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New Cisco 300-320 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 3 - Question 12)

New Questions 3

Which virtualization technology allows for HSRP protocol to be used in the active/active configuration where both HSRP Layer 3 devices can forward network traffic?



C. vPC


Answer: C

New Questions 4

Support of vPC on the Cisco Nexus 5000 access switch enables various new design options for the data center Access layer, including which of the following?

A. The vPC peer link is not required for Access layer control traffic, and can instead be used to span VLANs across the vPC access switches

B. A single switch can associate per-interface with more than one vPC domain

C. vPC can be used on both sides of the MEC, allowing a unique 16-link EtherChannel to be built between the access and aggregation switches

D. Allows an EtherChannel between a server and a access switch while still maintaining the level of availability that is associated with dual-homing a server to two different access switches

Answer: C

New Questions 5

What network technology provides Layer 2 high availability between the access and distribution layers?





Answer: B

New Questions 6

Addressing QoS design in the Enterprise Campus network for IP Telephony applications means what?

A. It is critical to identify aggregation and rate transition points in the network, where preferred traffic and congestion QoS policies should be enforced

B. Suspect traffic should be dropped closest to the source, to minimize wasting network resources

C. An Edge traffic classification scheme should be mapped to the downstream queue configuration

D. Applications and Traffic flows should be classified, marked and policed within the

Enterprise Edge of the Enterprise Campus network

Answer: A

Explanation: switches/69632-configuring-cat-ip-phone.html#topic1

When you connect an IP phone to a switch using a trunk link, it can cause high CPU utilization in the switches. As all the VLANs for a particular interface are trunked to the phone, it increases the number of STP instances the switch has to manage. This increases the CPU utilization. Trunking also causes unnecessary broadcast / multicast / unknown unicast traffic to hit the phone link. In order to avoid this, remove the trunk configuration and keep the voice and access VLAN configured along with Quality of Service (QoS). Technically, it is still a trunk, but it is called a Multi-VLAN

Access Port (MVAP). Because voice and data traffic can travel through the same port, you should specify a different VLAN for each type of traffic. You can configure a switch port to forward voice and data traffic on different VLANs. Configure IP phone ports with a voice VLAN configuration. This configuration creates a pseudo trunk, but does not require you to manually prune the unnecessary VLANs.

New Questions 7

Which statement is correct regarding NBAR and NetFlow?

A. NetFlow uses five key fields for the flow.

B. NBAR examines data in Layers 3 and 4.

C. NetFlow examines data in Layers 3 and 4.

D. NBAR examines data in Layers 2 through 4.

E. NetFlow examines data in Layers 2 through 4.

Answer: C


Specifically, a flow is defined by the combination of the following seven key fields: Source IP address

Destination IP address

Source port number Destination port number Layer 3 protocol type Type of service (ToS) Input logical interface

New Questions 8

Which of the following is true concerning best design practices at the switched Access layer of the traditional layer2 Enterprise Campus Network?

A. Cisco NSF with SSO and redundant supervisors has the most impact on the campus in the Access layer

B. Provide host-level redundancy by connecting each end device to 2 separate Access switches

C. Offer default gateway redundancy by using dual connections from Access switches to redundant

Distribution layer switches using a FHRP

D. Include a link between two Access switches to support summarization of routing information from the

Access to the Distribution layer

Answer: A

New Questions 9

Which of the following should the Enterprise Campus network designer consider with respect to Video traffic?

A. While it is expected that the sum of all forms of video traffic will grow to over 90% by 2017, the Enterprise will be spared this rapid adoption of video by consumers through a traditional top-down approach

B. Avoid bandwidth starvation due to video traffic by preventing and controlling the wide adoption of unsupported video applications

C. Which traffic model is in use, the flow direction for the traffic streams between the application components, and the traffic trends for each video application

D. Streaming video applications are sensitive to delay while interactive video applications, using TCP as the underlying transport, are fairly tolerant of delay and jitter

Answer: C

New Questions 10

A e-commerce network has many devices that often need to be upgraded on a regular


What technology will ensure IP packets continue to be forwarded even during a device failover?

A. stateful switchover

B. nonstop forwarding

C. route processor redundancy

D. optimized edge routing

E. enhanced object tracking

Answer: B

New Questions 11

Which unique characteristics of the Data Center Aggregation layer must be considered by an Enterprise Campus designer?

A. Layer 3 routing between the Access and Aggregation layers facilitates the ability to span VLANs across multiple access switches, which is a requirement for many server virtualization and clustering technologies.

B. "East-west" server-to-server traffic can travel between aggregation modules by way of the core, but backup and replication traffic typically remains within an aggregation module.

C. Load balancing, firewall services, and other network services are commonly integrated by the use of service modules that are inserted in the aggregation switches.

D. Virtualization tools allow a cost effective approach for redundancy in the network design by using two or four VDCs from the same physical switch.

Answer: C

New Questions 12

Refer to the exhibit.

Which option should be the default gateway for the PC1 that is shown?





Answer: A

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