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Q151.  (Topic 3) 

PPP protocol TCP / IP protocol stack layer at which (). 

A. Physical Layer 

B. Data Link Layer 

C. Network Layer 

D. Transport Layer 


409.  (Topic 3) 

The network administrator is removed from the switch more than one VLAN. When the administrator enters the undo vlan 1 command, you receive an error message. Error message occurs because the (). 

A. VLAN can only be created by its users to delete 

B. Only the roles assigned to VLAN 1 to other VLAN, VLAN 1 in order to remove 

C. The command is not entered correctly, resulting in a syntax error 

D. VLAN 1 is the default management VLAN, cannot be removed 


Q152.  (Topic 3) 

The following statement is true about the VLAN is (). 

A. The default switch configuration VLAN configuration VLAN 1 cannot delete or rename 

B. switch can support up to 255 VLAN 

C. allows a single multiple VLAN access port 

D. Allowing the same time more than one VLAN trunk port to a single 

Answer: A,D 

Q153.  (Topic 2) 

SSH is an abbreviation which of the following English words 

A. Secure shell 

B. Secure session host 

C. Secure session home 

D. Session shell 


Q154.  (Topic 2) 

A segment subnet mask is, () is a valid host address A. 




Answer: B,C 

Q155.  (Topic 4) 

The following features are not part of Frame Relay 

A. Cell length of fixed 

B. is an international standard 

C. Simplification of the X.25 Layer 3 functionality 

D. complete statistical multiplexing at the link layer, a transparent frame transmission and error detection 


Q156.  (Topic 2) 

: 212 

Below () the message is the ICMP packet. 

A. Echo request packet 

B. timestamp reply message 

C. inquiry packet router 

D. router advertisement message 

Answer: A,B,C,D 

Q157.  (Topic 3) 

A VLAN can be seen as a 

A. collision domains 

B. broadcast domain 

C. Management Domain 

D. blocking domain 


Q158.  (Topic 4) 

Static route configuration key difference between reject and blackhole 

A. sent to reject the routing of packets to be discarded, and not the source host 

B. sent to blackhole routing of packets to be discarded, and not the source host 

C. sent to reject the routing of packets to be discarded, sent to blackhole routing packets are not discarded 

D. sent to blackhole routing of packets to be discarded, sent to reject the routing of the packets are not discarded 

E. sent to reject the routing of packets to be discarded, and the source host 

F. sent to blackhole routing of packets to be discarded, and the source host 

Answer: B,E 

Q159.  (Topic 2) 

C class subnet mask is, subnet contains the number, the number of hosts per subnet is (). 

A. 4, 62 

B. 8, 62 

C. 16, 14 

D. 32, 14 


Q160.  (Topic 3) 

To determine: the root bridge, root port and designated port. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q161.  (Topic 3) 

A switch part of the information displayed below, then the port's PVID is [Quidway] display interface Ethernet 1/0/1 ... ... Mdi type: auto Port link-type: access Tagged VLAN ID: none Untagged VLAN ID: 5 

A. 0 

B. 1 

C. 5 

D. lack of information, unknown 


507.  (Topic 3) 

In HDLC, the mark the start and end frame fields for a fixed value, it is 

A. 11111111 

B. 01111110 

C. 00000000 

D. 11111110 


Q162.  (Topic 3) 

In the STP, the switch port's role can be 

A. Root port 

B. backup root port 

C. optional port 

D. Preliminary port 

E. Designated port 

Answer: A,D,E 

Q163.  (Topic 4) 

Judge: each router is only responsible for their own site data packets through the optimal path forward, through many routers a relay station to station to forward the packet to the destination. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q164.  (Topic 3) 

GVRP protocol in () operation on the port 

A. Trunk 

B. Access 

C. hybrid 

D. Normal 


Q165.  (Topic 4) 

The following static route is configured correctly 

A. ip route-static 16 serial 0 

B. ip route-static 16 

C. ip route-static 16 

D. ip route-static 

Answer: A,C,D