.

To perform the Linux Base software installation on the CPMG which component is required?

A. Bootable Compact Flash (1 Gigabyte)

B. Bootable USB drive/disk (2 Gigabyte)

C. External CDROM drive

D. Bootable Compact Flash (2 Gigabyte)

Answer: B

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