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Q1. Coaching or splash pages have to be configured through CPL rather than VPM.

A. True 

B. False 


Q2. How can a user restore ProxySG back to its default, factory settings, so that its IP address etc. needs to be configured anew? (Choose all that apply) 

(a) Press a button on ProxySG back panel (left arrow on front panel for some models) and hold it for about S seconds 

 (b) Enter a CLI command ( restore-defaults factory-defaults ) and confirm it with y(yes) . 

 (c) Press a button in Management Console that drops the network configuration, and confirm the warning dialog. 

A. a & b only 

B. a & c only 

C. b & c only 

D. All of the above 


Q3. Which of the following policies CANNOT be implemented on the ProxyAV? (Choose all that apply) 

(a) Blocking viruses, worms, spyware and trojans 

 (b) Blocking file types using apparent data type (file signature) 

 (c) Blocking files that exceed a size limit set by the administrator 

 (d) Blocking password protected archive files 

A. a only 

B. b only 

C. c only 

D. d only 

E. All of the above can be implemented with the Proxy AV 


Q4. What are the types of challenges that can be authenticated by ProxySG? (choose all that apply) (a) Administrator attempts to access Management console

 (b) user attempts to access the internet 

 (c) Administrator attempts to access SG via SSH 

 (d) User attempts to access a CIFS file server 

A. All of the above 

B. b, c &d only 

C. a, c & d only 

D. a, b & c only 


10. A ProxySG is designed to do which of rhe following? (choose all that apply) 

(a) Enhance security through authentication, virus scanning, and logging. 

 (b) Increase performance through TCP optimization, HTTP caching and pipelining. 

 (c) Control content with URL filtering, content stripping, and HTTP header analysis. 

A. a & b only 

B. b & c only 

C. a & c only 

D. All of the above 


Q5. What are the best practices using anti-virus software on aWindows machine running Blue Coat Reporter? 

A. Do not use anti-virus software as the log files cannot containviruses 

B. Perform scans as you would for any Windows server 

C. Perform scans only during low activity ofProxySG 

D. Perform scans, but bypass certain directories containing frequently changing files 


Q6. What are requirements for client's browser for notification and coaching pages to work properly? 

A. Pop-up windows should not be blocked

B. JavaScript has to be enabled 

C. Cookies have to be enabled 

D. Both JavaScript and cookies have to be enabled 


Q7. What are 'unmanaged endpoints" which make the ProxyRA appliance useful?

A. TCP connection sources of destinations, which are outside our LAN 

B. Workstations, which need to be in a virtual private network, but VPN clients cannot be installed on them 

C. TCP and UDP ports that are unprotected by the enterprise firewall. 

D. Hosts withoutProxyClient installed on them. 


Q8. Which Instant Messaging proxies are available on the ProxySG? (Choose all that apply) 

(a) AIM (b)Jabber 

 (c) MSN 

 (d) Yahoo 

A. a, b & c only 

B. a, b & d only 

C. A. c & d only 

D. b. c & d only 

E. All of the above 


Q9. Which statements are true about the Blue Coat WebFilter? (Choose all that apply) 

(a) A single web site can belong to multiple categories 

 (b) Embedded images and objects may be denied, even though the container page is allowed. 

 (c) WebFilter on-box database can be used in conjunction with a third party content database 

 (d) WebFilter on-box database updates are Web downloads 

A. a, b & c only 

B. A. b & d only 

C. a, c & d only 

D. b, c & d only 

E. All of the above 


Q10. A single ProxySG appliance can act as a Gateway Proxy and WAN Acceleration Proxy at the same time. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q11. What is in NTLW Type 2 Message? 

A. Domain + Workstation Name 

B. Challenge for the Client 

C. Usemame and Password 

D. Client Response for the challenge 


Q12. What is true immediately after the initial setup of ProxySG 

A. None of the content filtering databases is sot up 

B. Only the defaultDlue Coat WebFilter database is sec up and available 

C. Blue CoatWebFilter database and 3rd party databases are set up and available 


Q13. What is the behavior of content filtering policies, when the Blue Coat WebFilter license expires 

A. All content is blocked 

B. All content is allowed 

C. Content is allowed or blocked depending on policy for System/unlicensed 

D. Content is allowed or blocked depending on fail open or fail closed setting in Management Console. 


Q14. When the DRTR successfully categorizes a site, the site is (Choose all that apply) 

(a) added to the static BCWF database on the ProxySG 

 (b) added to the local database on the ProxySG 

 (c) added to the DRTR database on the ProxySG 

 (d) added to a DRTR cache that resides on the ProxySG 

A. a & b only 

B. b & c only 

C. d only 

D. None of the above 


Q15. Which of the following are true about the rules processing in the VPM? (choose all that apply) 

(a)Rules are processed in a top down sequence. 

(b)Layers are processed from left to right regardless of type. 

(c)Layers are processed according to layer type. 

(d)Layers of the same type are processed from left to right. 

A. None of the above 

B. b. c & d only 

C. a, b & c only 

D. a, c & d only