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Which two options are true about role synchronization for Digital Customer Service (DCS)?

  • A. also synchronizes user IDs and passwords between DCS and Engagement Cloud
  • B. is required for every DCS instance
  • C. is real time
  • D. enables DCS user authentication through an identity management service (such as Engagement Cloud identity management)

Answer: BC

Select three correct limits and restrictions when importing data from a file.

  • A. If the values in the imported CSV file contain a new line character, then they must be enclosed within quotation marks.
  • B. The maximum number of records in each CSV file should not exceed the maximum limit ,000,000 records.
  • C. Groovy Scripts and object workflows that have been configured for the object being imported are always executed.
  • D. Both create and update operations are available for imported records.
  • E. By default, the import starts immediately after it is activate

Answer: CDE

Your customer has three service request child categories under the top-level service request category “Accounts”:
• Gold Accounts
• Sliver Accounts
• Basic Accounts
You now want to disable the "Silver Accounts' category. Which option meets the requirement?

  • A. In Setup and maintenance > Service > Setup > Service Request > Manage Service Request Child Categories, search for the "Accounts" Category and deselect the "Active" Column.
  • B. In Setup and maintenance > Service > Setup > Service Request > Manage Service Request Categories, search for the "Silver Accounts" Category and expand It, click the "Inactive" button.
  • C. In Setup and maintenance > Service > Setup > Service Request > Manage Service Request Categories, search for the "Accounts" Category and expand it, select the "Gold Accounts" and "Basic Accounts" child categories and click the "Inactive" button.
  • D. In Setup and maintenance > Service > Setup > Service Request > Manage Service RequestCategories, search for the "Accounts" Category and expand it, select the "Silver Accounts" child category and deselect the "Active" Column.

Answer: B

Immediately after your production deployment of Engagement Cloud your users report that the media toolbar is not being displayed.
Which are two reasons for this behavior?

  • A. The only toolbar enabled is the default one, and you must configure at least two.
  • B. You entered a toolbar height that is not more than 70 pixels.
  • C. The signed-in user does not have the appropriate access privileges to a toolbar.
  • D. You have not enabled the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) service.
  • E. You did not enable the vertical toolbar which is required, while the horizontal Is optiona

Answer: DE

What three things should you do once you have established a global default coverage?

  • A. Create an ESS job to Monitor Service Request Milestones.
  • B. Use Application Composer to include milestones on the Service Request Layout if desired.
  • C. Create an ESS job to Aggregate Service Requests.
  • D. Use Application Composer to configure warning emails about milestone compliance event

Answer: ABC

Milestones are not getting applied to service requests in the customer environment. Identify three causes.

  • A. Entitlement rules are not valid for the service request.
  • B. The Starts When criteria of the milestone is not True.
  • C. The scheduled process has not been set up.
  • D. No default coverages are set u

Answer: BCD

You want to configure the workflow for the standard Service Request (SR) object. Which four actions can you do?

  • A. You will be required to code any new workflow actions in Groovy.
  • B. You must make the changes using the Page Composer tool.
  • C. You can send an e-mail notification to specified recipients.
  • D. You can define the workflow to run when certain fields of the SR object are changed.
  • E. You can modify the workflow to update field values within the SR object.
  • F. You can generate tasks for the SR object from the workflo

Answer: CDEF

Which two statements ate true regarding the Audit History tab of a Service Request?

  • A. It is enabled by default.
  • B. It is available only to authorized administrators.
  • C. It is exportable to Excel.
  • D. It is searchable by date range, username, event type, event severity, and event duration.
  • E. It allows users to save searches for later reus

Answer: AE

Your customer has noticed that emails are being retrieved every day only at 3:00 PM. This behavior began three days ago and no configuration changes were made during that time.
What is the cause of this new behavior?

  • A. a configured Job to process inbound emails
  • B. an inbound message filter per time schedule 9
  • C. an inbound message filter per sender
  • D. a configured profile option to schedule the retrieval of emails

Answer: B

Which three options are defined by a standard coverage rule?

  • A. the start and end date for applying the rule
  • B. a commitment to handle SRs within certain SLAs
  • C. the time in minutes before the First Response milestone is due
  • D. the date and time of the last customer response
  • E. a condition that applies based on the severity of the service request

Answer: CDE

Your customer has informed you about a possible error in the screen pop-up when receiving a call. The problem is that the edit contact screen pop is shown whenever a call is received but most of the time the calls are regarding open Service Requests. As a result, agents have to navigate to that page, losing time and being ineffective.
What is causing the problem?

  • A. Screen pops are not configurabl
  • B. When a call arrives, the system automatically opens the page of the object in question, these cases being the contact page.
  • C. Rules follow a priority orde
  • D. When the system finds a contact token it automatically opens the "edit contact" page, because that rule has been configured before the Service request rule, regardless if a Service Request token is also available,
  • E. Rules do not follow an orde
  • F. When a call is received, the "edit contact" screen pop appears because it is the default rule that has been selected, regardless of the service request number or other tokens received.
  • G. A configuration in the pages tab of the screen pop is missing, the URL to the page to be displayed has not been provisione
  • H. The URL is empty so the system shows the contact edit page.

Answer: D

Which two actions can you take when using Application Composer to create a new Trouble Ticket object?

