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An organization is conducting penetration testing to identify possible network vulnerabilities. The penetration
tester has received the following output from the latest scan:
CS0-001 dumps exhibit
The penetration tester knows the organization does not use Timbuktu servers and wants to have Nmap interrogate the ports on the target in more detail. Which of the following commands should the penetration tester use NEXT?

  • A. nmap –sV –p1417
  • B. nmap –sS –p1417
  • C. sudo nmap –sS
  • D. nmap –v

Answer: A


During winch of the lo.low.ng NIST risk management framework steps would an information system security engineer identify inherited security controls and tailor those controls to the system?

  • A. Categorize
  • B. Select
  • C. Implement
  • D. Assess

Answer: B


A security analyst is reviewing logs and discovers that a company-owned computer issued to an employee is generating many alerts and warnings. The analyst continues to review the log events and discovers that a non-company-owned device from a different, unknown IP address is generating the same events. The analyst informs the manager of these findings, and the manager explains that these activities are already known and part of an ongoing events. Given this scenario, which of the following roles are the analyst, the employee, and the manager filling?

  • A. The analyst is red team.The employee is blue team.The manager is white team.
  • B. The analyst is white team.The employee is red team.The manager is blue team.
  • C. The analyst is red team.The employee is white team.The manager is blue team.
  • D. The analyst is blue team.The employee is red team.The manager is white team.

Answer: B

Reference https://danielmiessler.com/study/red-blue-purple-teams/


Company A’s security policy states that only PKI authentication should be used for all SSH accounts. A security analyst from Company A is reviewing the following auth.log and configuration settings:
CS0-001 dumps exhibit
Which of the following changes should be made to the following sshd_config file to establish compliance with the policy?

  • A. Change PermitRootLogin no to #PermitRootLogin yes
  • B. Change ChallengeResponseAuthentication yes to ChallangeResponseAuthentication no
  • C. Change PubkeyAuthentication yes to #PubkeyAuthentication yes
  • D. Change #AuthorizedKeysFile sh/.ssh/authorized_keys to AuthorizedKeysFile sh/.ssh/ authorized_keys
  • E. Change PassworAuthentication yes to PasswordAuthentication no

Answer: E


A company that is hiring a penetration tester wants to exclude social engineering from the list of authorized activities. Which of the following documents should include these details?

  • A. Acceptable use policy
  • B. Service level agreement
  • C. Rules of engagement
  • D. Memorandum of understanding
  • E. Master service agreement

Answer: C


An organization is experiencing degradation of critical services and availability of critical external resources. Which of the following can be used to investigate the issue?

  • A. Netflow analysis
  • B. Behavioral analysis
  • C. Vulnerability analysis
  • D. Risk analysis

Answer: A


Following a data compromise, a cybersecurity analyst noticed the following executed query: SELECT * from Users WHERE name = rick OR 1=1
Which of the following attacks occurred, and which of the following technical security controls would BEST reduce the risk of future impact from this attack? (Select TWO).

  • A. Cookie encryption
  • B. XSS attack
  • C. Parameter validation
  • D. Character blacklist
  • E. Malicious code execution
  • F. SQL injection

Answer: CF

Reference https://lwn.net/Articles/177037/


A cybersecurity analyst has been asked to follow a corporate process that will be used to manage vulnerabilities for an organization. The analyst notices the policy has not been updated in three years. Which of the following should the analyst check to ensure the policy is still accurate?

  • A. Threat intelligence reports
  • B. Technical constraints
  • C. Corporate minutes
  • D. Governing regulations

Answer: A


Law enforcement has contacted a corporation’s legal counsel because correlated data from a breach shows the organization as the common denominator from all indicators of compromise. An employee overhears the conversation between legal counsel and law enforcement, and then posts a comment about it on social media. The media then starts contacting other employees about the breach. Which of the following steps should be taken to prevent further disclosure of information about the breach?

