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Q331.  (Topic 4) 

RIPv2 default use () method to send messages. 

A. Unicast 

B. Multicast C. Broadcast 

D. Multicast and broadcast 


Q332.  (Topic 3) 

VLAN tag in the frame control information TCI (Tag Control Information) field include (). 

A. Priority 


C. VLAN Identifier 


Answer: A,B,C 

Q333.  (Topic 4) 

Judge: PPP protocol is an important feature to provide authentication, use the link at both ends can negotiate which authentication protocol and the implementation of the certification process, only the authentication is successful will establish a connection. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q334.  (Topic 3) 

IEEE organizations to develop a () standard, standardized method of VLAN across switches to achieve 

A. 802.1x 

B. 802.1d 

C. 802.1q 

D. 802.3 


Q335.  (Topic 4) 

In the following configuration, the PAP protocol configuration keyword cipher user password is (). 

[RTB] interface Serial 0 [RTB-Serial0] link-protocol ppp 

[RTB-Serial0] ppp pap local-user huawei password cipher hello 

[RTB-Serial0] ip address 30 

A. Configure the password file using ciphertext 

B. authentication, data packets sent in the password ciphertext 

C. Both of the above 

D. None of the above two 


Q336.  (Topic 4) 

RIP protocol is based on 




D. Raw IP 


Q337.  (Topic 1) 

: 152 

Which of the following routing protocols are available? 

A. IP 




Answer: A,D 

Q338.  (Topic 4) 

The following types of OSPF in the router is not correct to say 

A. A, BR ASBR can be 

B. Connect the router to any two regions A, BR, you can transfer routing information between the two regions 

C. cannot for the ASBR routers within the region 

D. A router can belong to two or more areas, but only up to the A, BR as a regional 

Answer: B,C,D 

Q339.  (Topic 1) 

: 125 

Level (Upper layer) for the right to protect data transfer, to () method to achieve. 

A. Hardware 

B. Software 

C. combination of hardware and software 

D. Software or hardware 


Q340.  (Topic 4) 

OSPF version is the version for IPv6 technology (). 

A. OSPFv 1 

B. OSPFv 2 

C. OSPFv 3 

D. OSPFv 4 


Q341.  (Topic 2) 

You have been assigned a Class B IP network, subnet, the subnet mask of, you can use the network number is ___, the maximum number of hosts per segment is ___ 

A. 512, 126 

B. 1022, 64 

C. 1024, 62 

D. 256, 254 

E. 92, 254 


Q342.  (Topic 4) 

ATM cell structure, there are two, namely 

A. UNI cell 

B. NUI cell 

C. NNI cell 

D. INI cell 

Answer: A,C 

Q343.  (Topic 3) 

Layer 2 Ethernet switch according to the port received the packet () to generate address forwarding 

A. Source MAC address 

B. Destination MAC address 

C. source IP address 

D. destination IP address 


Q344.  (Topic 3) 

HDLC, which has several frame types (). 

A. Information frame 

B. Monitoring frame 

C. Unnumbered frame 

D. frame retransmission 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q345.  (Topic 2) 

PC machines connected to the router via the Ethernet LAN port, two interfaces should be used between the cable is 

A. crossover cable 

B. Standard cable 

C. Configure the cable 

D. backup cable