  • A. You can set a field rule to validate that the Priority field of the Trouble Ticket object is between 1 and 5.
  • B. You can create a trigger on the Trouble Ticket object using the Upon Import into Database trigger event to update the custom "OpenTroubleTickets" of the Account object.
  • C. You can create a field rule or a field trigger on a field of the Trouble Ticket object but not both on the same field.
  • D. You can set an object rule to validate that a Trouble Ticket of Priority 1 cannot be saved without being assigned to a staff member.

Answer: AB

For which two groups of functions can keyboard shortcuts be set?

  • A. Personal Activity Functions
  • B. Administrator (that is, "Power") Commands
  • C. Action Commands
  • D. Button Access Keys

Answer: BC

You are at the beginning of an Engagement Cloud implementation project and your team is not able to find some of the email setup tasks.
Which is the main reason for this issue?

  • A. The team members don't have the Email Administrator Role provisioned.
  • B. The environment was not provisioned correctly and the Service module is missing.
  • C. There are no specific email tasks available.
  • D. The team members have not enabled the e-mail feature on the Offerings pag

Answer: D

Digital Customer Service application configuration settings in json.cfg include which four options?

  • A. Knowledge management article links
  • B. Service request links
  • C. Default notification preferences
  • D. Default communication preferences
  • E. Default chat channel preferences
  • F. Default time zone.
  • G. Knowledge management language locales
  • H. Product and category filtering

Answer: ABGH

A service agent can create tasks from different system areas. Identify three modules where a service agent can create and associate tasks.

  • A. Contacts
  • B. Service requests
  • C. Sales opportunities
  • D. Notes
  • E. Social network

Answer: BCE

Which Four statements are correct about hotkeys for Action Commands?

  • A. They can be assigned to a custom action script.
  • B. They allow a user to escalate a service request.
  • C. They can all be modified.
  • D. They have default values.
  • E. They allow a user to copy a service request.
  • F. They allow a user to forward a service reques

Answer: BCDF

You are creating or editing a SmartText entry. Which four options can you insert into the entry?

  • A. Other SmartText entries a
  • B. Text
  • C. Images
  • D. Tables
  • E. URLs
  • F. Variables

Answer: ABDF

You have been asked about some of the features of CT1 notifications- Users want to be efficient in their time use, using alternate browser pages to carry out other activities when they are not receiving calls. However, the priority remains answering their client's calls, so they are forced to remain on the Engagement Cloud Page to avoid missing them. Perform an analysis on the available features of Engagement Cloud and select the best viable answer to your customer's issue.

  • A. There is no current feature that may help users be aware of the presence of an incoming call If they are not currently in the Engagement Cloud browser page.
  • B. A floating toolbar notification center can be configured, that is present all the time in the agent’s screen to inform him/her of incoming calls, whether they are currently on the Engagement Cloud browser page or not.
  • C. A toast notification option is present, which consists of desktop notifications popping up regarding incoming calls, whether they are currently on the Engagement Cloud browser page or not.
  • D. Engagement Cloud supports push notifications sent to mobile phones, so users can be aware via phone when a client is calling.

Answer: B

Because of capacity Issues in your Call Center, you have been asked to modify the number of simultaneous chats that an agent can be assigned from 4 to 2.
Which two steps do you have to follow to limit the channel capacity as required?

  • A. Select the Manage Capacities task.
  • B. In the Qualifying Status Values window, select a status from the No Effect on Workload list and move it to the Adds to Workload list.
  • C. In the Work Assignments section, modify the default value in the Capacity field to a new value.
  • D. Modify the default values In the Capacity fields for the channel

Answer: BD

Your customer noticed that all incoming messages containing MIME attachments that are either text or HTML are not being received.
What is the problem?

  • A. An administrator needs to set the profile option SVC_EMAIL_PROCESS_UNKNOWN_CUST to Y and schedule the process.
  • B. The configured frequency to retrieve emails is too long.
  • C. Incorrect configuration of the inbound profile option: SVC_INBOUND_EMAIL_MAX_ATTACH_SIZE
  • D. Incoming messages have a custom filte

Answer: D

Which statement is correct when describing the process of adding assignment rules from Service Setup?

  • A. Use the "Manage Service Assignment Rules" task, access the appropriate rules sets, create new rule(s), add conditions and actions, save and publish.
  • B. Use the "Manage Service Request Assignment Object" task, access the applicable service requests, create and apply new rule set(s) to the service requests, add conditions and actions, save and close.
  • C. Use the "Manage Service Request Assignment Object" task, access and lock the appropriate objects, create new rule set(s), add conditions and actions, save and publish.
  • D. Use the "Manage Service Assignment Rules" task, access and lock the appropriate rules sets, create new rule(s), add conditions and actions, save and close.

Answer: B

Which two options are true about repotting on milestones?

  • A. No standard reports on milestones are provided.
  • B. Administrator-defined milestone data is not included in Analytics.
  • C. An as-delivered SLA Info let shows near-overdue and overdue milestones.
  • D. Milestone reporting is performed via the CRM Service Request Real-Time subject are

Answer: BC

Your client has already established a product catalog of sales products and now wants to include service products to categorize service requests. You suggest the creation of a new catalog.
What are two advantages of creating a new service catalog instead of using an existing one?

  • A. allows use of a simpler hierarchy
  • B. allows the display of a product hierarchy specifically for service purposes
  • C. allows you to use the same product hierarchy as sales
  • D. requires less work and effort

Answer: CD


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