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New CIW 1D0-520 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 7 - Question 16)

Q1. Jay is about to integrate animation into his Web site. He has decided that using shape tweening is the most dynamic technique with which to begin. In using this technique, what must he remember to do?

A. Be careful to use no symbols for objects.

B. Use interesting symbols for all of the objects.

C. Include more than one tween on the top layer.

D. Use a circular pattern, moving objects between locations.

Answer: A

Q2. Reba has been hired to design a Web site for a manufacturer of digital pianos. She plans to build a site that uses visual elements and white space to create an attractive, usable source of information for prospective customers. To ensure visual balance and effective usability on the company's home page, Reba decides to place a large picture with a dark

background on the right side of the page, and to add a vertical menu of navigational links to the left side. Which of the following best describes the type of visual balance Reba plans to use?

A. Radial

B. Distributed

C. Symmetrical

D. Asymmetrical

Answer: D

Q3. You are designing a medical research site. The content will include medical terminology. When is it acceptable to use industry jargon?

A. When a casual tone is appropriate

B. When the audience will understand the terms

C. When the Web designer understands the jargon

D. When you want to demonstrate the superiority of your site

Answer: B

Q4. Why is it important to evaluate your choice of layout elements available to use on your Web site?

A. To help focus the development process

B. To impress users with graphics on every page

C. To increase the amount of content that can fit on pages

D. To implement the latest technologies and outsell the competitors

Answer: A

Q5. In which of the following formats do graphic files support 24 bits of color information and work well with photographs?





Answer: D

Q6. George is developing an intranet site for his company. How can he establish consistency for the structure and layout of all the pages, but leave decisions about the content of each

page to the individual departments?

A. Use style guides.

B. Use inline frames.

C. Create a site map.

D. Create a site template.

Answer: D

Q7. Denny is designing a Web site for his school's sporting events. This Web site will list event results for the school. When site visitors click a hyperlink for a specific event, a new page containing information about the sporting event will appear, including the teams involved, the location of the event, scores, key plays and specific accomplishments by contestants. Which of the following should Denny do to build this site?

A. Use database integration.

B. Create static pages for each event.

C. Use one page and modify it after each event.

D. Copy and paste Web pages from other schools' sites.

Answer: A

Q8. Which of the following is a benefit of imported style sheets?

A. Imported style sheets override embedded styles.

B. Imported style sheets work with all older browsers.

C. Multiple style sheets can be applied using one style declaration.

D. Imported style sheets are the only way to override the default style of a browser.

Answer: C

Q9. Consuela is updating her company's Web site. She wants to add an image that is 1,414 pixels by 724 pixels. Her site audience generally uses a monitor resolution of 1024x768. Using Fireworks, how can she adjust the image to fit the users' monitors?

A. Resample the image to adjust the print size.

B. Resample the image to increase the resolution.

C. Resample the image to decrease the color depth.

D. Resample the image to decrease the pixel dimensions.

Answer: D

Q10. The structure of a Web site is similar to:

A. a book.

B. a Gantt chart.

C. a table of contents.

D. an organizational chart.

Answer: D

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