  • A. Security awareness about incident communication channels
  • B. Request all employees verbally commit to an NDA about the breach
  • C. Temporarily disable employee access to social media
  • D. Law enforcement meeting with employees

Answer: A


A project lead is reviewing the statement of work for an upcoming project that is focused on identifying potential weaknesses in the organization’s internal and external network infrastructure. As part of the project, a team of external contractors will attempt to employ various attacks against the organization. The statement of work specifically addresses the utilization of an automated tool to probe network resources in an attempt to develop logical diagrams indication weaknesses in the infrastructure.
The scope of activity as described in the statement of work is an example of:

  • A. session hijacking
  • B. vulnerability scanning
  • C. social engineering
  • D. penetration testing
  • E. friendly DoS

Answer: D


A cybersecurity professional wants to determine if a web server is running on a remote host with the IP address Which of the following can be used to perform this task?

  • A. nc -1 80
  • B. ps aux
  • C. nmap –p 80 –A
  • D. dig www
  • E. ping –p 80

Answer: C


A security analyst performed a review of an organization’s software development life cycle. The analyst reports that the life cycle does not contain a phase m which team members evaluate and provide critical feedback on another developer's code. Which of the following assessment techniques is BEST for describing the analyst's report?

  • A. Architectural evaluation
  • B. Waterfall
  • C. Whitebox testing
  • D. Peer review

Answer: D


AChief Information Security Officer (CISO) wants to standardize the company’s security program so it can be objectively assessed as part of an upcoming audit requested by management.
Which of the following would holistically assist in this effort?

  • A. ITIL
  • B. NIST
  • C. Scrum
  • D. AUP
  • E. Nessus

Answer: B


A cybersecurity consultant is reviewing the following output from a vulnerability scan against a newly installed MS SQL Server 2012 that is slated to go into production in one week:
CS0-001 dumps exhibit
Based on the above information, which of the following should the system administrator do? (Select TWO).

  • A. Verify the vulnerability using penetration testing tools or proof-of-concept exploits.
  • B. Review the references to determine if the vulnerability can be remotely exploited.
  • C. Mark the result as a false positive so it will show in subsequent scans.
  • D. Configure a network-based ACL at the perimeter firewall to protect the MS SQL port.
  • E. Implement the proposed solution by installing Microsoft patch Q316333.

Answer: DE


A security analyst is performing a forensic analysis on a machine that was the subject of some historic SIEM alerts. The analyst noticed some network connections utilizing SSL on non-common ports, copies of svchost.exe and cmd.exe in %TEMP% folder, and RDP files that had connected to external IPs. Which of the following threats has the security analyst uncovered?

  • A. DDoS
  • B. APT
  • C. Ransomware
  • D. Software vulnerability

Answer: B


A cybersecurity analyst is hired to review the security posture of a company. The cybersecurity analyst notices a very high network bandwidth consumption due to SYN floods from a small number of IP addresses.
Which of the following would be the BEST action to take to support incident response?

  • A. Increase the company’s bandwidth.
  • B. Apply ingress filters at the routers.
  • C. Install a packet capturing tool.
  • D. Block all SYN packets.

Answer: B


The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has asked the security staff to identify a framework on which
to base the security program. The CISO would like to achieve a certification showing the security program meets all required best practices. Which of the following would be the BEST choice?

  • A. OSSIM
  • B. SDLC
  • C. SANS
  • D. ISO

Answer: D


As part of the SDLC, software developers are testing the security of a new web application by inputting large amounts of random data. Which of the following types of testing is being performed?

  • A. Fuzzing
  • B. Regression testing
  • C. Stress testing
  • D. Input validation

Answer: A


Which of the following utilities could be used to resolve an IP address to a daman name, assuming the address has a PTR record?

  • A. ifconfig
  • B. ping
  • C. arp
  • D. nbtotot

Answer: B


A technician is running an intensive vulnerability scan to detect which ports are open to exploit. During the scan, several network services are disabled and production is affected. Which of the following sources would be used to evaluate which network service was interrupted?

