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Q46. Which tool is used to develop technical details within the project management plan?

A. Expert Judgment

B. Project Management Methodology

C. Project Management Information

D. Project Selection Methods

Answer: A

Q47. History has shown that project managers can be trained in a combination of ways. Which method is usually preferred by most companies?

A. None of the other alternatives apply

B. Formal education and special course (degreed programs)

C. Experiential learning, on-the-job

D. Professional activities, seminars

E. Individual readings

Answer: C

Q48. What are you likely to see as a project progresses in a schedule with must fix dates and little or no slack?

A. Idle resources

B. Negative float

C. Lots of free float

D. Positive float

Answer: A

Q49. When managing a project team, what helps to reduce the amount of conflict?

A. Clear role definition

B. Negotiation

C. Risk response planning

D. Team member replacement

Answer: A

Q50. You are in a meeting with someone who just ate a slice of garlic bread. Your are distracted by his pungent breath. Which of the following communication barriers describe these distractions?

A. None of the other alternatives apply

B. Selective Perception

C. Sensory Limitations

D. Varying Alertness of Perception

E. Sign Detection

Answer: E

Q51. A quality control manager decides to increase his daily sample size from three to six. The size of the control band will:

A. not determinable from given data

B. None of the other alternatives apply

C. decrease

D. remain unchanged

E. increase

Answer: C

Q52. You are about to begin negotiations with people from another country. Which of the following should provide guidance on what business practices are allowed and not allowed?

A. The company code of conduct

B. The project charter

C. The scope management plan

D. The negotiation plan

Answer: A

Q53. Who must accept the end product for a project to be considered closed?

A. Project team

B. Project manager

C. Project management office

D. Customer or sponsor

Answer: D

Q54. Overlapping activities on a project, such as design and construction, is referred to as:

A. Process improvement.

B. Synchronous manufacturing

C. Fast tracking

D. Parallel management.

E. Risk conversion.

Answer: C

Q55. A project manager in a predominantly hierarchical organization has been assigned a major project with aggressive timelines. The BEST approach for developing an initial project charter in this environment is to:

A. Create a project charter using brainstorming sessions with potential team members and stakeholders.

B. Create and present a draft project charter to potential team members and stakeholders to solicit their input.

C. Create a project charter jointly with management for distribution to potential team members and stakeholders.

D. Create a project charter with the functional managers and present it to the sponsor for signature.

Answer: C

Q56. What is the minimum a project schedule must include?

A. Variance analysis

B. A planned start date and a planned finish date for each schedule activity

C. A critical path diagram

D. Critical chain analysis

Answer: B

Q57. Which quality management tool would be used to determine potential causes of a production problem?

A. run chart.

B. scatter diagram.

C. histogram.

D. control chart.

E. Ishikawa diagram.

Answer: E

Q58. What is one of the most important skills a project manager can have?

A. Negotiation skills

B. Communication skills

C. Influencing skills

D. Problem-solving skills

Answer: B

Q59. What type of project structure is a hierarchically organized depiction of the resources by type?

A. Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS)

B. Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS)

C. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

D. Project Breakdown Structure (PBS)

Answer: B

Q60. The strong matrix versus a weak matrix.

A. strong matrix is more difficult to manage.

B. the balance of power has shifted away from the PM.

C. All of the other alternatives apply.

D. functional managers no longer has control over the technical processes.

E. team members are more likely to be assigned to the project office in a strong matrix

Answer: E