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Q31.  (Topic 3) 

Site A and Site B, respectively, and two ports connected to the switch, assuming that Site B does not send any messages, then site A to site B to send the first data packet, the following statements is correct 

A. switch MAC address table cannot be found in site B of the destination port, it will discard the packet. 

B. Site B switch to learn the address and message in the Site B to connect the port to send out 

C. A switch to learn the site's address and broadcast packet out all ports from 

D. A switch to learn the site's address and port to receive packets from the outside in addition to other broadcast out all ports 


Q32.  (Topic 4) 

PPP data frame cannot be directly transmitted on the link, link the different PPP data frames transmitted on additional packages and require different control mechanisms. PPP serial link data transmission standard HDLC frame to follow. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q33.  (Topic 1) 

: 136 

WAN G.703 standards are related to () standard. 

A. Physical Layer 

B. Data Link Layer 

C. Transport Layer 

D. Application layer 


Q34.  (Topic 1) 

: 108 

ARP protocol is the role of 

A. will be mapped to the IP address port number 

B. Access to the second layer address corresponding to the IP address 

C. Broadcast IP address 

D. Obtain an IP address corresponding to the second floor of address 


Explanation: QUESTION NO: 109 OSI reference model of the network is divided into () layer 

A. 3 

B. 5 

C. 6 

D. 7 


Q35.  (Topic 3) 

RSTP STP in terms of which were improved 

A. A non-root switch to elect a new root port, if the previous root port is no longer in the Forwarding state, and specify the port has begun forwarding the upstream data, the new root port to the forwarding state immediately 

B. When a switch port configured as an edge port, the port was once enabled, the port immediately become a designated port (Designated Port), and enter the forwarding state 

C. If you specify a port connected to multipoint link, the device can shake hands with the downstream equipment to get the response immediately after entering the forwarding state 

D. If you specify a port connected point to point link, the device can shake hands with the downstream equipment to get the response immediately after entering the forwarding state 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q36.  (Topic 1) 

In making the MSTP, the bridge with the following conditions are the same MSTP domain (). 

A. At the same time on the root protection 

B. have the same domain name 

C. The number of ports in forwarding state line 

D. VLAN instance mapping and consistency 

Answer: B,D 

Q37.  (Topic 1) 

Judge: Data format of the data communication needs of the creator and receiver of information to reach a consensus in advance. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q38.  (Topic 3) 

HDLC field by which to identify the upper layer protocol (). 

A. flag field 

B. Address field 

C. Control Field 

D. cannot be identified 


Q39.  (Topic 4) 

The problem can cause routing loops 

A. slow convergence 

B. packet forwarding in the router to cycle 

C. router restart 

D. routing inconsistencies 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q40.  (Topic 2) 

IPv4 addresses consist of 32 bit, usually in dotted decimal form, such as In addition, IP address can also be expressed as follows 

A. 00001011.01101110.01100000.10000100 

B. 0b.6e.60.84 

C. 0.b.6.e. 

D. 0.1011.0110.1110.0110.0.1000.0100 

Answer: A,B 

Q41.  (Topic 2) 

IEEE developed a data transfer rate of 100Mbps Fast Ethernet standards, transmission media including fiber optic and twisted pair. Single-mode fiber (SMF) cable transmission distance (). 

A. equal to 1Km 

B. greater than 2Km 

C. less than 550m 

D. equal to 2Km 


Q42.  (Topic 2) 

: 209 

ICMP packets to provide for the network layer (). 

A. Troubleshooting 

B. Congestion Control 

C. Path Control 

D. inquiry service 

Answer: A,B,C,D 

Q43.  (Topic 3) 

Received from a neighbor to send the Response packet, RIP routing protocol packets calculated item measure, measure the size is equal to (). 

A. packets carry measure 

B. message containing the measure +1 

C. packets received carried the measure + measurement network packet overhead 

D. The network receives the message overhead of metrics 


Q44.  (Topic 4) 

IGP is scoped 

A. area 


C. Autonomous System 

D. Natural subnet range 


Q45.  (Topic 4) 

At a router command to the RIP routing protocols Age time is (). 

A. RIP update packet interval 

B. RIP route aging time 

C. RIP route suppression time 

D. RIP routing switching time