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New Cisco 210-260 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 6 - Question 15)

Question No: 6

Which Cisco feature can help mitigate spoofing attacks by verifying symmetry of the traffic path?

A. Unidirectional Link Detection

B. Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding

C. TrustSec

D. IP Source Guard

Answer: B

Question No: 7

Which statement about a PVLAN isolated port configured on a switch is true?

A. The isolated port can communicate only with the promiscuous port.

B. The isolated port can communicate with other isolated ports and the promiscuous port.

C. The isolated port can communicate only with community ports.

D. The isolated port can communicate only with other isolated ports.

Answer: A

Question No: 8

Which protocols use encryption to protect the confidentiality of data transmitted between two parties? (Choose two.)



C. Telnet




Answer: B,E

Question No: 9

What encryption technology has broadest platform support

A. hardware

B. middleware

C. Software

D. File level

Answer: C

Question No: 10

Refer to the exhibit.

While troubleshooting site-to-site VPN, you issued the show crypto ipsec sa command. What does the given output show?

A. IPSec Phase 2 is established between and

B. ISAKMP security associations are established between and

C. IKE version 2 security associations are established between and

D. IPSec Phase 2 is down due to a mismatch between encrypted and decrypted packets.

Answer: A

Question No: 11

Which two services define cloud networks? (Choose two.)

A. Infrastructure as a Service

B. Platform as a Service

C. Security as a Service

D. Compute as a Service

E. Tenancy as a Service

Answer: A,B

Question No: 12

Which IDS/IPS is used for monitoring system?



C. visibility tool

Answer: A

Question No: 13


In this simulation, you have access to ASDM only. Review the various ASA configurations using ASDM then answer the five multiple choice questions about the ASA SSLVPN configurations.

To access ASDM, click the ASA icon in the topology diagram. Note: Not all ASDM functionalities are enabled in this simulation.

To see all the menu options available on the left navigation pane, you may also need to un- expand the expanded menu first.

Which four tunneling protocols are enabled in the DfltGrpPolicy group policy? (Choose four)

A. Clientless SSL VPN

B. SSL VPN Client


D. L2TP/IPsec

E. IPsec IKEv1

F. IPsec IKEv2

Answer: A,D,E,F


By clicking one the Configuration-> Remote Access -> Clientless CCL VPN Access-> Group Policies tab you can view the DfltGrpPolicy protocols as shown below:

Question No: 14

What feature defines a campus area network?

A. It has a single geographic location.

B. It has limited or restricted Internet access.

C. It has a limited number of segments.

D. it lacks external connectivity.

Answer: A

Question No: 15

Which type of PVLAN port allows communication from all port types?

A. isolated

B. community

C. in-line

D. promiscuous

Answer: D

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