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Your company has a single global installation that contains Oracle Cloud Product Management, Oracle Cloud Trading Community Model, and Cloud Order Management. It has all the execution systems implemented in tandem with Global Order Promising. The Master data elements have also been migrated to their respective areas. The next step is to run the date collection program to load the planning data repository.
Which five data elements will the collection program load into the planning data repository? (Choose five.)

  • A. Currencies
  • B. Shipping methods
  • C. Suppliers
  • D. Customers
  • E. Items
  • F. Cross-referenced data
  • G. Calendars

Answer: CDEFG

Your company, which is a global major in farming equipment, has products ranging from make-tostock fast moving items, assembled-on-demand items, and complex configurable items with
manufacturing plants and distribution centers spread across the US, Europe, and Chin

  • A. The company is deploying Oracle Cloud Order Management, and wants to evaluate the different promising modes that are possible through cloud Global Order Promising for its products.Which three promising modes are possible through GOP for the company’s products? (Choose three.)
  • B. lead times
  • C. infinite availability
  • D. global availability
  • E. zone-based availability
  • F. supply chain availability

Answer: ABE

Explanation: "
html#FASCP1127104"d/saas/supply-chain-management/r13-update17d/fascp/manage-orderpromising- rules.html#FASCP1127104
ATP Rule Promising Modes: Explained
The promising mode of an available-to-promise (ATP) rule determines which set of attributes the order promising logic evaluates when determining ATP results. When creating an ATP rule on the Manage ATP Rules page, the first thing that you must specify is which of the three promising modes is applicable to the ATP rule.
These are the three promising modes: Supply chain availability search Lead time based
Infinite availability based

Your company has a cost of change policy that changes a customer when the order is allocated, with no changes allowed after the goods are staged.
Which fulfillment status will trigger compensation and impose charges on the customer when the sales order quantity is changed?

  • A. Backordered
  • B. Ready to Release
  • C. Released to Warehouse
  • D. Staged

Answer: B


Which two attributes can you use to group shipment lines into a single shipment? (Choose two.)

  • A. Carrier
  • B. FOB
  • C. Item
  • D. Sales Order
  • E. Ship-to location

Answer: BE

A shipment comprises a set of shipment lines, grouped by certain common shipping attributes, that are scheduled to be shipped to a customer's ship-to location on a specific date and time. You can include items from different sales orders in a shipment. You can either manually or automatically group shipment lines to create a shipment. The shipment lines are grouped by the mandatory default criteria: ship-from location and ship-to location. However, you may also include additional grouping criteria, such as customer, freight terms, FOB (Free on board), and shipping method.

Identify the Order Management configuration setup that must be performed by a system administrator in order to define an external source system connector.

  • A. The source system needs to be called by using the web service from Cloud Order Management.
  • B. The source systems link needs to be registered in Manage Web Service.
  • C. The connector service needs to be registered by using Manage Web Service.
  • D. The source system needs to be registered in Manage Web Servic

Answer: C

You are in the process of setting up a constraint that prohibits update to an extensible filexfield in a fulfillment line if Ship From Warehouse is X and the fulfillment line is booked. You are able to see the extensible filexfield on the “Manage Constraint Entities” page but not on the “Manage Processing Constraints” page.
What could be the reason?

  • A. The “generate packages” program was not submitted.
  • B. The “Publish extensible filexfield” process was not run.
  • C. The extensible filexfield is not enabled.
  • D. A “Record Set” needs to be created for the extensible filexfield to be visible on the “Manage Processing Constraints” page.

Answer: D

A record set is a group of records that are bound by common attribute values for the purpose of constraint evaluation. You can define conditions and specify a record set to be validated for a given condition as defined by the validation template.

Which process requires the Release Planning recommendation process to be executed manually so that a supply order gets created?

  • A. Manual orders using File Based Data Load
  • B. Min-Max planning replenishing a transfer order
  • C. Back-to-Back Order
  • D. Drop Ship Order
  • E. Min-Max planning replenishing a purchase request

Answer: C


The customer service representative in your company has received a request from a customer for appending additional quantity to an original sales order that has already been released to the warehouse. The sales order quantity revision has resulted in a new shipment line with the statue “Ready to Release.”
What action would you take to ship the new line by merging it with the original shipment?

