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2021 Oct PCNSE6 question

Q31. WildFire Analysis Reports are available for the following Operating Systems (select all that apply) 

A. Windows XP 

B. Windows 7 

C. Windows 8 

D. Mac OS-X 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q32. Which three engines are built into the Single-Pass Parallel Processing Architecture? Choose 3 answers 

A. Application Identification (App-ID) 

B. Group Identification (Group-ID) 

C. User Identification (User-ID) 

D. Threat Identification (Threat-ID) 

E. Content Identification (Content-ID) 

Answer: A,C,E 


Reference: page 5 

Q33. To properly configure DOS protection to limit the number of sessions individually from specific source IPs you would configure a DOS Protection rule with the following characteristics: 

A. Action: Protect, Classified Profile with "Resources Protection" configured, and Classified Address with "source-ip-only" configured 

B. Action: Deny, Aggregate Profile with "Resources Protection" configured 

C. Action: Protect, Aggregate Profile with "Resources Protection" configured 

D. Action: Deny, Classified Profile with "Resources Protection" configured, and Classified Address with "source-ip-only" configured 


Q34. Which of the following is NOT a valid option for built-in CLI access roles? 

A. read/write 

B. superusers 

C. vsysadmin 

D. deviceadmin 


Q35. Which three inspections can be performed with a next-generation firewall but NOT with a legacy firewall? Choose 3 answers 

A. Recognizing when SSH sessions are using SSH v1 instead of SSH v2 

B. Validating that UDP port 53 packets are not being used to tunnel data for another protocol 

C. Identifying unauthorized applications that attempt to connect over non-standard ports 

D. Allowing a packet through from an external DNS server only if an internal host recently queried that DNS server 

E. Removing from the session table any TCP session without traffic for 3600 seconds 

Answer: B,C,D 

Updated PCNSE6 exam fees:

Q36. In an Anti-Virus profile, changing the action to “Block” for IMAP or POP decoders will result in the following: 

A. The connection from the server will be reset 

B. The Anti-virus profile will behave as if “Alert” had been specified for the action 

C. The traffic will be dropped by the firewall 

D. Error 541 being sent back to the server 


Q37. Which feature can be configured with an IPv6 address? 

A. Static Route 

B. RIPv2 

C. DHCP Server 





Q38. A company is in the process of upgrading their existing Palo Alto Networks firewalls from version 6.1.0 to 6.1.1. 

Which three methods can the firewall administrator use to install PAN-OS 6.1.1 across the enterprise? Choose 3 answers 

A. Push the PAN-OS 6.1.1 updates from the support site to install on each firewall. 

B. Download PAN-OS 6.1.1 files from the support site and install them on each firewall after manually uploading. 

C. Download PAN-OS 6.1.1 to a USB drive and the firewall will automatically update after the USB drive is inserted in the firewall. 

D. Push the PAN-OS 6.1.1 update from one firewall to all of the other remaining after updating one firewall. 

E. Download and push PAN-OS 6.1.1 from Panorama to each firewall. 

F. Download and install PAN-OS 6.1.1 directly on each firewall. 

Answer: B,E,F 



Q39. Which fields can be altered in the default Vulnerability profile? 

A. Severity 

B. Category 


D. None 


Q40. What is the size limitation of files manually uploaded to WildFire 

A. Configuarable up to 10 megabytes 

B. Hard-coded at 10 megabytes 

C. Hard-coded at 2 megabytes 

D. Configuarable up to 20 megabytes