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A developer has written the following method: static void processList(List<sobject> input){ Which code block can be used to call the method?

  • A. ProcessList (acc)
  • B. ProcessList ( [FIND 'Acme“ ' RETURNING Account] )
  • C. ProcessList([SELECT Id, Name FROM sObject WHERE Type = 'Account'
  • D. For Account acc : [SELECT Id, Name FROM Account]

Answer: D

A developer has a Debug method within a class, which is invoked hundreds of times. What is the optimal functionality in the Developer Console to count the number of calls made to the method?

  • A. The “Execution Log” Panel.
  • B. The “Execution Stack” Panel.
  • C. The “Executed Units” tab under the Execution Overview Panel.
  • D. The “Execution Tree” tab under the Stack Tree Panel.

Answer: C

Which of the following standard fields are indexed? Choose three answers

  • A. Name
  • B. CreatedBy
  • C. SystemModStamp
  • D. LastModifedDate
  • E. RecordType

Answer: ACE

What is the transaction limit on the number of @future invocations?

  • A. 100
  • B. 150
  • C. 50
  • D. 200
  • E. There is no limit

Answer: C

Which of the following about Dynamic Apex is incorrect?

  • A. You can retrieve the sObject type from an Id by calling .getSObjectType()
  • B. getDescribe() can get you a variety of info on a particular object/field
  • C. Schema.getGlobalDescribe() gives you a map of all sObject
  • D. In dynamic SOQL, you can use bind variables and bind variable fields

Answer: D

Which is a valid Apex REST Annotation? Choose 2 answers

  • A. @HttpPatch
  • B. @HttpDelete
  • C. @HttpUpsert
  • D. @HttpAction

Answer: AB

Given the following code sample, what is a potential issue regarding bulk processing of records? trigger accountTestTrggr on Account (before insert, before update) Account acct = Trigger.new[0]; List <Contact> contacts = new List <Contact> ([select id, salutation, firstname, lastname,email from Contact where accountId = :acct.Id]); for (Contact con: contacts) con.Title = 'Not Selected'; update contacts;

  • A. The code will not execute because the record in the list can be null and cause an exception.
  • B. The code will process one record that is called explicitly per execution.
  • C. The code will not execute because the list can be null and cause an exception.
  • D. The code will have to be invoked multiple times to process all the records.

Answer: BD

A developer must create a custom pagination solution. Users will access the solution on a mobile device and will rarely access subsequent pages of records. Performance is crucial. Which approach is optimal?

  • A. Use OFFSET CURSOR in SOQL queries.
  • B. Use a StandardSetController.
  • C. Use @Cache annotation in the controller.
  • D. Use OFFSET in SOQL queries.

Answer: D

Choose the correct definition for <apex:actionRegion>

  • A. Allows for controller methods to be called directly from Javascrip
  • B. Must be encapsulated in<apex:form> tag
  • C. Unlike actionSupport, these function<apex:actionPoller>s can be called directly from Javascript code
  • D. Sends an AJAX request according to the time interval you specif
  • E. If this ever gets re-rendered, it resets
  • F. Adds AJAX support to another component (e.
  • G. onClick, onMouseUp, onFocus, etc.)
  • H. Can be associated with an AJAX request (actionFunction/actionSupport/actionPoller) and shows content conditionally depending on the status of the request (in progress/complete). Use the "id" field to specify name; use "status" field on related components to connect them
  • I. Signifies which components should be processed by the server when an AJAX request is generated

Answer: E

Which of the following object types can be used with a Web Service?

  • A. Maps
  • B. Sets
  • C. Pattern objects
  • D. Matcher objects
  • E. Lists
  • F. Exception objects

Answer: E

A developer has created the following trigger: trigger ProcessDoNotCall on Contact (after update) { List<Contact> lstCon = [SELECT Id, DoNotCall, Department FROM Contact WHERE Department = 'HR' AND Id IN :Trigger.new]; for(Contact c : lstCon) c.DoNotCall= true; update lstCon; } The developer executes the following code anonymously in the Developer Console. Assume that the record exists in Salesforce. Contact con = new Contact(Id='003oOOOOOOVHXOm',Department = 'HR') update con; Which behavior will the developer observe?

  • A. The code will throw an exception because the maximum trigger depth has been exceeded.
  • B. The code will throw an exception, saying that the record cannot be updated in an After Update trigger.
  • C. The code will throw an exception in Anonymous Apex, indicating that the Id field is read-only.
  • D. The contact record will be saved and the contact record's DoNotCall field will be set to true.

