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Q11. An engineer wants to configure Fast Reroute in the network. Which methodology eliminates RSVP configuration in the network? 

A. Enable LDP Fast Synch. 

B. Enable IP Fast Reroute. 

C. Enable the auto tunnel primary feature. 

D. Enable Cisco MPLS TE Fast Reroute. 

E. Enable the auto tunnel backup feature. 



Q12. Refer to the exhibit. 

It displays the Router_3 FIB information without any OSPF LSDB optimization. An engineer wants to optimize the OSPF LSDB in accordance with RFC 1587 Considering the following restraints: 

.Router_3 maintains full connectivity 

.Router_2 requires the least configuration 

In order to achieve the OSPF LSDB optimization on Router_3. which Cisco IOS command should the engineer use on Router_2? 

A. area 1 nssa default-information-originate 

B. area n nssa no-summary 

area 1 nssa no-redistribution 

C. area 1 nssa no-redistribution 

area 1 nssa default-information-originate 

D. area 1 nssa no-summary 

E. area 1 nssa no-redistribution 

F. area 1 nssa no-summary 

area 1 nssa default-information-originate 


Q13. Refer to the exhibit. 

ISP-X customers must be able to reach both ISP-Y and ISP-Z, but ISP-X must not allow transit traffic between ISP-Y and ISP-Z at any time Which two options satisfy this requirement? (Choose two.) 

A. Use the MED to prefer the proper routes 

B. Use communities to identify and filter routes. 

C. Use local preference to prefer the routes 

D. Use a route map to filter routes on the AS number. 

E. Use the atomic aggregate attribute 

Answer: B,D 

Q14. Refer to the exhibit. R3 cannot install a route to R1-R2 subnet 2001:1:155:12::/64. Which action resolves this issue? 

A. Add the redistribute ospf 1 include-connected command under the ipv6 router eigrp 10 process. 

B. For the OSPF process, add the no shutdown command. 

C. For prefix-list OSPF_INTO_EIGRP seq 20, replace the prefix with 2001:155:1:12::/64. 

D. For route-map OSPF_INTO_EIGRP, add the set metric 1000 1 255 1 1500 command. 



Q15. What BGP feature improves on DDOS mitigation by allowing instructions that are more granular and allow for source address, destination, address, L4 details, and packet specifics to be analyzed? 



C. BGP Flowspec 

D. BGPSec 



Q16. Refer to the exhibit. 

An engineer observes that the MC-LAG bundle is down on the active aggregation device. Which is the reason for this issue? 

A. The number of configured minimum links is the same of the maximum links available in the bundle. 

B. The ICCP redundancy group is configured with the same system MAC address 

C. The ICCP redundancy group is configured with the system priority. 

D. The number of minimum configured links is greater than the number of links operational in the bundle 



Q17. Refer to the exhibit. 

MPLS VPN service has been provisioned for a customer by using inter-AS MPLS Option C. It is possible to redistribute ISP1 and ISP2 received loopback addresses into the local IGP. How many labels are associated with packet forwarding between the ASBRs? 

A. 0 

B. 1 

C. 2 

D. 3 

E. 4 



Drag and drop the OAM protocol listed on the left to the correct standard on the right. Not all options will be used. 


Q19. A Server Provider is seeing an increasing amount of attacks against its customers. For which kind of attack would an engineer want to design a Backscatter Traceback solution? 

A. Rogue DNS/DHCP Servers 

B. IP Spoofing 

C. Ping of Death 

D. Distributed Denial of Service 

E. Network Attack TCP/UDP Scan 


Explanation: Reference: 


Drag and drop the MPLS operation listed on the left to the correct order of the operation on the right.