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2021 Oct CGEIT test question

Q81. The entry points to Service Strategy are referred to as "the Four Ps". They identify the different forms a service strategy may take. Which of the following is a correct list of the 'Four Ps'? 

A. People, Products, Partners, and Profit 

B. People, Potential, Products, and Performance 

C. Potential, Preparation, Performance, and Profit 

D. Perspective, Position, Plan, and Pattern 

Answer: D 

Q82. Melody is the project manager for her organization. She has created a risk response to conduct more tests on the software her project is creating. The identified risk that prompted this response was that the software is mission-critical and must be flawless before it can be put into product. What type of a risk response has Melody used in this scenario? 

A. Transference 

B. Enhance 

C. Avoidance 

D. Mitigation 

Answer: D 

Q83. Which positive risk response best describes a teaming agreement? 

A. Enhance 

B. Exploit 

C. Share 

D. Venture 

Answer: C 

Q84. You work as a project manager for BlueWell Inc. There has been a delay in your project work that is adversely affecting the project schedule. You decided, with your stakeholders' approval, to fast track the project work to get the project done faster. When you fast track the project which of the following are likely to increase? 

A. Costs 

B. Risks 

C. Human resource needs 

D. Quality control concerns 

Answer: B 

Q85. Which of the following IT governance frameworks provides governance of IT investments, produced by the IT Governance Institute (ITGI), and is a formal statement of principles and 

processes for IT portfolio management? 


B. Val IT 

C. Risk IT 


Answer: B 

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Update CGEIT actual exam:

Q86. Which of the following techniques builds various plausible views of possible futures for a business? 

A. PEST analysis 

B. Scenario Planning 

C. SWOT Analysis 

D. Market Segmentation 

Answer: B 

Q87. Gary is the project manager of the MMQ project for his company. He is working with his project team to plan the risk responses for his project. Sarah, a project team member, does not understand the process that Gary is using to plan the risk responses. Which approach is the preferred method to address project risks and the risk responses? 

A. Risks in the project should be addressed by their probability for creating risk responses. 

B. Risks in the project should be addressed by the organization's risk tolerance for creating risk responses. 

C. Risks in the project should be addressed by their priority for creating risk responses. 

D. Risks in the project should be addressed by their impact for creating risk responses. 

Answer: C 

Q88. Which of the following service delivery processes includes controls, document and record, as its sub processes? 

A. IT project phase 

B. IT process phase 

C. IT asset phase 

D. IT discovery phase 

Answer: A 

Q89. Which of the following are commonly used terms when discussing service improvement outcomes? 

1) Improvements 

2) Benefits 

3) Return On Investment (ROI) 

4) Value On Investment(VOI) 

5) Resources 

A. 2, 3, and 5 only 

B. 2, 3, 4, and 5 only 

C. 1, 2, 3, and 4 only 

D. 1, 2, and 4 only 

E. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 

Answer: C 

Q90. Which of the following techniques seeks to identify the similarities and differences between the groups of customers or users? 

A. Market Segmentation 

B. PEST Analysis 

C. SWOT Analysis 

D. Scenario Planning 

Answer: A