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Which is a clear differentiator for IBM Security Operations and Response (SOAR) solutions?

  • A. Access Manager's new IBM Verify capability.
  • B. ORadar ranking in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.
  • C. Guardium's tight integration with anti-virus vendors.
  • D. QRadar Network Security (XGS) offering intrusion prevention, versus intrusion detection.

Answer: A

Which customer use case does IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis (EIA) address?

  • A. Perform real-time analysis of network, endpoint, vulnerability and threat data to detect advanced threatsin realtime.
  • B. Conduct real-time enforcement of endpoint policies, including configuration and patching to prevent and detect threats.
  • C. Combine data from security solutions, external threat feeds, configuration management systems and other databases to support rapid incident response.
  • D. Combine machine-led analytics and human-led analysis to quickly find hidden connections and critical patterns in internal, external and open-source data.

Answer: B

Which IBM Information, Risk and Protection (IRP) product satisfies key customer requirements for protecting critical data?

  • A. IBM QRadar
  • B. IBM MaaS360
  • C. IBMTrusteer
  • D. IBM Guardium

Answer: A

How should a seller respond to a prospect who says that many companies sell security solutions, and who asks "Why should I buy from IBM?".

  • A. IBM has the best security products on the market.
  • B. Do not underestimate the ability of hackers to find and exploit vulnerabilities.
  • C. IBM offers better discounts than its competitors, enabling companies to save more money.
  • D. IBM has an integrated portfolio of security products, while most other companies offer only point solutions.

Answer: D

Which IBM Security solution is part of IBM's integrated approach against insider threats for the Financial Services Sector (FSS)?

  • A. IBM Watson Analytics
  • B. IBM Security AppScan Enterprise
  • C. IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager
  • D. IBM Security Guardium Data Protection for Databases

Answer: A

Which is a key advantage of the integration between BigFix and QRadar?

  • A. Rapid incident response
  • B. Risk-prioritized patching activities
  • C. Endpoint patching and remediation
  • D. Integration of third-party vulnerability data

Answer: C

Which customer requirement can be addressed by one or more IBM Security Operations and Response (SOAR) solutions?

  • A. Discovering application vulnerabilities.
  • B. The need to encrypt all data at rest in multiple data centers.
  • C. The need to address real-time network and endpoint visibility.
  • D. Difficulty maintaining regulatory compliance regarding separation of duties.

Answer: A

What should a seller say to a customer who says deploying MaaS360 takes too long and is too expensive?

  • A. IBM has a full suite of mobile software that spans the complete mobile landscape.
  • B. A proof of concept can be created to demonstrate that MaaS360 can meet your security needs.
  • C. MaaS360 can be deployed in less than 6 hours and has an return on investment of 12 months or less.
  • D. Although deploying MaaS360 takes considerable time, the protection of your entire mobile environment is worth it.

Answer: D

What is the recommended action when a customer asserts that all of IBM's Cloud Identity Service (CIS) customers are large businesses?

  • A. Indicate that CIS includes 4 subscription packages to cover clients of all sizes.
  • B. Indicate that IBM also has Cloud Identity Connect for small and medium businesses.
  • C. Move the focus of the discussion to how an IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM) appliance can save significant costs.
  • D. Move the focus of the discussion to IBM Security Identity and Access Assurance, which addresses all identity and access management (1AM) requirements and includes QRadar Log Manager.

Answer: C

Other than QRadar. which IBM Security Operations and Response (SOAR) solution is a leader in analyst rankings?

  • A. BigFix
  • B. AppScan
  • C. Guardium
  • D. Security Key Lifecycle Manager

Answer: A

What is the appropriate response to a customer who believes that deploying mobile security is too complex?

  • A. It is complex, but the resulting security and productivity gains are worth the effort/investment.
  • B. Gartner and Forrester have both praised IBM's solution for its ease of use at the administrative and end user levels.
  • C. MaaS360 simplifies mobile security as long as the implementation involves a private network within the bounds of a single country.
  • D. MaaS360 delivers mobile security without any impact on the mobile devices themselves, thus simplifying the implementation step.

Answer: D

Which IBM Security Operations and Response (SOAR) solution leverages the X-Force feed to enable real-time correlation with up-to-date threat data?

  • A. BigFix
  • B. QRadar
  • C. Resilient
  • D. Guardium

Answer: A


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