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New Cisco 300-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 10 - Question 19)

Question No: 10

A network administrator uses GRE over IPSec to connect two branches together via VPN tunnel. Which one of the following is the reason for using GRE over IPSec?

A. GRE over IPSec provides better QoS mechanism and is faster than other WAN technologies.

B. GRE over IPSec decreases the overhead of the header.

C. GRE supports use of routing protocol, while IPSec supports encryption.

D. GRE supports encryption, while IPSec supports use of routing protocol.

Answer: C

Question No: 11

A network engineer executes the show crypto ipsec sa command. Which three pieces of information are displayed in the output? (Choose three.)

A. inbound crypto map

B. remaining key lifetime

C. path MTU

D. tagged packets

E. untagged packets

F. invalid identity packets

Answer: A,B,C

Question No: 12

Refer to the exhibit.

The excerpt was taken from the routing table of router SATX. Which option ensures that routes from are preferred over routes from

A. SATX(config-router)#distance 90

B. SATX(config-router)#distance

C. SATX(config-router)#distance

D. SATX(config-router)#administrative distance 91 51.51.51

E. SATX(config-router)#distance 89

F. SATX(config-router)#administrative distance 91

Answer: E

Question No: 13

A corporate policy requires PPPoE to be enabled and to maintain a connection with the ISP, even if no interesting traffic exists. Which feature can be used to accomplish this task?

A. TCP Adjust

B. Dialer Persistent

C. PPPoE Groups

D. half-bridging

E. Peer Neighbor Route

Answer: B

Question No: 14

If you configure one router in your network with the auto-cost reference bandwidth 100 command, which effect on the data path is true?

A. The data path remains the same for all links.

B. The data path changes for 10 Mbps links only.

C. The data path changes for all links.

D. The data path changes for 10 Gbps links only.

Answer: C

Question No: 15

Which set of actions does a network engineer perform to set the IPv6 address of a DHCP relay server at the VLAN interface level?

A. Enter the VLAN interface configuration mode and define the IPv6 address of a DHCP relay server

B. Enter the global configuration mode and enable the IPv6 DHCP relay

C. Enter the global configuration mode, enable IPv6 DHCP relay from interface configuration mode and define the IPv6 address of a DHCP relay server

D. Enter the VLAN interface configuration mode, enable IPv6 DHCP relay, and define the IPv6 address of a DHCP relay server

Answer: D

Explanation: You can accept DHCP requests from clients on the associated context or VLAN interface and enable the DHCP relay agent by using the ipv6 dhcp relay enable command (for IPv6) or the ip dhcp relay enable command (for IPv4). The DHCP relay starts forwarding packets to the DHCP server address specified in the ipv6 dhcp relay server command or the ip dhcp relay server command for the associated context or VLAN interface.

Question No: 16

A network engineer is configuring SNMP on network devices to utilize one-way SNMP notifications. However, the engineer is not concerned with authentication or encryption. Which command satisfies the requirements of this scenario?

A. router(config)#snmp-server host traps version 2c CISCORO

B. router(config)#snmp-server host informs version 2c CISCORO

C. router(config)#snmp-server host traps version 3 auth CISCORO

D. router(config)#snmp-server host informs version 3 auth CISCORO

Answer: A

Question No: 17

Refer to the following access list. access-list 100 permit ip any any log

After applying the access list on a Cisco router, the network engineer notices that the router CPU utilization has risen to 99 percent. What is the reason for this?

A. A packet that matches access-list with the "log" keyword is Cisco Express Forwarding switched.

B. A packet that matches access-list with the "log" keyword is fast switched.

C. A packet that matches access-list with the "log" keyword is process switched.

D. A large amount of IP traffic is being permitted on the router.

Answer: C

Question No: 18

How is network layer addressing accomplished in the OSI protocol suite?

A. Internet Protocol address

B. Media Access Control address

C. Packet Layer Protocol address

D. Network Service Access Point address

E. Authority and Format Identifier address

Answer: D


OSI network-layer addressing is implemented by using two types of hierarchical addresses: network service access-point addresses and network-entity titles.

A network service-access point (NSAP) is a conceptual point on the boundary between the network and the transport layers. The NSAP is the location at which OSI network services are provided to the transport layer. Each transport-layer entity is assigned a single NSAP, which is individually addressed in an OSI internetwork using NSAP addresses.

Question No: 19

Router R1, a branch router, connects to the Internet using DSL. Some traffic flows through a GRE and IPsec tunnel, over the DSL connection, and into the core of an Enterprise network. The branch also allows local hosts to communicate directly with public sites in the Internet over this same DSL connection. Which of the following answers defines how the branch NAT config avoids performing NAT for the Enterprise directed traffic but does perform NAT for the Internet-directed traffic?

A. By not enabling NAT on the IPsec tunnel interface

B. By not enabling NAT on the GRE tunnel interface

C. By configuring the NAT-referenced ACL to not permit the Enterprise traffic

D. By asking the ISP to perform NAT in the cloud

Answer: C


The NAT configuration acts only on packets permitted by a referenced ACL. As a result, the ACL can permit packets destined for the Internet, performing NAT on those packets. The ACL also denies packets going to the Enterprise, meaning that the router does not apply NAT to those packets.

New Questions

190.Which action can you take to mitigate unicast flooding in a network?

A. Configure VLANs to span multiple access-layer switches.

B. Implement a nonlooped network topology.

C. Set the ARP timer value to less than the CAM timer value.

D. Set the CAM timer value to less than the ARP timer value.

Answer: C

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