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New Avaya 6210 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 - Question 11)

Q1. Which utility is used to status and manage the services in Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS), Contact Center Manager Administration (CCMA), Communication Control Toolkit (CCT), Contact Center Multimedia (CCMM), and License Manager (LM)?

A. Contact Center System Framework and Monitor Utility

B. Contact Center System Event and Monitor Utility

C. Contact Center System Control and Monitor Utility

D. Contact Center System License and Monitor Utility

Answer: A

Q2. During the Avaya Aurau00ae Contact Center (AACC) software installations, which tool launches once the UniversalInstaller configuration is successfully completed?

A. AvayaAurau00ae Contact Center Configuration Wizard

B. AvayaAurau00ae Contact Center Startup Wizard

C. AvayaAurau00ae Contact Center Installation Wizard

D. AvayaAurau00ae Contact Center Ignition Wizard

Answer: D

Q3. By which method can you verify the status of the Data Execution Prevention (DEP)? (Choose two.)

A. Windows > Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced System Settings

> Settings > Data Execution Prevention

B. Windows > Services > AdvancedSystem Settings > Settings > Data Execution Prevention

C. My computer > properties > advanced system settings > advanced > environment variables > Data Execution Prevention

D. Control Panel > Network and Internet > Internet Options, and then turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only

Answer: A,B

Q4. During the Microsoft Windows installation, you must provide a computer name and domain as part of the pre-installation tasks.

What is a valid name for the server computer name?

A. Toronto2

B. 2Toronto

C. Toronto2_

D. Toronto 2

Answer: A

Q5. On which servers is the Enable Switchover function available when configuring Avaya Aurau00ae Contact Center (AACC) High Availability (HA)?

A. Primary Server

B. Primary and Backup Servers

C. Active and Standby Servers

D. Active Server

Answer: D

Q6. Avaya Agent Desktop (AAD) is installed on the agent PCs, and the customer wants you to enable the licensed Web Based Statistics feature.

After configuring the hostname and port for Web Based Statistics, where do you enable the Web Based Statistics feature?

A. From CCMA > Launchpad > Multimedia > Agent Desktop Configuration > General Settings > Web Statistics

B. From Windows > Apps > Multimedia Dashboard > Web Statistics

C. From CCMA > Launchpad > Configuration > Agent Desktop Configuration > Web Statistics

D. From Windows > Administrative Tools > Services > Web Statistics

Answer: C

Q7. You are preparing to install an Avaya Aurau00ae Contact Center R7 (AACC) on a server that has been supplied by the customer. You need to verify that the server meets the requirements to run AACC.

In which Avaya support document will you find the server requirements?

A. Avaya Aurau00ae Contact Center Overview and Specifications

B. Avaya Aurau00ae Contact Center and Avaya Aurau00ae Unified Communications Platform Integration

C. Avaya Aurau00ae Contact Center Administration

D. Avaya Aurau00ae Contact Center Commissioning for Avaya Aurau00ae Unified Communications

Answer: A

Q8. A customer has installed Avaya Aurau00ae Contact Center (AACC) on a Platform Vendor Independent (PVI) server. They want to receive real-time data on their client computer via Unicast stream.

Where do you set the transmission mode for the site to Unicast?

A. From the CCMS > RSM IP Address window

B. From Windows > Apps > Manager Administration Configuration > Console Root > Avaya

> Applications > CCMA Settings

C. From Windows > Apps > Manager Administration Configuration > Console Root > Avaya

> Applications > Real-Time Reporting > RTR Registry Settings

D. From the CCMS > RSMConfig

Answer: A



Q9. In a customeru2019s Local Area Network, some segments in the network do not allow multicast for transmitting data.

When configuring the Contact Center Manager Administration (CCMA) using the RTR (Real-Time Reporting) Registry Settings, how can network bandwidth usage be limited?

A. In the Minimum Unicast Sessions box, type the minimum number ofsimultaneous unicast sessions that the server is directed to allow.

B. In the Maximum Unicast Sessions box, type the maximum number of simultaneous unicast sessions that the server is directed to allow.

C. In the Output Rate box, type the minimum number of simultaneous outputs that the server is directed to allow.

D. In the Output Rate box, type the maximum number of simultaneous outputs that the server is directed to allow.

Answer: B

Q10. Which core Contact Center component manages functions such as the logic for call processing, call treatment, call handling, call presentation and the accumulation of data into historical and real-time databases?

A. Contact Center Manager Administration (CCMA)

B. Communication Control Toolkit (CCT)

C. Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS)

D. Contact Center Multimedia (CCMM)

Answer: C

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