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Refer to the code below:
new Promise((resolve, reject) => { const fraction = Math.random();
if( fraction >0.5) reject("fraction > 0.5, " + fraction); resolve(fraction);
.then(() =>console.log("resolved"))
.catch((error) => console.error(error))
.finally(() => console.log(" when am I called?"));
JavaScript-Developer-I dumps exhibit
When does Promise.finally on line 08 get called?

  • A. When rejected
  • B. When resolved and settled
  • C. WHen resolved
  • D. When resolved or rejected

Answer: D

A developer wants to define a function log to be used a few times on a single-file JavaScript script.
01 // Line 1 replacement
02 console.log('"LOG:', logInput);
03 }
Which two options can correctly replace line 01 and declare the function for use? Choose 2 answers

  • A. function leg(logInput) {
  • B. const log(loginInput) {
  • C. const log = (logInput) => {
  • D. function log = (logInput) {

Answer: AC

Given two expressions var1 and var2. What are two valid ways to return the logical AND of the two expressions and ensure it is data typeBoolean ?
Choose 2 answers:

  • A. Boolean(var1 && var2)
  • B. var1 && var2
  • C. var1.toBoolean() && var2toBoolean()
  • D. Boolean(var1) && Boolean(var2)

Answer: AD

Which option is true about the strict mode in imported modules?

  • A. Add the statement use non-strict, before any other statements in the module to enable not-strict mode.
  • B. You can only reference notStrict() functions from the imported module.
  • C. Imported modules are in strict mode whether you declare them as such or not.
  • D. Add the statement use strict =false; before any other statements in the module to enable not- strict mode.

Answer: B

Why would a developer specify a package.jason as a developed forge instead of a dependency ?

  • A. It is required by the application in production.
  • B. It is only needed for local development and testing.
  • C. Other requiredpackages depend on it for development.
  • D. It should be bundled when the package is published.

Answer: B

A developer wrote a fizzbuzz function that when passed in a number, returns the following:
‘Fizz’ if the number is divisible by 3. ‘Buzz’ if the number is divisible by 5.
‘Fizzbuzz’ if the number is divisible by both 3 and 5. Emptystring if the number is divisible by neither 3 or 5.
Which two test cases will properly test scenarios for the fizzbuzz function? Choose 2 answers

  • A. let res = fizzbuzz(5); console.assert ( res === ‘ ’ );
  • B. let res = fizzbuzz(15);console.assert ( res ===‘ fizzbuzz ’ )
  • C. let res = fizzbuzz(Infinity); console.assert ( res === ‘ ’ )
  • D. let res = fizzbuzz(3); console.assert ( res === ‘ buzz ’ )

Answer: BCD

Refer to the following code that performs a basic mathematical operation on a provided input:
function calculate(num) { Return (num +10) / 3;
How should line 02 be written to ensure thatx evaluates to 6 in the line below? Let x = calculate (8);

  • A. Return Number((num +10) /3 );
  • B. Return (Number (num +10 ) / 3;
  • C. Return Integer(num +10) /3;
  • D. Return Number(num + 10) / 3;

Answer: B

Refer to HTML below:
<div id =”main”>
<div id = “ card-00”>This card is smaller.</div>
<div id = “card-01”>The width and height of this card is determined by its contents.</div>
Which expression outputs the screen width of the element with the ID card-01?

  • A. document.getElementById(‘ card-01 ’).getBoundingClientRest().width
  • B. document.getElementById(‘ card-01 ’).style.width
  • C. document.getElementById(‘ card-01 ’).width
  • D. document.getElementById(‘ card-01 ’).innerHTML.lenght*e

Answer: A

Refer to the code below:
JavaScript-Developer-I dumps exhibit
Why does the function bar have access to variable a ?

  • A. Inner function’s scope
  • B. Hoisting
  • C. Outer function’s scope
  • D. Prototype chain

Answer: C

A team that works on a big project uses npm to deal with projects dependencies. A developer added a dependency does not get downloaded when they executenpm install.
Which two reasons could be possible explanations for this?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. The developer missed the option --add when adding the dependency.
  • B. The developer added the dependency as a dev dependency, and NODE_ENVIs set to production.
  • C. The developer missed the option --save when adding the dependency.
  • D. The developer added the dependency as a dev dependency, and NODE_ENV is set to production.

Answer: BCD

What are two unique features of functions defined with a fat arrow as compared to normal function definition?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. The function generated its own this making ituseful for separating the function’s scope from its enclosing scope.
  • B. The function receives an argument that is always in scope, called parentThis, which is the enclosing lexical scop
  • C. If the function has a single expression in the function body, the expression will be evaluated and implicit returned.
  • D. The function uses the this from the enclosing scope.

Answer: AC

A developer has code that calculates a restaurant bill, but generates incorrectanswers while testing the code:
function calculateBill ( items ) { let total = 0;
total += findSubTotal(items); total += addTax(total);
total += addTip(total); return total;
Which option allows the developer to step into each function execution within calculateBill?

  • A. Using the debugger command on line 05.
  • B. Using the debugger command on line 03
  • C. Calling the console.trace (total) method on line 03.
  • D. Wrapping findSubtotal in a console.log() method.

Answer: A

Refer to the code below: FunctionPerson(firstName, lastName, eyecolor) { this.firstName =firstName;
this.lastName = lastName;
this.eyeColor = eyeColor;
Person.job = ‘Developer’;
const myFather = new Person(‘John’, ‘Doe’); console.log(myFather.job);
What is the output after the codeexecutes?

  • A. ReferenceError: eyeColor is not defined
  • B. ReferenceError: assignment to undeclared variable “Person”
  • C. Developer
  • D. Undefined

Answer: D

A developer wrote the following codeto test a sum3 function that takes in an array of numbers and returns the sum of the first three numbers in the array, and the test passes.
A different developer made changes to the behavior of sum3 to instead sum only the first two numbers present in thearray.
JavaScript-Developer-I dumps exhibit
Which two results occur when running this test on the updated sum3 function? Choose 2 answers

  • A. The line 05 assertion passes.
  • B. The line 02 assertion passes.
  • C. The line 02 assertion fails.
  • D. The line 05 assertion fails.

Answer: BD

Given the following code: Let x =(‘15’ + 10)*2;
What is the value of a?

  • A. 3020
  • B. 1520
  • C. 50
  • D. 35

Answer: A

Refer to the code:
JavaScript-Developer-I dumps exhibit
Given the code above, which three properties are set pet1? Choose 3answers:

  • A. Name
  • B. canTalk
  • C. Type
  • D. Owner
  • E. Size

Answer: BCE

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