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2016 Nov EC0-349 rapidshare

Q121. Law enforcement officers are conducting a legal search for which a valid warrant was obtained. While conducting the search, officers observe an item of evidence for an unrelated crime that was not included in the warrant. The item was clearly visible to the officers and immediately identified as evidence. What is the term used to describe how this evidence is admissible? 

A. corpusdelicti 

B. Locard Exchange Principle 

C. Ex Parte Order 

D. plain view doctrine 


Q122. In general, involves the investigation of data that can be retrieved from the hard disk or other disks of a computer by applying scientific methods to retrieve the data. 

A. data recovery 

B. network forensics 

C. disaster recovery 

D. computer forensics 


Q123. An expert witness may give an opinion if: 

A. to deter the witness from expanding the scope of his or her investigation beyond the requirements of the case 

B. to stimulate discussion between the consulting expert and the expert witness 

C. the opinion, inferences, or conclusions depend on special knowledge, skill, or training not within the ordinary experience of lay jurors 

D. to define the issues of the case for determination by the finder of fact 


Q124. In the context of file deletion process, which of the following statement holds true? 

A. The longer a disk is inuse, the less likely it is that deleted files will be overwritten 

B. Secure delete programs work by completely overwriting the file in one go 

C. When files are deleted, the data is overwritten and the cluster marked as available 

D. While booting, the machine may create temporary files that can delete evidence 


Q125. When reviewing web logs, you see an entry for resource not found in the HTTP status code field. What is the actual error code that you would see in the log for resource not found? 

A. 606 

B. 202 

C. 404 

D. 909 


Up to the immediate present EC0-349 exam question:

Q126. George is performing security analysis for Hammond and Sons LLC. He is testing security vulnerabilities of their wireless network. He plans on remaining as "stealthy" as possible during the scan. Why would a scanner like Nessus is not recommended in this situation? 

A. Nessus is too loud 

B. Nessus cannot perform wireless testing 

C. Nessus is not a network scanner 

D. There are no ways of performing a "stealthy" wireless scan 


Q127. You have used a newly released forensic investigation tool, which doesn't meet the Daubert Test, during a case. The case has ended-up in court. What argument could the defense make to weaken your case? 

A. You are not certified for using the tool 

B. The tool has not been reviewed and accepted by your peers 

C. Only the local law enforcement should use the tool 

D. The tool hasn't been tested by the International Standards Organization (ISO) 


Q128. When investigating a Windows system, it is important to view the contents of the "page" or "swap" file because: 

A. this is the file that Windows uses to store the history of the last 100 commands that were run from the command line 

B. Windows stores all of the systems configuration information in this file 

C. this is the file that Windows uses to communicate directly with the Registry 

D. a large volume of data can exist within the swap file of which the computer user has no knowledge 


Q129. What will the following URL produce in an unpatched IIS Web Server? co%af../..%co%af../windows/system32/cmd.exe?/c+dir+c:\\ 

A. Directory listing of C: drive on the web server 

B. Insert a Trojan horse into the C: drive of the web server 

C. Execute a buffer flow in the C: drive of the web server 

D. Directory listing of the C:\\windows\\system32 folder on the web server 


Q130. Chris has been called upon to investigate a hacking incident reported by one of his clients. The company suspects the involvement of an insider accomplice in the attack. Upon reaching the incident scene, Chris secures the physical area, records the scene using visual media. He shuts the system down by pulling the power plug so that he does not disturb the system in any way. He labels all cables and connectors prior to disconnecting any. What do you think would be the next sequence of events? 

A. Prepare the system for acquisition; Connect the target media; Copy the media; Secure the evidence 

B. Secure the evidence; Prepare the system for acquisition; Connect the target media; Copy the media 

C. Connect the target media; Prepare the system for acquisition; Secure the evidence; Copy the media 

D. Connect the target media; Prepare the system for acquisition; Secure the evidence; Copy the media