  • A. Syslog
  • B. Network mapping
  • C. Firewall logs
  • D. NIDS

Answer: A


A cyber incident response team finds a vulnerability on a company website that allowed an attacker to inject malicious code into its web application. There have been numerous unsuspecting users visiting the infected page, and the malicious code executed on the victim’s browser has led to stolen cookies, hijacked sessions, malware execution, and bypassed access control. Which of the following exploits is the attacker conducting on the company’s website?

  • A. Logic bomb
  • B. Rootkit
  • C. Privilege escalation
  • D. Cross-site scripting

Answer: D


Which of the following countermeasures should the security administrate apply to MOST effectively mitigate Rootkit level infections of the organization's workstation devices?

  • A. Remove local administrator privileges.
  • B. Configure a BIOS-level password on the device.
  • C. Install a secondary virus protection application.
  • D. Enforce a system state recovery after each device reboot.

Answer: A


A newly discovered malware has a known behavior of connecting outbound to an external destination on port 27500 for the purpose of exfiltrating data. The following are four snippets taken from running netstat –an on separate Windows workstations:
CS0-001 dumps exhibit
CS0-001 dumps exhibit
CS0-001 dumps exhibit
CS0-001 dumps exhibit
Based on the above information, which of the following is MOST likely to be exposed to this malware?

  • A. Workstation A
  • B. Workstation B
  • C. Workstation C
  • D. Workstation D

Answer: A


An organization uses Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) scores to prioritize remediation of vulnerabilities.
Management wants to modify the priorities based on a difficulty factor so that vulnerabilities with lower CVSS scores may get a higher priority if they are easier to implement with less risk to system functionality. Management also wants to quantify the priority. Which of the following would achieve management’s objective?

  • A. (CVSS Score) * Difficulty = PriorityWhere Difficulty is a range from 0.1 to 1.0 with 1.0 being easiest and lowest risk to implement
  • B. (CVSS Score) * Difficulty = PriorityWhere Difficulty is a range from 1 to 5 with 1 being easiest and lowest risk to implement
  • C. (CVSS Score) / Difficulty = PriorityWhere Difficulty is a range from 1 to 10 with 10 being easiest and lowest risk to implement
  • D. ((CVSS Score) * 2) / Difficulty = PriorityWhere CVSS Score is weighted and Difficulty is a range from 1 to 5 with 5 being easiest and lowest risk to implement

Answer: C


A software assurance lab is performing a dynamic assessment on an application by automatically generating and inputting different, random data sets to attempt to cause an error/failure condition. Which of the following software assessment capabilities is the lab performing AND during which phase of the SDLC should this occur? (Select two.)

  • A. Fuzzing
  • B. Behavior modeling
  • C. Static code analysis
  • D. Prototyping phase
  • E. Requirements phase
  • F. Planning phase

Answer: AC


A corporation employs a number of small-form-factor workstations and mobile devices, and an incident response team is therefore required to build a forensics kit with tools to support chip-off analysis. Which of the following tools would BEST meet this requirement?

  • A. JTAG adapters
  • B. Last-level cache readers
  • C. Write-blockers
  • D. ZIF adapters

Answer: A


An investigation showed a worm was introduced from an engineer’s laptop. It was determined the company does not provide engineers with company-owned laptops, which would be subject to company policy and technical controls.
Which of the following would be the MOST secure control implement?

  • A. Deploy HIDS on all engineer-provided laptops, and put a new router in the management network.
  • B. Implement role-based group policies on the management network for client access.
  • C. Utilize a jump box that is only allowed to connect to clients from the management network.
  • D. Deploy a company-wide approved engineering workstation for management access.

Answer: D


Which of the following are essential components within the rules of engagement for a penetration test? (Select TWO).

  • A. Schedule
  • B. Authorization
  • C. List of system administrators
  • D. Payment terms
  • E. Business justification

Answer: AB


A company discovers an unauthorized device accessing network resources through one of many network drops in a common area used by visitors.
The company decides that it wants to quickly prevent unauthorized devices from accessing the network but policy prevents the company from making changes on every connecting client.
Which of the following should the company implement?

  • A. Port security
  • B. WPA2
  • C. Mandatory Access Control
  • D. Network Intrusion Prevention

Answer: A


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