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Q1. Which of the following categories measures the health of the organization and the working environment of its employees? 

A. Quantity 

B. Safety 

C. Effectiveness 

D. Efficiency 


Q2. Which of the following is the process of identifying and assessing factors that may jeopardize the success of a project or the achievement of a goal? 

A. Risk retention 

B. Risk identification 

C. Risk communication 

D. Risk analysis 


Q3. Robert is the business analyst for his organization and he's working with several stakeholders to identify the business need for an opportunity. Robert needs to identify the stakeholder that will be responsible for authorizing the actions needed in order to meet the identified business need. Which stakeholder does Robert need to identify? 

A. Regulator 

B. Implementation Subject Matter Expert 

C. Sponsor 

D. Customer 


Q4. Which of the following individuals supports and contributes to customer's governance approach? 

A. User representatives 

B. Supplier/Business partners 

C. Compliance officers 

D. Project sponsors 


Q5. Which of the following outsourcing defines the performance objectives reached by negotiation between the user and the provider of a service, or between an outsourcer and an organization? 

A. Service level Agreement (SLA) 

B. Proposal 

C. Contract 

D. Outsource 


Q6. Which of the following is a continuous process of comparing performance with desired objectives to identify opportunities for improvement, and is conducted by individuals, groups, or organizations relating to their own work? 

A. Management Assessment 

B. Continuous improvement 

C. Self Assessment 

D. Control 


Q7. Which of the following processes are involved under the COBIT framework? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply. 

A. Managing the IT workforce. 

B. Correcting all risk issues. 

C. Conducting IT risk assessments. 

D. Developing a strategic plan. 

Answer: ACD 

Q8. Which of the following processes contained in the Portfolio Management domain of Val 

IT establishes an investment threshold? 

A. PM4 

B. PM7 

C. PM6 

D. PM5 


Q9. Which of the following phases in SDLC transforms the detailed requirements into complete, detailed system design document? 

A. Planning 

B. Design 

C. Development 

D. Initiation 


Q10. The IT strategy formulation process consists of four steps to provide guidance to all who are involved. Which of the following steps are performed in the IT strategy formulation process? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply. 

A. Decide how to get from here to there. 

B. Evaluate changes. 

C. Assess process maturity. 

D. Map out the big picture. 

Answer: ABD 

Q11. What does the T in SWOT analysis mean? 

A. Time 

B. Trial 

C. Threats 

D. Test 


Q12. Which of the following processes contained in the Portfolio Management domain of Val 

IT identifies resource requirements? 

A. PM5 

B. PM3 

C. PM2 

D. PM4 


Q13. Which of the following is a way of delivering value to customers by facilitating outcome that customers wish to get without the control of specific costs and risks? 

A. Processes 

B. Service Desk 

C. Functions 

D. Service 


Q14. Which of the following areas focuses on aligning with the business and collaborative solutions? 

A. Risk management 

B. Strategic alignment 

C. Resource management 

D. Value delivery 


Q15. There are five inputs to the quantitative risk analysis process. Which one of the following is NOT an input to the perform quantitative risk analysis process? 

A. Risk management plan 

B. Risk register 

C. Enterprise environmental factors 

D. Cost management plan