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2021 Sep CGEIT real exam

Q31. You are the project manager of a large project that will last four years. In this project, you would like to model the risk based on its distribution, impact, and other factors. 

There are three modeling techniques that a project manager can use to include both event- oriented and project oriented analysis. Which modeling technique does NOT provide event- oriented and project oriented analysis for identified risks? 

A. Modeling and simulation 

B. Expected monetary value 

C. Sensitivity analysis 

D. Jo-Hari Window 

Answer: D 

Q32. Elizabeth is a project manager for her organization and she finds risk management to be very difficult for her to manage. She asks you, a lead project manager, at what stage in the project will risk management become easier. What answer best resolves the difficulty of risk management practices and the effort required? 

A. Risk management only becomes easier the more often it is practiced. 

B. Risk management only becomes easier when the project is closed. 

C. Risk management is an iterative process and never becomes easier. 

D. Risk management only becomes easier when the project moves into project execution. 

Answer: A 

Q33. What is the key output handed over to Service Transition within Service Design? 

A. Business Perspective 

B. Service Portfolio Management 

C. ITIL Small-Scale Implementation 

D. Service Design Package 

Answer: D 

Q34. Which of the following processes involves choosing the alternative strategies, executing a contingency or fallback plan, taking corrective action, and modifying the project management plan? 

A. Scope Change control 

B. Monitor and Control risk 

C. Integrated Change control 

D. Configuration Management 

Answer: B 

Q35. Which of the following individuals provides service feedback to the providers? 

A. Compliance officers 

B. User representatives 

C. Project sponsors 

D. Suppliers 

Answer: B 

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Q36. A project manager must have certain interpersonal skills to communicate with stakeholders and manage their expectations of the project work. Which of the following interpersonal skills has been identified as one of the biggest reasons for project success or failure? 

A. Motivation 

B. Influencing 

C. Political and cultural awareness 

D. Communication 

Answer: D 

Q37. Which of the following concepts aims to limit errors to 1 per million units produced? 



C. Six Sigma 


Answer: A 

Q38. Which of the following is concerned with fairness and transparency? 

A. Continual Service Improvement 

B. Service Support 

C. Service Strategy 

D. Governance 

Answer: D

Q39. Mary is the business analyst for your organization. She asks you what the purpose of the assess capability gaps task is. Which of the following is the best response to give Mary? 

A. It identifies the causal factors that are contributing to an effect the solution will solve. 

B. It identifies new capabilities required by the organization to meet the business need. 

C. It describes the ends that the organization wants to improve. 

D. It identifies the skill gaps in the existing resources. 

Answer: B 

Q40. TOGAF is based on four pillars, called architecture domains. Which of the following architecture domains provides a blueprint for the individual application systems to be deployed, the interactions between the application systems, and their relationships to the core business processes of the organization with the frameworks for services to be exposed as business functions for integration? 

A. Business architecture 

B. Applications architecture 

C. Technical architecture 

D. Data architecture 

Answer: B