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Q181. - (Topic 1) 

Which of the following best describes how the user is alerted with information system and configuration alerts? 

A. A popup occurs and the Windows 7 desktop contrast is dimmed. Until you acknowledge the alert the screen will not move. 

B. If Aero is installed the shaking alert flag appears in the index bar of every open window. 

C. A flag in the taskbar with a red "x" indicates there is a problem needing attention. 

D. All of the above 


Q182. - (Topic 5) 

Your company Research department includes client computers that have Windows 7 and Windows Vista installed on separate partitions in a dual-boot configuration. The computers boot into Windows 7 by default or users can choose to boot into Windows Vista during startup. 

The company management has decided that the Windows Vista partition must be deleted from all the computers. 

You need to ensure that the staff of the Research department are not prompted to select a boot option during startup and that Windows 7 is chosen automatically. 

What should you do? 

A. In Windows Vista, from an elevated command prompt, run bcdedit /delete {current}. 

B. Select the Selective startup option button by using msconfig.exe. 

C. In Windows Vista, from an elevated command prompt, run bcdedit /delete {default}. 

D. In Windows 7, from an elevated command prompt, run bcdedit /delete {default}. 


Q183. - (Topic 3) 

You have a portable computer that runs Windows 7. The computer is joined to a domain. Multiple users log on to the computer. 

You need to prevent the computer from displaying the username of the last user who logged on. 

What should you do? 

A. From Control Panel, modify the User Profiles settings. 

B. From Control Panel, modify the Personalization settings. 

C. From the local computer policy, add a policy template. 

D. From the local computer policy, modify the local security policy. 



How to Prevent the Last Logged-On User Name from Being Displayed 

1. Click Start and type secpol.msc in the search box. 

2. Press Enter. 

3. Within the Local Security Policy, navigate to Security Settings | Local Policies | Security Options. 

4. In the details pane, scroll through the options and locate Interactive logon: Do not display last user name. 

5. Double click this security option and click Enabled. 

6. Click OK. 

Q184. - (Topic 2) 

You are deploying a custom Windows 7 system image to a new computer. 

You perform the following tasks: 

. Start the new computer by using the Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE) 

. Connect to a shared network location that contains the Windows 7 image file 

You need to apply the Windows 7 image to the computer. 

What should you do before you apply the image? 

A. Mount the image. 

B. Configure Windows Firewall. 

C. Configure and format the hard disk drive. 

D. Initialize the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) store. 



Deploying from a Network Share After you have imaged your reference installation, you can deploy the image onto new hardware (one or more destination computers). To access a network share as an installation source from the client computer, you need to boot the client computer into the Windows Preintallation Environment (Windows PE) environment. The Windows PE environment is a minimally featured operating system that allows you to access diagnostic and maintenance tools as well as access network drives. To deploy an image from a network share, you use the Diskpart tool to format the hard drive of a destination computer . Then you copy the image from the network share and begin the installation by running Setup.exe. 

Q185. HOTSPOT - (Topic 4) 

A company's security policy prohibits employees from running any software from Fabrikam on computers running Windows 7 Enterprise. The applications are digitally signed by the publisher. 

You need to configure a single deny rule in AppLocker by applying a condition to restrict all of the applications from running, without affecting other programs. 

You have selected one of Fabrikam's applications as a reference. 

Which property should you choose? (To answer, select the appropriate setting or settings in the work area.) 


Q186. - (Topic 1) 

Federated Search connectors are installed using what method? 

A. Purchase the Federated Search Installation Tool Pack online and buying individual search connectors from websites. 

B. Download an .osdx file from a valid source. Double click on the downloaded file and choose Add to install. 

C. Go to Microsoft's website. Only vendors who have signed up with the Microsoft Federated Search Tool Writers Guild can participate. 

D. Go to Amazon.com and download the Shared Resource Kit for Federated Searches. 


Q187. DRAG DROP - (Topic 5) 

You deploy Windows 7 on client computers by using a default Windows 7 DVD. 

You discover that the client computers use the most recently released critical updates. 

You download the updates' package files from the Microsoft site to your desktop. 

You need to prepare a new installation DVD that includes the updates. 

What should you do? (To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.) 


Q188. - (Topic 3) 

You have a computer named Computer1 that runs Windows 7. You have a server named Server1 that runs Windows Server 2008. Server1 has a file share named Share1. 

The network configuration for Computer1 is shown in the exhibit. (Click the Exhibit button.) 

You attempt to connect to \\Server1\Share1 and receive the following error message: Windows cannot access \\Server1\Share1. From Computer1, you successfully ping Server1. 

You need to connect to \\Server1\Share1. 

What should you enable on Computer1? 

A. Client for Microsoft Networks 

B. File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks 

C. Link-Layer Topology Discovery Mapper I/O Driver 

D. Link-Layer Topology Discovery Responder 



Client for Microsoft Networks Allows the computer to access resources on a Microsoft network.File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft NetworksEnables other computers to access resources on your computer in a Microsoft network (and other networks).Link-layer Topology Discovery Mapper I/O DriverDiscovers and locates other computers, devices, and network infrastructure features on the network, and determines network bandwidth. 

Link-layer Topology Discovery ResponderAllows a computer to be discovered and located on the network. 

Q189. DRAG DROP - (Topic 6) 

You work for Contoso. Ltd. as part of a Windows 7 deployment team. 

You create a new Windows Preinstallation Environment image. The image file is located at N:\images\winpe_x86 and is named WinPE.wim. An unsigned driver is located at 


You need to include the driver in the WinPE.wim image. 

Which four actions should you perform in sequence? (To answer, move the appropriate four actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.) 


Q190. - (Topic 6) 

You plan to install Windows 7 on a new notebook computer. 

The computer will be used by users who speak English, French, and German. 

You need to select an edition of Windows 7 that enables the users to switch between different graphical user interface (GUI) languages. The solution must minimize costs. 

Which edition should you choose? 

A. Window 7 Home Premium 

B. Windows 7 Professional 

C. Windows 7 Starter 

D. Windows 7 Ultimate