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Q46. What are "unmanaged endpoints' which make the Blue Coat RA (Remote Access) appliance useful? 

A. TCP connection sources or destinations, which ate outside our LAN 

B. Workstations, which need to be in a virtual private network, but VPN clients cannot be installed on them 

C. Mobile user laptops, which are used in places not protected byProxySG 

D. Hosts without installedProxyClient or with disabled ProxyClient 


Q47. What are the possible configurable options when configuring destination address in proxy services? (Choose all that apply) 

(a) All 

 (b) Any 

 (c) Explicit 

 (d) Transparent 

A. a, c & d only 

B. a, b & c only 

C. b, c &d only 

D. All of the above 


Q48. What preconditions should be satisfied in order to do initial configuration from a client computer via the URL https://proxysg.bluecodt.com:8083? (choose all that apply) 

(a) Client computer should be directly connected to ProxySG with a cross-over cable 

 (b) ProxySG should have a pass-through card 

 (c) ProxySG should be deployed in the bridging mode 

A. a & b only 

B. a & c only 

C. b & c only 

D. All of the above 


Q49. The ProxySG gives you the ability to write policies through. 

A. the graphical visual Policy Manager and/or the command-line interface 

B. Visual Policy Manager only 

C. the graphical visual Policy Manager, the command-line interface and/or imported text file 


Q50. What are the best practices using anti-virus software on a windows machine running Blue Coat Reporter? 

A. Do not use anti-virus software as the log files cannot containviruses 

B. Perform scans as you would for any windows server 

C. Perform scans only during low activity ofProxySG 

D. Perform scans, but bypass certain directories containing frequently changing files 


Q51. Which function is NOT a characteristic feature of proxy servers? 

A. Making requests in the Internet, using HTTP, FTP,SOCKS on behalf of other clients 

B. IP Masquerading - replacing original requestor's address withit's own 

C. Encapsulating one protocol into another protocol 

D. Caching previously requested resources 


Q52. Which statement is true about a ProxySG with factory settings: 

A. To get network access, initial setup is necessary -ProxySG does not have an IP address until then 

B. Unconfigured ProxySG responds to some of the pre-built IP addresses, which are contained in the private IP address ranges and and . 

C. Unconfigured ProxySG tries to obtain IP address from a DHCP server 

D. Unconfigured ProxySG sends RARP request to look up its IP address from the MAC address of its network interface card. If it cannot get a valid IP address, initial setup is required. 


Q53. If you set a service attribute on the ProxySG to "Reflect Client IP", what must you make sure is not going to happen in the network? 

A. The service destination IP is set to "transparent" and Action is set to "Intercept". 

B. Force Authentication through policy. 

C. Asymmetric routing directly from client to OCS.


Q54. Assume explicit proxy deployment where LDAP authentication realm is used. Authentication mode value is auto. What is the first response code that a client receives as it attempt to connect to the Internet for the first time? 

A. 200 

B. 302 

C. 401 

D. 407 


Q55. Which of the following console services are enabled by default? (choose all that apply)

 (a) HTTP port 8081 

 (b) HTTPS port 8082 

 (c) HTTPS port 8083 

 (d) SSH port 22 

A. a & c only 

B. b & d only 

C. c & d only 

D. a & b only 


Q56. What is the name of the Technical SupportWeb site where service requests can be reported? 

A. WebPulse 

B. BlueTouch Online 

C. Blue Coat Professional Services 

D. Services@BC 

Answer: B

Q57. Which best describes the role of a proxy server? 

A. A device that inspects Layer 2 - Layer 4 traffic running through it and denies or permits based on a set of policies. 

B. An intermediary program which acts as both a server and a client for the purpose of making requests on behalf of other clients. 

C. An intermediary program that protects the resources of a private network from users on other networks. 

D. A device that extracts the destination address of apacket, selects the best path for the packet and forwards the packet the next device in the path. 


Q58. In SGOS 5.3, what are the two versions that you can opt for? (choose all that apply) 

(a) Proxy Edition 

 (b) Full Edition (c)WAN Opt Edition 

 (d) MACH5 Edition 

A. b&c only 

B. a, c & d only 

C. c & d only 

D. a & d only 


Q59. Which HTTP error code corresponds to the ProxySG default exception identifier icap_error? 

A. 403 

B. 404 

C. 503 

D. 401 


Q60. Which protocol and port is used by Blue Coat Reporter service to display results? 

A. HTTP port 8987 

B. HTTP port 8443 

C. FTP port 8021 

D. SNMP port 161