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Q286.  (Topic 4) 

Using ATM switching technology, with the same header of the cell in the transmission line does not correspond to a fixed time gap, not by cycle occurs. Therefore, the channel reuse by (). 

A. synchronous time division multiplexing 

B. PCM multiplex 

C. Frequency Division Multiplexing 

D. Asynchronous Time Division Multiplexing 


Q287.  (Topic 2) 

A Class B IP address can be used up () bit subnetting 

A. 8 

B. 14 

C. 16 

D. 22 


Q288.  (Topic 4) 

On the alternate route is to say the right (). 

A. not added to the global routing table 

B. does not guide the data forwarding 

C. After the primary route fails, the main route will rise, adding to the global routing table 

D. simultaneously with the main route guidance data transmitted 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q289.  (Topic 3) 

VLAN-based classification methods are common 

A. Port-based VLAN classification 

B. MAC address-based VLAN classification 

C. Protocol-based VLAN classification 

D. VLAN based on the TCP port numbers 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q290.  (Topic 2) 

Switch receives the data frame header, the header's destination MAC address based forwarding frames immediately, this is called forward mode () forward mode 

A. Cut-Through 

B. Store-and-Forward 

C. Fragment-free 

D. Store-free 


Q291.  (Topic 2) 

Which of the following types used to support multicast? 

A. A Class 

B. B Class 

C. D class 

D. E Class 


Q292.  (Topic 2) 

Hub (hub) interface type (). 






Q293.  (Topic 2) 

The following TCP-based applications with (). 





Answer: B,C 

Q294.  (Topic 3) 

About HUB functionality provided is not correct: 

A. Working in the physical layer 

B. is a shared network device, that is, each time only one device sends data 

C. Work in the data link layer 

D. has a binary bit stream shaping enlarge and increase the role of transmission distance 


400.  (Topic 3) 

ways to achieve the following configuration of the switch trunk port ethernet0 / 1 by adding VLAN 4 (). 

A. [Switch] vlan 4 [Switch-vlan4] port ethernet 0 / 1 

B. [Switch] vlan 4 [Switch-Ethernet0 / 1] port trunk pvid vlan 4 

C. [Switch] vlan 4 [Switch-vlan4] port trunk ethernet 0 / 1 

D. [Switch] vlan 4 [Switch-Ethernet0 / 1] port trunk permit vlan 4 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q295.  (Topic 2) 

Which of the following is the Gigabit Ethernet Standard? 

A. IEEE 802.3 

B. IEEE 802.3u 

C. IEEE 802.3z/ab 

D. IEEE 802.3ae 


Q296.  (Topic 1) 

: 118 

TCP / IP protocol level is not divided according to the OSI reference model, corresponding to the OSI seven layer network model, is not defined 

A. link layer and network layer 

B. network layer and transport layer 

C. Session layer and presentation layer 

D. transport layer and session layer 


Q297.  (Topic 1) 

: 87 

The following statement on the right is ADSL (). 

A. ADSL enables high-speed digital information and telephone information in a different telephone lines for simultaneous transmission on the frequency 

B. ADSL broadband access to users while maintaining the user's telephone service and the quality of the original unchanged 

C. ADSL broadband telephone services with users in business processes, the two are separate 

D. ADSL technology enables high-speed digital information and telephone information in the telephone line transmission sub-periods on the same frequency band 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q298.  (Topic 1) 

: 199 

ICMP protocol is the protocol number 

A. 1 

B. 6 

C. 17 

D. 22 


Q299.  (Topic 3) 

Vlan tag which is a layer of the OSI reference model implementation 

A. Physical Layer 

B. Data Link Layer 

C. Network Layer 

D. Application layer 


Q300.  (Topic 3) 

To determine: the asynchronous response mode ARM (Asynchronous Response Mode) is a technology that allows any node to initiate transfer of the operation. 

A. True 

B. False