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Q21. Why should you note all cable connections for a computer you want to seize as evidence? 

A. to document the evidence 

B. to know what cable connections existed 

C. to know what hardware existed 

D. to prepare for shutting down the computer 


Q22. When using Windows acquisitions tools to acquire digital evidence, it is important to use a well- tested hardware write-blocking device to 

A. avoiding copying data from the boot partition 

B. automate collection from image files 

C. prevent contamination to the evidence drive 

D. acquire data from the host-protected area on a disk 


Q23. various hard disks at the forensics lab due to sensitivity of the case. How would you permanently erase the data on the hard disks? (Recovery of data should be impossible) 

A. Smash the hard disk with a hammer 

B. Throw the hard disk into the fire 

C. Format the hard disk multiple times using a low level disk utility 

D. Run powerful magnets over the hard disk 

E. Overwrite the contents of the hard disk with junk data 


Q24. What should you do when approached by a reporter about a case that you are working on or have worked on? 

A. refer the reporter to the attorney that retained you 

B. say, "no comment" 

C. answer only the questions that help your case 

D. answer all the reporters questions as completely as possible 


Q25. You are conducting an investigation of fraudulent claims in an insurance company that involves complex text searches through large numbers of documents. Which of the following tools would allow you to quickly and efficiently search for a string within a file on the bitmap image of the target computer? 

A. dir 

B. strsearch 

C. grep 

D. grem 


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Q26. How many sectors will a 125 KB file use in a FAT32 file system? 

A. 16 

B. 25 

C. 256 

D. 32 


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Q28. When you carve an image, recovering the image depends on which of the following skills? 

A. recovering the image from a tape backup 

B. recognizing the pattern of the header content 

C. recognizing the pattern of a corrupt file 

D. recognizing the pattern of the data content 


Q29. You are contracted to work as a computer forensics investigator for a regional bank that has four 30 TB storage area networks that store customer data. What method would be most efficient for you to acquire digital evidence from this network? 

A. make a bit-stream disk-to-image file 

B. create a compressed copy of the file with DoubleSpace 

C. create a sparse data copy of a folder or file 

D. make a bit-stream disk-to-disk file 


Q30. You should make at least how many bit-stream copies of a suspect drive? 

A. 2 

B. 3 

C. 1 

D. 4