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Mr. Bob, a threat analyst, is performing analysis of competing hypotheses (ACH). He has reached to a stage where he is required to apply his analysis skills effectively to reject as many hypotheses and select the best hypotheses from the identified bunch of hypotheses, and this is done with the help of listed evidence. Then, he prepares a matrix where all the screened hypotheses are placed on the top, and the listed evidence for the hypotheses are placed at the bottom.
What stage of ACH is Bob currently in?

  • A. Diagnostics
  • B. Evidence
  • C. Inconsistency
  • D. Refinement

Answer: A

Alison, an analyst in an XYZ organization, wants to retrieve information about a company’s website from the time of its inception as well as the removed information from the target website.
What should Alison do to get the information he needs.

  • A. Alison should use SmartWhois to extract the required website information.
  • B. Alison should use https://archive.org to extract the required website information.
  • C. Alison should run the Web Data Extractor tool to extract the required website information.
  • D. Alison should recover cached pages of the website from the Google search engine cache to extract the required website information.

Answer: C

H&P, Inc. is a small-scale organization that has decided to outsource the network security monitoring due to lack of resources in the organization. They are looking for the options where they can directly incorporate threat intelligence into their existing network defense solutions.
Which of the following is the most cost-effective methods the organization can employ?

  • A. Recruit the right talent
  • B. Look for an individual within the organization
  • C. Recruit data management solution provider
  • D. Recruit managed security service providers (MSSP)

Answer: D

Karry, a threat analyst at an XYZ organization, is performing threat intelligence analysis. During the data collection phase, he used a data collection method that involves no participants and is purely based on analysis and observation of activities and processes going on within the local boundaries of the organization.
Identify the type data collection method used by the Karry.

  • A. Active data collection
  • B. Passive data collection
  • C. Exploited data collection
  • D. Raw data collection

Answer: B

Lizzy, an analyst, wants to recognize the level of risks to the organization so as to plan countermeasures against cyber attacks. She used a threat modelling methodology where she performed the following stages:
Stage 1: Build asset-based threat profiles
Stage 2: Identify infrastructure vulnerabilities
Stage 3: Develop security strategy and plans
Which of the following threat modelling methodologies was used by Lizzy in the aforementioned scenario?

  • A. TRIKE
  • B. VAST
  • D. DREAD

Answer: C

Andrews and Sons Corp. has decided to share threat information among sharing partners. Garry, a threat analyst, working in Andrews and Sons Corp., has asked to follow a trust model necessary to establish trust between sharing partners. In the trust model used by him, the first organization makes use of a body of evidence in a second organization, and the level of trust between two organizations depends on the degree and quality of evidence provided by the first organization.
Which of the following types of trust model is used by Garry to establish the trust?

  • A. Mediated trust
  • B. Mandated trust
  • C. Direct historical trust
  • D. Validated trust

Answer: D

A network administrator working in an ABC organization collected log files generated by a traffic monitoring system, which may not seem to have useful information, but after performing proper analysis by him, the same information can be used to detect an attack in the network.
Which of the following categories of threat information has he collected?

  • A. Advisories
  • B. Strategic reports
  • C. Detection indicators
  • D. Low-level data

Answer: C

A team of threat intelligence analysts is performing threat analysis on malware, and each of them has come up with their own theory and evidence to support their theory on a given malware.
Now, to identify the most consistent theory out of all the theories, which of the following analytic processes must threat intelligence manager use?

  • A. Threat modelling
  • B. Application decomposition and analysis (ADA)
  • C. Analysis of competing hypotheses (ACH)
  • D. Automated technical analysis

Answer: C

In a team of threat analysts, two individuals were competing over projecting their own hypotheses on a given malware. However, to find logical proofs to confirm their hypotheses, the threat intelligence manager used a de-biasing strategy that involves learning strategic decision making in the circumstances comprising multistep interactions with numerous representatives, either having or without any perfect relevant information.
Which of the following de-biasing strategies the threat intelligence manager used to confirm their hypotheses?

  • A. Game theory
  • B. Machine learning
  • C. Decision theory
  • D. Cognitive psychology

Answer: C

In which of the following forms of bulk data collection are large amounts of data first collected from multiple sources in multiple formats and then processed to achieve threat intelligence?

  • A. Structured form
  • B. Hybrid form
  • C. Production form
  • D. Unstructured form

Answer: D

Daniel is a professional hacker whose aim is to attack a system to steal data and money for profit. He performs hacking to obtain confidential data such as social security numbers, personally identifiable information (PII) of an employee, and credit card information. After obtaining confidential data, he further sells the information on the black market to make money.
Daniel comes under which of the following types of threat actor.

  • A. Industrial spies
  • B. State-sponsored hackers
  • C. Insider threat
  • D. Organized hackers

Answer: D

Tracy works as a CISO in a large multinational company. She consumes threat intelligence to understand the changing trends of cyber security. She requires intelligence to understand the current business trends and make appropriate decisions regarding new technologies, security budget, improvement of processes, and staff. The intelligence helps her in minimizing business risks and protecting the new technology and business initiatives.
Identify the type of threat intelligence consumer is Tracy.

  • A. Tactical users
  • B. Strategic users
  • C. Operational users
  • D. Technical users

Answer: B

An XYZ organization hired Mr. Andrews, a threat analyst. In order to identify the threats and mitigate the effect of such threats, Mr. Andrews was asked to perform threat modeling. During the process of threat modeling, he collected important information about the treat actor and characterized the analytic behavior of the adversary that includes technological details, goals, and motives that can be useful in building a strong countermeasure.
What stage of the threat modeling is Mr. Andrews currently in?

  • A. System modeling
  • B. Threat determination and identification
  • C. Threat profiling and attribution
  • D. Threat ranking

Answer: C

Steve works as an analyst in a UK-based firm. He was asked to perform network monitoring to find any evidence of compromise. During the network monitoring, he came to know that there are multiple logins from different locations in a short time span. Moreover, he also observed certain irregular log in patterns from locations where the organization does not have business relations. This resembles that somebody is trying to steal confidential information.
Which of the following key indicators of compromise does this scenario present?

  • A. Unusual outbound network traffic
  • B. Unexpected patching of systems
  • C. Unusual activity through privileged user account
  • D. Geographical anomalies

Answer: C

Kathy wants to ensure that she shares threat intelligence containing sensitive information with the appropriate audience. Hence, she used traffic light protocol (TLP).
Which TLP color would you signify that information should be shared only within a particular community?

  • A. Red
  • B. White
  • C. Green
  • D. Amber

Answer: D


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