  • A. Run the process Create Shipments with the parameter Append Shipment set to Yes.
  • B. Perform Pick Release by selecting the Append Shipment check box.
  • C. Manually append the new line to the shipment.
  • D. Run the process Create Shipments with the parameter Create Shipment set to Ye

Answer: C

The warehouse manager of your company wants manual intervention to handle the allocated materials and to backorder the sales order lines in case of any physical discrepancies in the stock before pick confirmation. The warehouse manager wants to enforce manual picking followed by auto ship confirmation based on the picked quantity without any further manual intervention.
What is the correct shipment configuration to meet this requirement?

  • A. Disable Auto Confirm Picks, deselect the check box “Create Shipments,” and schedule the Create Shipment process.
  • B. Disable Auto Confirm Picks and select the check box “Create Shipments” in Pick Wave Release Rule.
  • C. Disable Auto Confirm Picks, deselect the check box “Create Shipments,” and schedule the Confirm shipment process.
  • D. Disable Auto Confirm Picks, select the check box “Create Shipments,” and schedule the Confirm Shipment process.

Answer: C

Which four order entities are global entities for which only one record for each instance of the entity is stored in the order orchestration and planning data repository? (Choose four.)

  • A. Payment terms
  • B. Unit of Measure
  • C. Currency
  • D. Warehouse
  • E. Freight carriers

Answer: ABCE

""onapps.1 111/e20386/F499608AN2AEC9.htm
The following entities are the global entities: Order orchestration reference objects
Units of measure (UOM) and UOM conversions Demand classes
Currency and currency conversion classes Shipping methods

You are importing sales order data from a source system. You want to delete the imported sales orders from interface tables to save storage space. How would you do this?

  • A. Delete the orders from Oracle Content Server.
  • B. Run the ESS job "Delete Orders from Interface Tables."
  • C. You must request the system administrator to delete orders from interface tables.
  • D. Delete the orders from the Order Management work area.
  • E. You cannot delete orders from interface tables.
  • F. Run the ESS job Purge Interface Table

Answer: D

How does Order Management interact with multiple fulfillment systems to fulfill sales order lines?

  • A. It has a web service broker that routes requests from the Fulfillment Task Layer.
  • B. It has a web service broker that routes requests from the External Interface Layer.
  • C. The Fulfillment system routing is defined in the orchestration.
  • D. The sales order lines are converted to Fulfillment Lines and fed to the Fulfillment system

Answer: A

Your customer would like automatic e-mail notifications to be sent for specific business events. On the Manage Business Event Trigger Points page, which business event trigger points can be used to enable e-mail notifications?

  • A. Order header status update and order attribute update
  • B. Order header status update and hold
  • C. Order attribute update and hold
  • D. Change order compensation complete and hold
  • E. Hold and split

Answer: D

You want to perform Internal Material Transfer across Business Units and want to capture internal margin as part of revenue for the selling Business Unit.
Which mandatory task would you perform for this requirement?

  • A. Configure Oracle Fusion Global Order Promising
  • B. Manage Consumption Rules
  • C. Manage Supply Execution Documentation Creation Rules
  • D. Manage Supply Chain Financial Orchestration Transfer Pricing Rules
  • E. Manage Supply Order Defaulting and Enrichment Rules

Answer: D

Sourcing tools enable you to manually create internal material transfer requisition lines in Self Service Procurement and create supply requests from the Manage Item Quantity page. These sourcing tools provide a default source organization and allow access to source organization rankings and available to promise quantities. Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Orchestration works with Oracle Fusion Global Order Promising and Oracle Fusion Inventory Management to identify the source organization rankings based on pre-established rules

Your company wants to revise an existing sales order in Order Management Cloud to compensate the downstream legacy fulfillment system that does not allow any update to the already interfaced fulfillment lines.
What type of compensation pattern rule would you need to define for the orchestration process fulfillment step?

