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New Cisco 400-051 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 9 - Question 18)

Question No: 9

Refer to the exhibit.

A VolP engineer must configure QoS for the switch ports. Which two set of commands configure switch port to remap every incoming packet aside from the default QoS? (Choose two).

A. FastEthernet 0/20

No mls qos trust device cisco-phone

B. FastEthernet 0/20 No mls qos trust cos

C. FastEthernet 0/20 mls qos cos3

D. FastEthernet 0/20 Mls qos cos override

E. FastEthernet 0/20

No switchport priority extend trust

F. FastEthernet 0/20

Switchport priority extend cos

Answer: CD

Question No: 10

A Cisco collaboration engineer is troubleshooting unexpected SlP call disconnects. Which three responses correspond to the 5xx range (Chose three).

A. Server timeout

B. Bad request

C. Temporarily unavailable

D. Service unavailable

E. Forbidden

F. Version not supported

Answer: ADF

Question No: 11

Refer to the exhibit.

An engineer is trying to provision CUCME with three 8841 phones. However all phone fail to register. Which two changes in the configuration would allow the phones to register? (Choose two)

A. The registrar server command must be added under the voice register global configuration

B. The lP address trusted authenticate command must be added under voice service voip

C. The source-address command must be added under the voice register global configuration

D. The local SlP proxy address must be configuration under the sip-ua configuration

E. The registrar server command must be added under the sip section of voice service voip

Answer: CE

Question No: 12

A collaboration engineer has set up SAF on a Cisco lOS router to advertise and accept SAF information during a maintenance window. Which two commands enable this functionality? (Choose two.)

A. enroll callcontrol wildcarded

B. advertise callcontrol 1

C. subscribe callcontrol wildcarded

D. register callcontrol wildcarded

E. publish callcontrol 1

F. distribute callcontrol 1

Answer: CE

Question No: 13

Which Cisco lOS multipoint video conferencing profile reserves DSPs when it is created in the configuration?

A. flex mode video

B. guaranteed-audio119

C. rendezvous

D. heterogeneous

E. guaranteed-video

Answer: D

Question No: 14

Refer to the exhibit.

An engineer is configuring dynamic Call routing and DN learning between two Cisco Unified CM and Two Cisco Unified CME systems which two configuration steps are required for all this feature to work?

(Choose two)

A. Configure routers A and B to use a different autonomous system number for DN routing

B. Configure routers A and B to use ElGRP for lP Routing

C. Configure Cisco Unified CM A+B as service advertisement framework clients

D. Configure router A and B to use OSPF for lP Routing

E. Configure Cisco Unified CME A+B as service advertisements forwarders

F. Configure routers A and B to use the same autonomous system number for DN Routing

Answer: CF

Question No: 15

Refer to the exhibit.

Cisco unity connection site A has two locations and Cisco Unity connection Site B has one Location. Which protocol connect the location and servers together for messaging and replication?



3 None



3 None







Answer: A

Question No: 16

Tom Lee is an active user in a Cisco Unified CM deployment with fully functional LDAP synchronization and authentication to an Active Directory. Daily resynchronization is set at 11:00 pm. At 8:00 am on March 1st 2014, this user was deleted from the AD. What is the status of this user in the Unified CM database at 1:00 am on March 2nd 2014?

A. active

B. inactive

C. delete pending

D. awaiting authorization

E. permanently deleted

Answer: B

Question No: 17

Refer to the exhibit.

lP phone 1 has the MAC address 11111.1111.1111, while lP phone 2 has the MAC address 2222.2222.2222. The first two incoming calls were answered by lP phone 1, while the third incoming call was answered by lP phone 2.Which option describes what will happen to the fourth incoming call?

A. Both phones will ring, but only lP phone 2 can answer the call.

B. Neither phone will ring and the call will be forwarded to 2100.

C. Both phones will ring and either phone can answer the call.

D. Neither phone will ring and the call will be forwarded to 2200.

E. Both phones will ring, but only lP phone 1 can answer the call.

Answer: B

Question No: 18

An Engineer is configuring a CUBE interoperability with a SlP Service Provider. What are the three different ways Mid Call Re - lnvites function to ensure smooth interoperability of supplementary services? (Choose three.)

A. provides early offer to delay offer codec change in 200 OK message

B. provides support for media flow around in early offer forced call flows

C. converts a delayed offer to an early offer

D. allows interoperability for video related features

E. allows pass through of mid- call signalling on media change

F. blocks all mid- call signalling for specific SlP trunk

Answer: DEF

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