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Q91. In PAN-OS 6.0, rule numbers were introduced. Rule Numbers are: 

A. Dynamic numbers that refer to a security policy’s order and are especially useful when filtering security policies by tags 

B. Numbers referring to when the security policy was created and do not have a bearing on the order of policy enforcement 

C. Static numbers that must be manually re-numbered whenever a new security policy is added 

Answer: A 

Q92. When Destination Network Address Translation is being performed, the destination in the corresponding Security Policy Rule should use: 

A. The PostNAT destination zone and PostNAT IP address. 

B. The PreNAT destination zone and PreNAT IP address. 

C. The PreNAT destination zone and PostNAT IP address. 

D. The PostNAT destination zone and PreNAT IP address. 

Answer: D 

Q93. The "Disable Server Return Inspection" option on a security profile: 

A. Can only be configured in Tap Mode 

B. Should only be enabled on security policies allowing traffic to a trusted server. 

C. Does not perform higher-level inspection of traffic from the side that originated the TCP SYN packet 

D. Only performs inspection of traffic from the side that originated the TCP SYN-ACK packet 

Answer: B 

Q94. When using Config Audit, the color yellow indicates which of the following? 

A. A setting has been changed between the two config files 

B. A setting has been deleted from a config file. 

C. A setting has been added to a config file 

D. An invalid value has been used in a config file. 

Answer: C 

Q95. What is the name of the debug save file for IPSec VPN tunnels? 

A. set vpn all up 

B. test vpn ike-sa 

C. request vpn IPsec-sa test 

D. Ikemgr.pcap 

Answer: D 

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Q96. Which of the following fields is not available in DoS policy? 

A. Destination Zone 

B. Source Zone 

C. Application 

D. Service 

Answer: C 

Q97. What will the user experience when attempting to access a blocked hacking website through a translation service such as Google Translate or Bing Translator? 

A. A “Blocked” page response when the URL filtering policy to block is enforced. 

B. A “Success” page response when the site is successfully translated. 

C. The browser will be redirected to the original website address. 

D. An "HTTP Error 503 Service unavailable" message. 

Answer: A 

Q98. The IT department has received complaints about VoIP call jitter when the sales staff is making or receiving calls. QoS is enabled on all firewall interfaces, but there is no QoS policy written in the rulebase. The IT manager wants to find out what traffic is causing the jitter in real time when a user reports the jitter. 

Which feature can be used to identify, in real-time, the applications taking up the most bandwidth? 

A. Application Command Center (ACC) 

B. QoS Statistics 

C. QoS Log 

D. Applications Report 

Answer: A 



Q99. Configuring a pair of devices into an Active/Active HA pair provides support for: 

A. Higher session count 

B. Redundant Virtual Routers 

C. Asymmetric routing environments 

D. Lower fail-over times 

Answer: B 

Q100. Will an exported configuration contain Management Interface settings? 

A. Yes 

B. No 

Answer: A