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A company installed a new backup and recovery system. Which of the following types of
backups should be completed FIRST?

  • A. Differential
  • B. Incremental
  • C. Non-parity
  • D. Full

Answer: D

A company is Issuing smartphones to employees and needs to ensure data is secure if the devices are lost or stolen. Which of the following provides the BEST solution?

  • A. Anti-malware.
  • B. Remote wipe.
  • C. Locator applications.
  • D. Screen lock.

Answer: B

A technician needs lo formal a USB drive to transfer 20GB of data from a Linux computer to a Windows computer. Which of the following filesystems will the technician MOST likely use?

  • A. FAT32
  • B. ext4
  • C. NTFS
  • D. exFAT

Answer: C

Once weekly a user needs Linux to run a specific open-source application that is not available for the currently installed Windows platform. The user has limited bandwidth throughout the day. Which of the following solutions would be the MOST efficient, allowing for parallel execution of the Linux application and Windows applications?

  • A. Install and run Linux and the required application in a PaaS cloud environment
  • B. Install and run Linux and the required application as a virtual machine installed under the Windows OS
  • C. Use a swappable drive bay for the boot drive and install each OS with applications on its own drive Swap the drives as needed
  • D. Set up a dual boot system by selecting the option to install Linux alongside Windows

Answer: B

A technician suspects a rootkit has been installed and needs to be removed.
Which of the following would BEST resolve the issue?

  • A. Application updates
  • B. Anti-malware software
  • C. OS reinstallation
  • D. File restore

Answer: C

Welcome to your first day as a Fictional Company. LLC helpdesk employee. Please work the
tickets in your helpdesk ticket queue.
Click on individual tickers to see the ticket details. View attachments to determine the problem.
Select the appropriate issue from the 'issue' drop-down menu. Then, select the MOST efficient
resolution from the 'Resolution' drop-down menu. Finally, select the proper command or verification
to remediate or confirm your fix of the issue from the Verify Resolve drop-down menu.
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Does this meet the goal?
  • A. Yes
  • B. Not Mastered

Answer: A

When a user calls in to report an issue, a technician submits a ticket on the user's behalf. Which of the following practices should the technician use to make sure the ticket is associated with the correct user?

  • A. Have the user provide a callback phone number to be added to the ticket
  • B. Assign the ticket to the department's power user
  • C. Register the ticket with a unique user identifier
  • D. Provide the user with a unique ticket number that can be referenced on subsequent calls.

Answer: D

Which of the following is the MOST cost-effective version of Windows 10 that allows remote access through Remote Desktop?

  • A. Home
  • B. Pro for Workstations
  • C. Enterprise
  • D. Pro

Answer: D

A user contacted the help desk to report pop-ups on a company workstation indicating the computer has been infected with 137 viruses and payment is needed to remove them. The user thought the company-provided antivirus software would prevent this issue. The help desk ticket states that the user only receives these messages when first opening the web browser. Which of the following steps would MOST likely resolve the issue? (Select TWO)

  • A. Scan the computer with the company-provided antivirus software
  • B. Install a new hard drive and clone the user's drive to it
  • C. Deploy an ad-blocking extension to the browser.
  • D. Uninstall the company-provided antivirus software
  • E. Click the link in the messages to pay for virus removal
  • F. Perform a reset on the user's web browser

Answer: CF

A technician needs to exclude an application folder from being cataloged by a Windows 10 search. Which of the following utilities should be used?

  • A. Privacy
  • B. Indexing Options
  • C. System
  • D. Device Manager

Answer: B

A technician is configuring a new Windows laptop Corporate policy requires that mobile devices make use of full disk encryption at all limes Which of the following encryption solutions should the technician choose?

  • A. Encrypting File System
  • B. FileVault
  • C. BitLocker
  • D. Encrypted LVM

Answer: A

A technician found that an employee is mining cryptocurrency on a work desktop. The company has decided that this action violates its guidelines. Which of the following should be updated to reflect this new requirement?

  • A. MDM
  • B. EULA
  • C. IRP
  • D. AUP

Answer: D

A technician is asked to resize a partition on the internal storage drive of a computer running macOS.
Which of the followings tools should the technician use to accomplish this task?

  • A. Consoltf
  • B. Disk Utility
  • C. Time Machine
  • D. FileVault

Answer: B

A technician has been tasked with installing a workstation that will be used tor point-of-sale
transactions. The point-of-sale system will process credit cards and loyalty cards. Which of the
following encryption technologies should be used to secure the workstation in case of theft?

  • A. Data-in-transit encryption
  • B. Disk encryption
  • C. USB drive encryption
  • D. File encryption

Answer: B

A user reports that the hard drive activity light on a Windows 10 desktop computer has been steadily lit for more than an hour, and performance is severely degraded. Which of the following tabs in Task Manager would contain the information a technician would use to identify the cause of this issue?

  • A. Services
  • B. Processes
  • C. Performance
  • D. Startup

Answer: A


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