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New Microsoft 70-535 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 5 - Question 14)

Question No: 5

You are designing a storage solution to support on-premises resources and Azure-hosted resources.

You need to provide on-premises storage that has built-in replication to Azure. Solution: You include Azure StorSimple storage in the design.

Does this solution meet the goal?

A. Yes

B. No

Answer: A



Question No: 6

You need to recommend a technology for processing customer pickup requests. Which technology should you recommend?

A. Notification hub

B. Queue messaging

C. Mobile Service with push notifications

D. Service Bus messaging

Answer: D


Service Bus queues are part of a broader Azure messaging infrastructure that supports queuing as well as publish/subscribe, Web service remoting, and integration patterns. Service Bus Queue support Push-style API (while Azure Queue messaging does not).


Not A: Notification Hub is only used to push notification, not for processing requests. Not B As a solution architect/developer, you should consider using Azure Queues when:

* Your application must store over 80 GB of messages in a queue, where the messages have a lifetime shorter than 7 days.

* Your application wants to track progress for processing a message inside of the queue. This is useful if the worker processing a message crashes. A subsequent worker can then use that information to continue from where the prior worker left off.

You require server side logs of all of the transactions executed against your queues. Not C: To process the messages we do not need push notification.

Question No: 7

HOTSPOTYou manage a solution in Azure. You plan to add several new features to the solution. You identify the following requirements:

u2711 The deployment technology must support load balancing and service discovery.

u2711 Trigger a Biztalk Server workflow to process Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) data.

You need to identify which technical implementation is suitable for each functionality. What should you recommend? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer


NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.




Question No: 8

You need to select Azure components to meet site performance and availability requirements for the Tailspin Toys e-commerce site.

Which components should you use?

A. Azure Batch and Azure Load Balancer

B. Virtual Machine Scale Set and Azure Load Balancer

C. Azure App Service Environment and Azure Traffic Manager

D. Azure App Service and Azure Load Balancer

Answer: D

Question No: 9

You need to recommend a solution architecture for the Tailspin Toys e-commerce website for app tier, data tier, and user authentication.


Web site based on Azure App Service App data stored in Azure SQL Database

Authentication provided through Azure AD business-to-consumer (B2C) Solution deployed to multiple Azure regional datacenters

Load balancing with Azure Traffic Manager Does the solution meet the goal?

A. Yes

B. No

Answer: A

Question No: 10

A company has a hybrid ASP.NET Web API application that is based on a software as a service (SaaS) offering.

Users report general issues with the data. You advise the company to implement live monitoring and use ad hoc queries on stored JSON data. You also advise the company to set up smart alerting to detect anomalies in the data.

You need to recommend a solution to set up smart alerting. What should you recommend?

A. Azure Site Recovery and Microsoft Operations Management Suit.

B. Azure Application Insight and Azure Log Analytics

C. Azure Data Lake Analytics and Microsoft Operations Management Suite.

D. Azure Security Center and Azure Data Lake Store.

Answer: D

Question No: 11

You are planning an upgrade strategy for an existing Azure application. Multiple instances of the application run in Azure. The management team is concerned about application downtime, due to a business service level agreement (SLA).

You are evaluating which change in your environment will require downtime. You need to identify the changes to the environment that will force downtime. Which change always requires downtime?

A. Adding an HTTPS endpoint to a web role

B. Upgrading the hosted service by deploying a new package

C. Changing the value of a configuration setting

D. Changing the virtual machine size

Answer: A


If you change the number of endpoints for your service, for example by adding a HTTPS endpoint for your existing Web Role, it will require downtime.


Question No: 12

You need to recommend the appropriate technology to provide the predictive analytics for passenger pickup.

What should you do?

A. Use Power BI to analyze the traffic data and PowerPivot to categorize the results.

B. Use HDInsight to analyze the traffic data and write a .NET program to categorize the results.

C. Use Machine Learning Studio to create a predictive model and publish the results as a web service.

D. Use Hadoop on-premises to analyze the traffic and produce a report that shows high traffic zones.

Answer: C


* Scenario: Predictive Routing:

/ An Azure solution must be used for prediction systems.

/ Predictive analytics must be published as a web service and accessible by using the REST API.

* Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio is a collaborative visual development environment that enables you to build, test, and deploy predictive analytics solutions that operate on your data. The Machine Learning service and development environment is cloud-based, provides compute resource and memory flexibility, and eliminates setup and installation concerns because you work through your web browser.

References: what-is-ml-studio/

Question No: 13

You need to ensure that the logging, monitoring, and alerting requirements are met. What should you recommend?

A. Azure Storage Queue

B. Azure Cosmos DB

C. Azure Table storage

D. Azure Event Hub

Answer: D

Question No: 14

You need to choose an Azure service for the training initiative.

Which two services should you use? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A. Azure SQL Data Warehouse

B. Media Services

C. Azure AD Connect

D. Notification Hubs

E. App Service

Answer: B,D

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