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Q51. A security engineer has been asked by management to optimize how Palo Alto Networks firewall syslog messages are forwarded to a syslog receiver. There are currently 20 PA-5060 s, each of which is configured to forward syslogs individually. 

The security engineer would like to leverage their two M-100 appliances to send syslog messages from a single source and has already deployed one in Panorama mode and the other as a Log Collector. 

What is the remaining step in implementing this solution? 

A. Configure Collector Log Forwarding 

B. Configure a Syslog Proxy Profile 

C. Configure a Panorama Log Forwarding Profile 

D. Enable Syslog Aggregation 

Answer: A 



Q52. A company has a web server behind their Palo Alto Networks firewall that they would like to make accessible to the public. They have decided to configure a destination NAT Policy rule. 

Given the following zone information: 

DMZzone: DMZ-L3 

Public zone: Untrust-L3 

Web server zone: Trust-L3 

Public IP address (Untrust-L3): 

Private IP address (Trust-L3): 

What should be configured as the destination zone on the Original Packet tab of the NAT Policy rule? 

A. DMZ-L3 

B. Any 

C. Untrust-L3 

D. Trust-L3 

Answer: C 

Q53. When a user logs in via Captive Portal, their user information can be checked against: 

A. Terminal Server Agent 

B. Security Logs 


D. Radius 

Answer: D 

Q54. The following can be configured as a next hop in a Static Route: 

A. A Policy-Based Forwarding Rule 

B. Virtual System 

C. A Dynamic Routing Protocol 

D. Virtual Router 

Answer: D 

Q55. What new functionality is provided in PAN-OS 5.0 by Palo Alto Networks URL Filtering Database (PAN-DB)? 

A. The "Log Container Page Only" option can be employed in a URL-Filtering policy to reduce the number of logging events. 

B. URL-Filtering can now be employed as a match condition in Security policy 

C. IP-Based Threat Exceptions can now be driven by custom URL categories 

D. Daily database downloads for updates are no longer required as devices stay in-sync with the cloud. 

Answer: D 

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Q56. Which URL Filtering Security Profile action logs the URL Filtering category to the URL Filtering log? 

A. Allow 

B. Alert 

C. Log 

D. Default 

Answer: B 



Q57. Which option allows an administrator to segrate Panorama and Syslog traffic, so that the Management Interface is not employed when sending these types of traffic? 

A. Custom entries in the Virtual Router, pointing to the IP addresses of the Panorama and Syslog devices. 

B. Define a Loopback interface for the Panorama and Syslog Devices 

C. On the Device tab in the Web UI, create custom server profiles for Syslog and Panorama 

D. Service Route Configuration 

Answer: D 

Q58. Which mechanism is used to trigger a High Availability (HA) failover if a firewall interface goes down? 

A. Link Monitoring 

B. Heartbeat Polling 

C. Preemption 

D. SNMP Polling 

Answer: A 


Reference: page 130 

Q59. When troubleshooting Phase 1 of an IPSec VPN tunnel, what location will have the most informative logs? 

A. Responding side, Traffic Logs 

B. Initiating side, Traffic Logs 

C. Responding side, System Logs 

D. Initiating side, System Logs 

Answer: C 


Within a Zone Protection Profile, under the Reconnaissance Protection tab, there are several possible values for Action: 

Match each Reconnaissance Protection Action to its description. Answer options may be used more than once or not at all.