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New EC-Council 312-50v10 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 6 - Question 15)

Question No: 6

Why should the security analyst disable/remove unnecessary ISAPI filters?

A. To defend against social engineering attacks

B. To defend against webserver attacks

C. To defend against jailbreaking

D. To defend against wireless attacks

Answer: B

Question No: 7

What is the least important information when you analyze a public IP address in a security alert?


B. Whois


D. Geolocation

Answer: A

Question No: 8

Which of the following provides a security professional with most information about the systemu2019s security posture?

A. Wardriving, warchalking, social engineering

B. Social engineering, company site browsing, tailgating

C. Phishing, spamming, sending trojans

D. Port scanning, banner grabbing, service identification

Answer: D

Question No: 9

What is the most common method to exploit the u201cBash Bugu201d or u201cShellShock" vulnerability?

A. Manipulate format strings in text fields


C. SYN Flood

D. Through Web servers utilizing CGI (Common Gateway Interface) to send a malformed environment variable to a vulnerable Web server

Answer: D

Question No: 10

You need to deploy a new web-based software package for your organization. The package requires three separate servers and needs to be available on the Internet. What is the recommended architecture in terms of server placement?

A. All three servers need to be placed internally

B. A web server facing the Internet, an application server on the internal network, a database server on the internal network

C. A web server and the database server facing the Internet, an application server on the internal network

D. All three servers need to face the Internet so that they can communicate between themselves

Answer: B

Question No: 11

Security Policy is a definition of what it means to be secure for a system, organization or other entity. For Information Technologies, there are sub-policies like Computer Security Policy, Information Protection Policy, Information Security Policy, network Security Policy, Physical Security Policy, Remote Access Policy, and User Account Policy.

What is the main theme of the sub-policies for Information Technologies?

A. Availability, Non-repudiation, Confidentiality

B. Authenticity, Integrity, Non-repudiation

C. Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability

D. Authenticity, Confidentiality, Integrity

Answer: C

Question No: 12

The establishment of a TCP connection involves a negotiation called three-way handshake. What type of message does the client send to the server in order to begin this negotiation?





Answer: B

Question No: 13

This asymmetry cipher is based on factoring the product of two large prime numbers. What cipher is described above?



C. MD5

D. RC5

Answer: B

Question No: 14

Code injection is a form of attack in which a malicious user:

A. Inserts text into a data field that gets interpreted as code

B. Gets the server to execute arbitrary code using a buffer overflow

C. Inserts additional code into the JavaScript running in the browser

D. Gains access to the codebase on the server and inserts new code

Answer: A

Question No: 15

What is not a PCI compliance recommendation?

A. Use a firewall between the public network and the payment card data.

B. Use encryption to protect all transmission of card holder data over any public network.

C. Rotate employees handling credit card transactions on a yearly basis to different departments.

D. Limit access to card holder data to as few individuals as possible.

Answer: C

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