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New Cisco 400-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 1 - Question 10)

Q1. Which three features require Cisco Express Forwarding? (choose three.)


B. AutoQoS

C. fragmentation


E. UplinkFast

F. BackboneFast

Answer: A,B,D

Q2. Which congestion-avoidance or congestion-management technique can cause global synchronization?

A. Tail drop

B. Random early detection

C. Weighted random early detection

D. Weighted fair queuing

Answer: A

Q3. which statement about NAT64 is true?

A. It uses one-to- one mapping between IPv6 addresses and IPv4 addresses

B. It re quires static address mapping between 1Pv6 addresses and 1pv4 addresses

C. It can be used to translate an IPv6 network to another J Pv6 network

D. It can be configured for stateless and stateful transtation

Answer: D

Q4. Which set of commands conditionally advertises as long as is in the routing table?





E. Option A

F. Option B

G. Option C

H. Option D

Answer: B


Advertise maps are used for conditional routing to advertise specified prefixes if something which is specified in exist map exists. In our question we need to advertise if exists in the routing table so we have to use commanD. u201cneighbor x.x.x.x advertise-map <prefix-list of> exist-map <prefix-list of>u201d. Therefore B is correct.

Q5. Which statement about the RPF interface in a BIDIR-PIM network is true?

A. In a BIDIR-PIM network the RPF interface can be the interface that is used reach the PIM rendezvous or the interface that is used to reach the source.

B. In a BIDIR-PIM network the RPF interface is always the interface that is used to reach the source.

C. There is no RPF interface concept in BIDIR-PIM networks

D. In a BIDIR network the RPF interface is always the interface that is used to reach the PIM rendezvous point.

Answer: D

Q6. Which two options are types of EVCs?(Choose two)



C. E-line



Answer: C,D

Q7. What command can you enter to enable client autoconfiguration over an ISATAP tunnel?

A. tunnel mode ipv6ip isatap

B. no ipv6 nd ra suppress

C. ipv6 nd ra suppress

D. tunnel mode ipv6ip 6rd

Answer: B

Q8. Refer to the exhibit.

R1 has an OSPF path to R2 and R3 for, but R1 has a routing entry for from only one router at a time.

Which option is the most likely cause?

A. The R1 maximum-path is set to 1.

B. R2 has a higher administrative distance.

C. R2 is using a filter list.

D. R2 is using an offset-list.

Answer: A

Q9. Which command configures port secrity on a switch to enable permanent MAC address learning on the interface?

A. switchportport-security mac-9ddress permanent

B. switchport port-security mac-address-learning enable

C. switcport port-security mac-address maximum 1 sticky

D. switchport port-security mac-address timer 0

E. switchport port-security mac-address sticky

Answer: E


Refer to the exhibit. How is voice traffic entering this router on interface GigabitEthernet0/0 being handled by the shown marking policy?

A. Any traffic matching access list voice is trusted and marking is not changed.

B. AII voice is being set to DSCP 0

C. AII voice is being set to AF21

D. Any traffic matching access-list voice is set to EF

Answer: A

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