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Q211.  (Topic 4) 

OSPF and RIP on the following statements is correct is to compare 

A. OSPF RIP adapt better than large-scale network 

B. RIP OSPF is more than a small network to adapt 

C. RIP for flat-shaped structure of the OSPF network more hierarchical model of network structure to adapt 

D. RIP on the same network bandwidth cost is higher than the OSPF 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q212.  (Topic 3) 

HDLC what are the characteristics 

A. Full-duplex communication, can be continuously transmitted without waiting for confirmation of data, a higher transmission efficiency of data link 

B. All frames are used CRC checksum, sequence number of information frames to prevent revenue leakage or re-entry, high transmission reliability 

C. transmission control functions and processing functions separated, with greater flexibility and better control 

D. agreement does not depend on any one character encoding set, data packets can be transparently 

Answer: A,B,C,D 

Q213.  (Topic 3) 

Huawei VRP system router serial interface as the default package (). 



C. Frame Relay 

D. None of the above 


549.  (Topic 3) 

Routers do not need to know the full forward path, only know the destination of the nearest next hop how to take forward this packet relay process we call 

A. hop by hop forwarding 

B. host by host forwarding 

C. router by router forwarding 

D. network by network forwarding 


Q214.  (Topic 1) 

: 117 

What is the session layer function? 

A. Provide encryption / decryption 

B. to provide data format conversion and 

C. establish a connection between the different host 

D. establish, maintain and terminate sessions 


Q215.  (Topic 2) 

The following protocols and applications are based on TCP implementation (). 




D. Telnet 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q216.  (Topic 4) 

According to discover routes and route calculation method to distinguish between distance vector protocol concerns (). 

A. the number of hops to the destination address 

B. The next hop address specified by hand 

C. whether the aggregation routing outgoing interface port 

D. link bandwidth resource information 


Q217.  (Topic 3) 

VLAN Yes () initials 

A. virtual local area network 

B. virtual long area network 

C. virtual local area networking 

D. virtual long area networking 


Q218.  (Topic 4) 

PPP Maximum Receive Unit (Maximum Receive Unit, MRU) is the default number of bytes (). 

A. 1024 

B. 1500 

C. 1518 

D. 8096 


673.  (Topic 4) 

If the device access X.25 public packet networks, access to the X.25 interfaces must be in accordance with the access requirements of service providers to set up an address, this address is called 

A. IP address 

B. MAC address 

C. VPI / VCI identifier 

D. X. 121 Addresses 


Q219.  (Topic 4) 

RIP route aggregation on the following statements is correct (). 

A. Route aggregation refers to the same network segment of the natural route in a different subnet is sent to other segments aggregated into one natural mask route to send 

B. RIPv 1 does not support the route aggregation 

C. Huawei routers default, RIPv2 route aggregation is enabled 

D. When all the sub-network by the radio out, you can close the RIPv2 routing aggregation 

Answer: A,B,C,D 

Q220.  (Topic 4) 

Measuring the performance of dynamic routing protocols indicators 

A. correctness 

B. faster convergence 

C. Low overhead 

D. Safety E. universal 

Answer: A,B,C,D,E 

Q221.  (Topic 4) 

Route from the ring may be the cause 

A. routing convergence process of the temporary loop 

B. routing algorithm defects 

C. In a different routing domain into another routing loop to prevent loss of information 

D. Configure error 

Answer: A,B,C,D 

Q222.  (Topic 4) 

Frame Relay LMI DLCI which of normally occupied 

A. 0 

B. 16 

C. 1007 

D. 1023 

Answer: A,D 

Q223.  (Topic 2) 

IP address, network and host part of the address of that for the whole 0 

A. Network Address 

B. Specific segments of the broadcast address 

C. All networks 

D. Ben Wang segment broadcast address of all nodes 


Q224.  (Topic 4) 

Quidway routers a two Ethernet ports E0 and E1 are connected to two network segments: E0 (IP address, subnet mask is connected to the network A, E1 (IP address 10.1 .2.1, subnet mask is connected to the network B. Assuming the host of the network gateway are set correctly, following which hosts can Ping through network A to host 

A. A, in the network of a host, its IP address, subnet mask 

B. A in the network of a host, its IP address, subnet mask 

C. B, in the network of a host, its IP address, subnet mask is 

D. A, in the network of a host, its IP address, subnet mask is 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q225.  (Topic 2) segment of the broadcast address is 






198.  (Topic 2) 

100BaseTX Fast Ethernet cable and the transmission distance 100BaseT4 (). 

A. 100m 

B. 550m 

C. 1000m 

D. 2000m