Answer: A

What is the transaction limit for the number of records per DML statement?

  • A. 5,000
  • B. 20,000
  • C. 50,000
  • D. 10,000
  • E. There is no limit

Answer: D

What is the <apex:actionSupport> tag used for in Visualforce pages?

  • A. To provide help and support content for buttons and links.
  • B. To trigger a second action when a button or link is clicked.
  • C. To trigger controller actions in response to DOM element events.
  • D. To create a Javascript function that can trigger a controller action

Answer: C

What is the transaction limit on the max execution time?

  • A. 5 minutes
  • B. 10 minutes
  • C. 15 minutes
  • D. 20 minutes
  • E. There is no limit

Answer: B

If you wanted to create a record following the update of another (with data from the source object), what is the most customizable approach?

  • A. Workflow Rule
  • B. Process Builder
  • C. After update Trigger
  • D. Flow

Answer: B

What field type can be used in the WHERE clause to improve SOQL query performance? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Email fields
  • B. Name fields
  • C. Telephone fields
  • D. Lookup fields
  • E. External Id fields

Answer: BDE

A developer needs to design a custom object that will be integrated into a back-end system. What should the developer do to ensure good data quality and to ensure that data imports, integrations, and searches perform well? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Configure a custom field as unique.
  • B. Configure a custom field as indexed.
  • C. Configure a custom field as external ID.
  • D. Configure a custom field as Salesforce ID.

Answer: AC

A developer has created an Order entry page that includes an <apex:outputLabel> tag for a field label. How can the developer ensure that the label text changes when the field label changes?

  • A. Use FieldSetMember methods to control label text.
  • B. Use the SObjectType variable to control label text.
  • C. Use a custom label to manage the label text.
  • D. Use the metadata API to update the label text.

Answer: B

Which statement is true regarding the use of user input as part of a dynamic SOQL query?

  • A. Free text input should not be allowed, to avoid SOQL injection.
  • B. The String.format () method should be used to prevent injection.
  • C. Quotes should be escaped to protect against SOQL injection.
  • D. The string should be URL encoded by the input form to prevent errors.

Answer: C

What is the most efficient way in Visualforce to show information based on data filters defined by an end-user for a large volume of data?

  • A. Use the rendered condition in Visualforce to limit data based on data filters.
  • B. Use filter conditions in a SOQL query to limit data based on data filters.
  • C. Use an Apex controller to refine raw data based on data filters and store the result in a transient variable.
  • D. Use an Apex controller to refine raw data based on data filters and store the result in a static variable.

Answer: B

A developer must create a way for external partners to submit millions of leads into Salesforce per day. How should the developer meet this requirement?

  • A. Create a web service on Heroku that uses Heroku Connect.
  • B. Publicly expose a Visualforce page via Force.com Sites.
  • C. Publicly expose an Apex Web Service via Force.com Sites.
  • D. Host a Web-to-Lead form on the company website.

Answer: C

Which statement is true about Apex web service methods? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Web service methods can be exposed having a custom Apex class as parameter datatype.
  • B. Web service methods can be overloaded with methods of the same name in the same class.
  • C. Web service methods can only be added to Apex classes that are declared global.
  • D. Web service methods can only be added to Apex triggers that are declared global.
  • E. Web service methods cannot be deprecated in managed package code.

Answer: ACE

If you have a method "doStuff(List<sObject> records)", which is a valid call?

  • A. doStuff([Select Id From Account]);
  • B. doStuff(List<Account> records);
  • C. doStuff(Account acct);
  • D. doStuff(sObject obj);

Answer: A

A developer has generated Apex code from a WSDL for an external web service. The web service requires Basic authentication. What code should the developer use to authenticate?

  • A. Htt
  • B. setHeader ( 'Authorization' , 'Basic QthZGprjpchVuIHNchFtZQ==');
  • C. Stub . inputhth-Ieader3_x.put ('Authorization' , 'Basic QthZGprjpchVuIHIQchE‘tZQ:'
  • D. Htt
  • E. setAuthentication( 'Basic QthZGprjpchVuIHNchFtZQ:'
  • F. Stub.authentication.put ( 'Authorization' , 'Basic QthZGprjpchVuIHNchFtZQ=='

Answer: B


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