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Q46.  (Topic 1) 

: 95 

ADSL, there are two channels work, they are 

A. Fast 

B. serial transmission 

C. Fourier Transform 

D. intertwined 

E. parallel transmission 

Answer: A,D 

Q47.  (Topic 1) 

Brings the advantage of port aggregation () 

A. Increased link bandwidth 

B. for traffic load sharing 

C. increase network reliability 

D. easy to copy the data for analysis 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q48.  (Topic 2) 

Segment subnet mask is, as follows () is a valid host address. 






Q49.  (Topic 4) 

In the PPP, when the physical layer cannot detect the carrier or the management of the link to shut down operations, which link will be broken, then it is in what stage 

A. link is unavailable stage 

B. link establishment phase 

C. Validation phase. 

D. Network layer protocol phase. 


Q50.  (Topic 4) 

RIP packets in the Command field value of 1 indicates that the message is (). 

A. request message 

B. Response Message 

C. unsolicited response message 

D. periodic broadcast messages 


Q51.  (Topic 4) 

Which of the following are the parameters of Frame Relay? 

A. CIR Committed Information Rate 

B. TTL Time to Live 

C. BE allowed to exceed the amount of emergency 

D. B, C committed burst amount 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q52.  (Topic 4) 

The following RIP V1 and RIP V2 on the right is described 

A. RIP V1 does not support multicast, the default subnet information is not released 

B. RIP V2 support multicast, subnets cannot release information 

C. RIP V1, you can cancel the route through the subnet information to publish aggregate 

D. RIP V2 by default to use broadcast, publish to use the RIP multicast packets, use the command rip version 2 multicast set 

Answer: A,B 

Q53.  (Topic 2) 

Telnet protocol is based on which the transport protocol for data transmission 






Q54.  (Topic 2) 

: 211 

When a router or host datagrams discarded due to congestion on the source station to send ICMP () message. 

A. does not reach the destination station 

B. source quench 

C. Parameter problem 

D. Redirect 


Q55.  (Topic 2) 

Subnet is the IP address () of the 

A. network address 

B. Host Address 

C. subnet segment 

D. The default subnet mask 


Q56.  (Topic 4) 

Judge: Frame Relay X.25 protocol is a function of the third layer has been simplified, while providing retransmission after errors found in operation. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q57.  (Topic 4) 

OSPF routing calculation, flooding the router sends LSA, flooding refers to the router (). 

A. Send the process of link-state database 

B. link-state database synchronization process 

C. link-state database to send and process synchronization 

D. Clear the port link state database in the process 


Q58.  (Topic 3) 

The following description of a VLAN interface on the correct option 

A. If an IP address to give the VLAN configuration, you need to create a virtual interface for this VLAN 

B. two on the same switch VLAN interface can be configured the same IP address 

C. Configure the virtual interfaces command with the VLAN ID number must be the same 

D. For the VLAN cannot create a virtual interface configuration 

Answer: A,C 

Q59.  (Topic 2) 

In a subnet mask of the network, () is a legitimate network address 





Answer: A,D 

Q60.  (Topic 3) 

STP port cost calculation (Port Cost) and the port bandwidth, the higher the bandwidth, the more expensive (). 

A. Small 

B. major 

C. the same 

D. is not necessarily