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New CIW 1D0-571 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 - Question 11)

Q2. Consider the following series of commands from a Linux system: iptables -A input -p icmp - s 0/0 -d 0/0 -j REJECT Which explanation best describes the impact of the resulting firewall ruleset?

A. Individuals on remote networks will no longer be able to use SSH to control internal network resources.

B. Internal hosts will not be able to ping each other using ICMP.

C. Stateful multi-layer inspection has been enabled.

D. Individuals on remote networks will not be able to use ping to troubleshoot connections.

Answer: D

Q3. You have been assigned to configure a DMZ that uses multiple firewall components. Specifically, you must configure a router that will authoritatively monitor and, if necessary, block traffic. This device will be the last one that inspects traffic before it passes to the

A. Screening router

B. Bastion host

C. Proxy server

D. Choke router

Answer: D

Q4. You have implemented a version of the Kerberos protocol for your network. What service does Kerberos primarily offer?

A. Authentication

B. Encryption

C. Non-repudiation

D. Data integrity

Answer: A

Q5. Consider the following diagram:

Which type of attack is occurring?

A. Polymorphic virus-based attack

B. Denial-of-service attack

C. Distributed denial-of-service attack

D. Man-in-the-middle attack using a packet sniffer

Answer: C

Q6. A. Application layer

B. Network layer

C. Session layer

D. Transport layer

Answer: A

Q7. Which of the following is the primary weakness of symmetric-key encryption?

A. Data encrypted using symmetric-key encryption is subject to corruption during transport.

B. Symmetric-key encryption operates slower than asymmetric-key encryption.

C. Symmetric-key encryption does not provide the service of data confidentiality.

D. Keys created using symmetric-key encryption are difficult to distribute securely.

Answer: D

Q8. Which of the following errors most commonly occurs when responding to a security breach?

A. Shutting down network access using the firewall, rather than the network router

B. Adhering to the company policy rather than determining actions based on the IT manager's input

C. Making snap judgments based on emotions, as opposed to company policy

D. Taking too much time to document the attack

Answer: C

Q9. Which of the following details should be included in documentation of an attack?

A. An overview of the security policy and suggestions for the next response plan

B. Estimates of how much the attack cost the company, and a list of the applications used by the attacker

C. The time and date of the attack, and the names of employees who were contacted during the response

D. The network resources involved in the attack, and recommendations for thwarting future attacks

Answer: C

Q10. An application is creating hashes of each file on an attached storage device. Which of the following will typically occur during this process?

A. An increase in the amount of time it takes for the system to respond to requests

B. Reduced risk of an attack

C. Increased risk of an attack

D. A reduction in the amount of time it takes for the system to respond to requests

Answer: A

Q11. Your organization has made a particularly unpopular policy decision. Your supervisor fears that a series of attacks may occur as a result. You have been assigned to increase automated auditing on a server. When fulfilling this request, which of the following resources should you audit the most aggressively?

A. Authentication databases, including directory servers

B. Intrusion detection systems, especially those placed on sensitive networks

C. Log files on firewall systems

D. Firewall settings for desktop systems

Answer: A

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