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New CIW 1D0-435 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 3 - Question 12)

Q3. refers to the fact that some objects cannot be used or referenced without referring to the parent object.

A. Containership

B. Enveloping

C. Parentship

D. Hierarchy

Answer: A

Q4. Consider the following Code:


var state = "";

var orderAmount = 50;

state = prompt("Which state do you live in?",""); if (state.toUpperCase() == "CA") {

alert("Your total owed is: " + (orderAmount * 1.0825));

} else {

alert("Your total owed is:" + orderAmount);



What will the alert method display if the user lives in Tennessee?

A. 1.0825 % of the order amount

B. nothing

C. The order amount only

D. The order amount plus sales tax of 1.0825

Answer: C

Q5. The method counts from the ending position of the string.

A. indexOf()

B. positionOf()

C. lengthOf()

D. lastIndexOf()

Answer: D

Q6. JavaScript is an event-driven programming language. Events trigger .

A. functions

B. behaviors

C. actions

D. methods

Answer: A

Q7. A is a named space of memory, like a container that holds a value.

A. value

B. prompt()

C. property

D. variable

Answer: D

Q8. The is the building block of all custom objects.

A. statement

B. function

C. variable

D. constructor

Answer: D

Q9. Placing // in front of a line of text, within the Script tags will result in

A. the command that follows being carried out

B. everything that follows being ignored

C. nothing, as this is not valid

D. everything to the end of the line being ignored.

Answer: D

Q10. A is the specific color, width or height that belongs to the property of an object.

A. method

B. value

C. property

D. behavior

Answer: B

Q11. A is an organized block of code that handles actions generated by user events.

A. function

B. method

C. statement

D. object

Answer: A,C

Q12. In JavaScript the operator += will

A. add together the operands and assign the result to the right operand.

B. assign the value of the right operand to the left operand.

C. do nothing because it should be =+.

D. add together the operands and assign the result to the left operand.

Answer: D

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