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Q316.  (Topic 4) 

Huawei routers by default, OSPF and ISIS routing priority routing priority compared to the following statements is correct (). 

A. OSPF routing better 

B. OSPF route preference value smaller 

C. the same as the two priority 

D. ISIS routing priority values smaller 

Answer: A,B 

Q317.  (Topic 3) 

The following statement on the Master VRRP election is correct: 

A. Priority greatest configured as Master 

B. Priority smallest configuration of a Slave 

C. Configure the greatest is not necessarily a Master Priority 

D. Priority smallest configuration is not necessarily a Slave 

Answer: C,D 

Q318.  (Topic 2) 

: 205 

ICMP message types are (). 

A. ICMP packet transmission 

B. ICMP error messages report 

C. ICMP packets inquiry 

D. ICMP application packet 

Answer: B,C 

Q319.  (Topic 4) 

The following description for the default route is correct: 

A. The default route is the preferred route to be used 

B. default route is the route used last 

C. You can manually configure the default route 

D. The default route is a special kind of dynamic routing 

Answer: B,C 

Q320.  (Topic 1) 

: 186 

TCP / IP protocol stack is packet decapsulation () followed by detachment layers of header information. 

A. from top to bottom 

B. From the bottom 

C. From the transport layer to the next 

D. From the first network layer 


Q321.  (Topic 4) 

in the router to view the static routes, alternate backup route attribute is expressed as (). 

A. Bypass 

B. Inactive 

C. Backup 

D. Slave 


Q322.  (Topic 4) 

For the RIP protocol, you can reach the target network hops (the number of routers through which) up to 

A. 12 

B. 15 

C. 16 

D. No limit 


Q323.  (Topic 2) 

IEEE 802.3 frame contains () bit DSAP field, high-level protocol used to indicate 

A. 8 

B. 4 

C. 16 

D. 24 


Q324.  (Topic 2) 

Planning a class C network, the network needs to be divided into nine sub, up to 16 hosts per subnet, which is the appropriate subnet mask for the following 




D. No appropriate subnet mask 


Q325.  (Topic 4) 

Each OSPF router link state advertisements by flooding the dissemination of information on LSA, including the (). 

A. port available 

B. the neighbor can be reached 

C. adjacent segment information 

D. local link state information 

Answer: A,B,C,D 

Q326.  (Topic 3) 

To achieve inter-VLAN communication, the following statements is correct (). 

A. In the L3 switch, can only be achieved through the router configuration arm inter-VLAN traffic routing 

B. the L2 switch, router configuration arm only through the inter-VLAN routing the communication to achieve 

C. In the L3 switch, VLAN interfaces can be configured to achieve three inter-VLAN communication 

D. In the L2 switch, VLAN interfaces can be configured to achieve three inter-VLAN communication 

Answer: B,C 

Q327.  (Topic 3) 

All Ethernet frames within the switch are in () in the form of movement. 



C. untagged frame 

D. tagged frame 


Q328.  (Topic 4) 

by LSDB, each router as its own compute a () node of the shortest path tree. 

A. Root 

B. Leaf 

C. Specify the root 

D. Backup 


Q329.  (Topic 4) 

Router A is configured as follows: [RTA] aaa [RTA-aaa] local-user huawei password simple hello [RTA-aaa] local-user huawei service-type ppp [RTA] interface Serial 0 [RTA-Serial0] link-protocol ppp [RTA-Serial0] ppp authentication-mode pap [RTA-Serial0] ip address 30 

Router B is configured as follows: [RTB] interface Serial 0 [RTB-Serial0] link-protocol ppp [RTB-Serial0] ppp pap local-user huawei password simple hello [RTB-Serial0] ip address 30 

When two routers connected to Serial 0, the two routers can connect to the remote 

A. True 

B. False 


Q330.  (Topic 2) 

For this a few segments:,,, best with the following () for routing segment summary