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2021 Sep CGEIT practice exam

Q121. Which of the following processes ensures that all vital assets and resources of the organization are safeguarded? 

A. Defining Resource Requirements process 

B. Cost estimating process 

A. Vulnerability analysis 

B. Cost-benefit analysis 

C. Requirement analysis 

D. Gap analysis 

Answer: D 

Q122. Which conduct stakeholder analysis technique is useful for identifying shared characteristics of a stakeholder group? 

A. Brainstorming 

B. Scope modeling 

C. Interviews 

D. Surveys 

Answer: D 

Q123. Which of the following types of IT organizational structures states that all IT decision making and the IT budget are in one place, much easier to manage, and require much less effort to organize? 

A. Decentralized 

B. Federated 

C. Project-based 

D. Centralized 

Answer: D 

Q124. Which of the following types of risks includes currency risk, liquidity risk, and technology obsolescence? 

A. Asset risk 

B. Operational risk 

C. Hazard risk 

D. Strategic risk 

Answer: A 

Q125. Which of the following frameworks describes an enterprise view of all project management activities and how these activities contribute to the success of the organization? 

A. Casualty Actuarial Society framework 


C. Enterprise project management (EPM) 


Answer: C 

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Q126. Which of the following is used as a tool that assists in risk identification? 

A. Performance report 

B. Status report 

C. Variance analysis 

D. Issue log 

Answer: D 

Q127. Which of the following frameworks defines ERM as a process, effected by an entity's board of directors, management, and other personnel, applied in strategy setting and across the enterprise? 


B. COSO ERM framework 

C. Casualty Actuarial Society framework 

D. Val IT 

Answer: B 

Q128. Which of the following stages of the Forrester's IT Governance Maturity Model states that there are no proper IT governance processes, and it is not documented by management as a requirement? 

A. Stage 3-Consistent 

B. Stage 2-Fragmented 

C. Stage 1-Ad hoc 

D. Stage 4-Best practices 

Answer: C 

Q129. You are the project manager of the NHQ Project for your company. You have completed qualitative and quantitative analysis of your identified project risks and you would now like to find an approach to increase project opportunities and to reduce threats within the project. What project management process would best help you? 

A. Plan risk responses 

B. Create a risk governance approach 

C. Create the project risk register 

D. Monitor and control project risks 

Answer: A 

Q130. Which of the following frameworks is for enterprise architecture, and provides a comprehensive approach to the design, planning, implementation, and governance of an enterprise information architecture? 


B. Val IT 



Answer: A