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Q61. - (Topic 4) 

Among two records related by master – detail relationship, the detail record can have an owner which is different from the owner of the master record. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q62. - (Topic 2) 

While adding a contact role to an Account which of these contacts a counter available? 

A. Contacts present in the related list of that Account 

B. All Contacts from the Contact object. 


Q63. - (Topic 1) 

While filling out positions, the hiring manager wants to view job responsibilities and job description at the top of the page; The recruiter wants to view the name of the hiring manager and the status at the top. Which tool would you use to meet this requirement? 

A. Record Types 

B. Field Level Security 

C. Page Layouts 


Q64. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 1) 

When setting up a validation rule, you must write the error condition formula and the_____________ 

Answer: Error message 

Q65. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 1) 

What does Field History Tracking do? 

Answer: It tracks modification to any standard or custom field, whose history is set to be tracked in the object's history related list 

Q66. - (Topic 3) 

In a workflow rule which of the following statements is true 

A. Specifying at least one criterion is compulsory in the rule criteria section under 

Run this rule if the following criteria are met 

B. Specifying criteria is optional in the rule criteria section under 

Run this rule if the following criteria are met' 

If no criteria are specified, then this workflow rule will execute for all records created of that 



Q67. - (Topic 2) 

Standard picklist fields can be either controlling fields or dependent fields. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q68. - (Topic 3) 

When upserting record using Apex Data Loader and using the record id for matching the record, if the value for the record id field is not provided in the csv file or while mapping fields from the csv file to the Salesforce object fields, then 

A. The upsert fails 

B. New record gets created in Salesforce 


Q69. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 3) 

If a Custom Summary Field/Formula is created in a Custom Report, then which operations can be performed by this field on any of the fields of the primary object or related object? 

Answer: Sum, Largest value, Smallest Value, Average 

Q70. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 3) 

For the 'Clone' button to appear on a record page, what permission should be available at the profile level for that object in the profile to which the user belongs? 

Answer: Create 

229. - (Topic 3) 

Once a sharing rule has been created to share Account records with Public Group A with read/write access to the shared accounts, then this sharing rule can be modified to share the Account records with Public Group B with read-only access. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q71. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 1) 

What are the 3 types of custom tabs? 

Answer: 1. Custom object tab 


 Web tab 


 Visualforce tab 

Q72. - (Topic 1) 

What are the permissions that allow a system administrator to manage an application? (select all that apply) 

A. View All Data 

B. Read 

C. Create 

D. Modify All Data 

E. Edit All Data 


Q73. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 3) 

Conflict Resolution tool is available in? 

Answer: Connect Offline 

Q74. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 1) 

What is the name of the default public group to which all users are added? 

Answer: All Internal Users 

Q75. - (Topic 3) 

Account object has a custom field 'Tax' of type number. Two account records are present in Salesforce, account name Acc1 has value 7 in this field while account name Acc2 does not have any value in this field. This custom field Tax is now given a default value of 89 by editing it. Which of these cases will happen: 

A. The Tax field of Acc2 will get the value 89 and all accounts created henceforth will have the default value 89 in this Tax field 

B. The Tax field of Acc2 will r