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Aworkflow including a scheduler with a recurring frequency contains a regular delivery step. What is the result?

  • A. The delivery executes once and errors on the second send.
  • B. The delivery executes once and enters a finished state.
  • C. The delivery throws awarning message and executes as scheduled for first and second send.
  • D. The delivery is sent as scheduled for the first and second send

Answer: D

Which two tasks can be performed to reduce the probability of adelivery being blocked or flagged as 'spam' by anti-spam tools? (Choose two.)

  • A. Make sure your delivery does not contain only images
  • B. Email content should have both HTML and text parts
  • C. Specify recipient’s name in the greeting
  • D. Specify an English translation for non English mails

Answer: CD

What is the maximum number of Campaign application servers a single client can connect to at one time?

  • A. 3
  • B. 1
  • C. 2

Answer: B

How should a campaign business practitioner send a proof to a seed list?

  • A. Proofs are sent automatically to seed lists before a delivery is sent
  • B. Select the appropriate target in the send proof menu
  • C. A proof cannot be sent to the seed list, only the actual delivery
  • D. Enter a seed list address in the “To:” text box

Answer: B

What should a campaign business practitioner add to a workflow that needs an additional data appended to target population?

  • A. Add a listupdate to the workflow
  • B. Add a data import step to the workflow
  • C. Add an enrichment to the workflow
  • D. Add an intersection to the workflow

Answer: B

Which best practice should a user take to move an improperly placed campaign into the correct program folder?

  • A. Rename the improper program location to the appropriate program
  • B. Recreate the campaign incorrect program
  • C. Select the correct program dropdown in the campaign edit tab
  • D. Click and drag the campaign into the appropriate program

Answer: C

A campaign requires multiple audience segments for the same delivery. What must be included in the campaign?

  • A. The campaign must contain a split
  • B. The campaign must have multiple workflows
  • C. The campaign must contain seeds
  • D. The campaign must contain multiple deliveries

Answer: D

A Business Practitioner has a delivery with two links sent to 100 recipients:
AD0-E300 dumps exhibit 80 messages reached the box
AD0-E300 dumps exhibit 40 Recipients opened the delivery
AD0-E300 dumps exhibit 20 Recipients clicked on at least one link
What was the reactivity?

  • A. 40%
  • B. 20%
  • C. 25%
  • D. 50%

Answer: C

A query returns 0 records for a specific date. What is the most efficient method to determine what dates exist in the table?

  • A. Use SQL, query the database or open the files being imported
  • B. Use a split process to parse out dates
  • C. Click on the “Distribution of values” button in the query.
  • D. Go to the schema to view the data

Answer: A

A Practitioner chooses the wrong parentfolder for the Marketing Plan. How should the Practitioner correct the mistake?

  • A. delete the Marketing Plan and start over
  • B. edit the plan properties and select a different parent folder
  • C. drag and drop the Marketing Plan to a new folder
  • D. rename theparent folder

Answer: C

What is the value for status and state of the editoptions when a campaign reaches the schedule end date?

  • A. Finished and can no longer be edited
  • B. Finished but can still be edited
  • C. Completed and can no longer be edited
  • D. Completed but can still be edited

Answer: D

A practitioner has created anapproval activity in a workflow. The multiple approval option is selected. The approval activity is assigned to a group of two operators. One of the operators approves the request and the other rejects.
Which branch of the approval activity is run?

  • A. TheNo Branch is run.
  • B. Neither Branch is run.
  • C. The Yes Branch is run.
  • D. Both the Yes and No Branch are run.

Answer: C

On a Friday, A Practitioner decides to send Deliveries on Monday at 8 AM. The deliveries must have the most up-to-date target.
What should the Practitioner configure before starting the campaign workflow?

  • A. extraction date
  • B. contact date
  • C. scheduler
  • D. approval

Answer: B

A campaign workflow has 1,000 records coming into a Delivery. The messages to send count is 880. What are two possible s for the missing records? (Choose two.)

  • A. The missing records were doubles.
  • B. The missing records are part of an A/B test group.
  • C. The missing records have been rejected as spam.
  • D. The missing records are part of a control group.

Answer: AD

During an investigation, a business practitioner modifies workflows properties to keep the results of interim populations between two executions. What is the purpose of this step? (Choose two.)

  • A. To export data that is passed between two activities in the workflow
  • B. To configure the schema of the data that is passed between two activities in the workflow
  • C. To modify thedata that is being passed between two activities in the workflow
  • D. To add filtering criteria to data that is being passed between two activities in the workflow
  • E. To save data created with each run of the workflow to a list

Answer: DE

Workflow A runs before Workflow B. Workflow A populates a staging table that workflow B uses to load each day. Workflow B frequency fails because Workflow A is still creating the writing to the table. What is the best way for a campaign business practitioner to solve this error?

  • A. Adjust the scheduled runto ensure there is no overlap
  • B. Combine the two workflows together
  • C. Use JavaScript to call a Signal in Workflows B instead of a time-based schedule
  • D. Remove the staging table because there is no need for temp storage

Answer: A

What is the benefit of using the direct mail delivery step instead of a data extraction step?

  • A. The delivery step allows for personalization
  • B. The delivery step logs data to contact history
  • C. The delivery step sends the file to the configuredvendor.
  • D. The delivery step allows for a preview of the direct mail piece.

Answer: C

A campaign business practitioner is monitoring a delivery during its analysis. The campaign business practitioner notes that the audit has indicated two items with a warning. What happen with the delivery because of the warning?

  • A. The delivery generates an error and does NOT deploy
  • B. The delivery generates an error and at the end of the analysis but deploys the email
  • C. The delivery deploys the email
  • D. The delivery generates an error but does NOT deploy

Answer: C

Workflow instructions are identical to a previous workflow except the dates. What course of action should a Campaign Business Practitioner take?

  • A. Use a copy of the previous workflow in a campaign and change the values
  • B. Create a new workflow from scratch in a new campaign
  • C. Run the previous workflow from the previous campaign and change the date
  • D. Contact the request to confirm the information in accurate.

Answer: D

What is the required to create a predefined filter?

  • A. Input form
  • B. Rights on a folder of type filter
  • C. Navigation hierarchy
  • D. Validity period

Answer: B


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