  • A. Define one rule of type CREATE.
  • B. Define one rule of type UPDATE.
  • C. Define two rules: one of type CANCEL and another of type CREATE.
  • D. Define one rule of type CANCEL_CREAT

Answer: C

A rule that you can set on an orchestration process step that specifies the adjustments to make when an order changes.
Undo, Redo, Update, Cancel, and None are each an example of a compensation pattern. For example, assume the compensation pattern for a Create Shipment step is Redo, and that this step calls the Cancel service and the Create service.
If Order Management receives a change order that includes a new warehouse for this step, then it runs the Cancel service and the Create service again.

Which four options apply to the "Lead Time" mode? (Choose four.)

  • A. Lead time can be specified in multiple ways.
  • B. The item is promised on the requested date irrespective of availability.
  • C. Calendars and transit time constraints are respected.
  • D. No supply availability search is performed.
  • E. The order promising engine does not generate any peggin

Answer: ACDE

Which action must be performed on the orchestration process user interface to activate an orchestration process after the order orchestration configurations are completed?

  • A. Download the generated orchestration process.
  • B. Validate the orchestration process.
  • C. Release the orchestration process.
  • D. Release and deploy the orchestration proces

Answer: D

Explanation: " orchestration-processes.html#FAIOM1702198"nagement/r13-update17d/faiom/setting-uporchestration- processes.html#FAIOM1702198

You are creating a sales order and would like to see the sales order as a document. From the actions drop down menu what should you select?

  • A. Create Document.
  • B. Order documents are not supported.
  • C. Create PDF (Portable Document Format).
  • D. Edit Additional Information.
  • E. Manage Attachment

Answer: A

What flow is depicted in the diagram below?
1Z0-1001 dumps exhibit

  • A. Drop Ship
  • B. Back-to-back
  • C. Configure to order
  • D. Consignment order
  • E. Internal Transfer

Answer: A

Identify two tasks that are used to set up statuses in the orchestration process configuration in the Functional Setup Manager. (Choose two.)

  • A. Manage Orchestration Status Values
  • B. Manage Task Status Condition
  • C. Manage Status Values
  • D. Manage Orchestration Status

Answer: BD

Identify two valid use cases where a process assignment rule is defined to assign an orchestration process. (Choose two.)

  • A. when you require multiple orchestration processes for one fulfillment line
  • B. when you require one orchestration process for one fulfillment line
  • C. when you require one orchestration process for sales order lines
  • D. when you require one orchestration process for multiple fulfillment lines

Answer: AD

A furniture retailer wants its online buyers to first choose their underlying need, which will then direct them to the related list of accessories and product parts of the configurable furniture product. The retailer intends to do this by presenting standard questions to the online buyers on their needs, and then presenting the related list of accessories and parts through dynamic user interfaces.
What step is required to enable this feature?

  • A. Add a supplemental structure to the root node of the item-based model in the workspace area of the Configurator.
  • B. Add a supplemental structure to the option classes of the item-based model in the workspace area of the Configurator.
  • C. Add a supplemental structure to the root node of the item-based model in Fusion Product Hub, and then import it into the Configurator.
  • D. Add a supplemental structure at the option class level for each model product in Fusion Product Hub, and then import it into the Configurator.

Answer: A

Your customer requires order revisions from an external system. The customer is concerned that all order lines will have to be sent again in the revised order even though the customer typically changes only one or two lines. Which three statements are true? (Choose three.)

  • A. Order lines can be canceled by sending a cancellation request.
  • B. A revised order can contain just the updated order line.
  • C. All order lines will have to be sent again in the revised order.
  • D. Missing order lines are assumed to be canceled.
  • E. Missing order lines are not assumed to be cancele

Answer: ABD

Which three predefined orchestration groups should you use while assigning an orchestration process to fulfillment lines in process assignment rules? (Choose three.)

  • A. Standard
  • B. Model / Kit
  • C. Order Type
  • D. Shipment Set
  • E. Order Attribute

Answer: ABD

Which three attributes in the orchestration process definition utilize Oracle business rules to make runtime decisions for process behavior? (Choose three.)

  • A. Cost of Change
  • B. Exit Criteria
  • C. Line Selection Criteria
  • D. Start After conditions
  • E. Evaluation Sequence

Answer: BCD

Explanation: orchestration-processes.html#FAIOM211469


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