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Universal Containers’ (UC) Salesforce org uses SAML 550 with a third-party identity provider for internal user authentication. UC now wants to extend this capability for Experience Cloud site users as well.
What should the UC administrator ensure in order to successfully implement SAML 550 for the Experience Cloud site?

  • A. Register the Experience Cloud site as an Identity Provider in SAML settings.
  • B. Create a Visualforce page that receives and validates the SAML assertion.
  • C. Use the site login URL as an endpoint where SAML assertion is made.
  • D. Create a Connected App with custom attributes before configuring SAML settings.

Answer: C

Universal Containers (UC) has a customer portal so that customers can manage their shipping. UC has several sharing rules in place and leverages the External Account Hierarchy to assist with data access. One of UC's large customers, Cloud Kicks, has recently acquired Northern Trail Outfitters. Sales wants to merge these two accounts, but they are getting an error.
What could be the cause of the error?

  • A. Accounts with active Experience Cloud users cannot be merged with another accoun
  • B. Pencil & Paper
  • C. The user trying to merge the accounts does not have the Merge Portal Roles permission.
  • D. The user trying to merge the accounts does not have the System Administrator profile.
  • E. Accounts used in an External Account Hierarchy cannot be merged with another account.

Answer: D

Dreamscape Flowers recently launched three Experience Cloud sites for North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions. The Community managers have installed the Salesforce Communities Management package and are getting useful insights on adoption and engagement.
During the Community managers’ weekly meeting, the Community manager for Europe mentioned that the preconfigured Insights reports cannot be used for their Experience Cloud site.
What is the reason for this issue?

  • A. The Community manager for Europe does not have System Administrator privileges.
  • B. The preconfigured Insights reports need to be modified to meet GDPR requirements.
  • C. The Experience Cloud site for Europe is not using Chatter which is needed to use the preconfigured Insights reports.
  • D. The Experience Cloud site for Europe has more than a million users.

Answer: AB

Cloud Kicks (CK) is using audience targeting to display pages and components to certain users based on their assigned audience. The New York City account contain multiple departments; all of which belong to that account. One of the page virtualization of the Home page of CK’s Experience Cloud site a assigned to the New York City audience. CK also has a Rich Content Editor component within this Home page that is assigned inly to the Legal Department audience.
Who will be able to see the Rich Content Editor component?

  • A. New York City audience members with the Legal Department sharing set
  • B. Members that are part of both the New York City audience and the Legal Department audience
  • C. All Cloud Kicks Experience Cloud site members
  • D. All New York City audience members.

Answer: B

Universal Containers has implemented Chat, but agents are complaining that they have to capture several pieces of information before being able to service the customer.
What should an administrator do to capture information upfront on the Experience site?

  • A. Create a flow for customers to fill out before initiating Chat.
  • B. Enable Chat for only authenticated users and pass the user's information on hidden fields.
  • C. Deploy a unique chat per topic.
  • D. Create a pre-chat form to fill out before initiating Chat.

Answer: D

What does a system administrator need to do when creating Experience Cloud users?

  • A. Add user to an account as a contact record.
  • B. Add user to an account as a user record.
  • C. Click the "Log In to Site as User” button.
  • D. Assign Partner Community Plus license to the user.

Answer: A

hat are three best practices when configuring self-registration for an Experience Cloud site? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Assign a cloned standard site profile as the default for self-registration.
  • B. Use a restrictive default profile to begin with.
  • C. Create a separate profile for your self-service site and your partner portal.
  • D. Assign the standard site profile as the default for self-registration.
  • E. Use the same profile for your self-service site and your partner portal.

Answer: ABC

An administrator for Cloud Kicks wants to create a new partner user for an existing site.
Which step does the administrator need to perform right before providing user details and saving the user record?

  • A. Click "Manage Partner User” on the Contact detail page, then click “Enable Customer User”.
  • B. Click "Manage Partner User” on the Account detail page, then click “Enable Partner User”.
  • C. Click "New" on the User Setup page in Lightning Experience.
  • D. Click "Manage External User" on the Contact detail page, then click “Enable Partner User”.

Answer: D

Cloud Kicks wants to allow site users to tag site content with custom tags or member-created topics. Which two permissions must be enabled for site users in Setup to accomplish this?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Create Topics
  • B. Assign Topics
  • C. Tags Allowed
  • D. Member Can Access Topics

Answer: AB

Universal Containers (UC) wants to create a do-it-yourself site for its existing and prospective customers. The site will contain articles, belong manuals, and FAQs. Users will be able to ask questions and answer other users’ questions on the site.
Which two Experience Cloud features should UC focus on as it starts building out the site? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Public Site Connect
  • B. Document Library Model (DLM)
  • C. Guest user and public access settings
  • D. Content Delivery Network

Answer: CD

The Experience Cloud site manager of Cloud Kicks has enabled reputation for its community members, As per the recommendation given by the Experience Cloud consultant, a decision was made to use the out of the box features.
Which two things happen automatically when the site manager enables automation? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Customer portal members gain the ability to provide badges to other members.
  • B. Inactive and active members are assigned default reputation points.
  • C. Chatter influence is removed from the Contribution section on the Profile page.
  • D. Default point system and set of reputation levels become available.

Answer: CD

The system administrator at Get Cloudy Consulting is trying to import Customer Portal users to the newly created Experience Cloud. However, the import failed.
What could be two reasons for this failure? Choose 2 answers

  • A. The portal role record has not been created.
  • B. The portal profile record has not been created.
  • C. User records are missin
  • D. Penal & Pep ore
  • E. Contact records have not been created.

Answer: AD

Which two statements regarding data categories are true? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Child roles cannot see more data categories than their parent rol
  • B. If the parent role’s visibility changes, the child role’s category visibility is reset to its parent's category visibility.
  • C. Customer Portal users and partner portal users inherit data category visibility settings of the role assigned to their account (owner) managers by default.
  • D. When a category is made visible to a user through custom settings or is made visible by default, its child and parent categories are not included.
  • E. Translated articles will not follow the master article data categor
  • F. Therefore, translated articles can beassigned to a different data category.

Answer: AB

Northern Trail Qutfitters implemented a chatbot on its Experience site.
Which three KPIs could be used to help understand the chatbot's impact on customer service? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Number of lead records created
  • B. CSAT (Customer Satisfaction score)
  • C. Case deflection
  • D. Average Handle Time compared to Bot Session Time
  • E. Case Type by Issue

Answer: BCD

No More Homelessness (NMH) and DreamHouse Realty (DR) are working to provide free housing to low-income seniors. Social workers at NMH need to access records owned by realtors at DR.
What should the Experience Cloud consultant recommend for record sharing?

  • A. Role Hierarchy
  • B. Sharing Set
  • C. Sharing Rule
  • D. Super User

Answer: C


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